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Darynthis Bloodsworn

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Basic Information

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Full Name: Darynthis Bloodsworn

Date of Birth: August 22nd

Age: 108

Race: Sin'Dorei

Gender: Female

Known Relatives: Nanori Gustblade (Cousin), Kailei Windstalker (Cousin), her parents perished in the attack on Silvermoon.

Place of Birth: Eversong Woods

Place of residence: Eversong Woods

Religion: She believes firmly in the Light.

Languages: Thalassian, Orcish, Common


Hair: Black

Skin: She is very fair skinned most of the time, sometimes she has a tan from time in the field.

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'8"

Weight: Slender and Fit

Noteable Physical Features:

-Her hair is VERY dark black, and hangs just past her shoulders

-She has three faint scars running diagonally down her face, they appear to be claw marks

Armor and Weaponry: Darynthis since giving up her sword and shield, tends to wear light cloth armor most of the time, red and silver in color. She still tends to keep to wearing a hood drawn up over her head to hide the faint scars on her face. As for weapons she normally carries a smaller sword or a dagger, and carrys some form of holy object.

Personality and Social Aspects

Personality: Friendly, out-going, and trustworthy. She doesn't know any other way to be. Her ego is a drawback, she believes firmly in her abilities and her ego constantly gets out of hand, so she appears cocky at times.

Group/Guild affiliation: The Eversong Elite

Occupation: She is a skilled battle medic. Both in use of the Light and bandages and traditional healing methods. She has a vast knowledge of healing, as for a time she was a paladin, and with now being a cleric she knows much of the Light and what it is capable of. She is also skilled in the art of tailoring and leather-working.

Likes: Fine things, comfortable clothing, Darynthis is quite feminine and often enjoys all of the softer things in life.

Dislikes: Being smelly, dirty, or breaking nails. She doesn't much care for orcish places. Obviously because of the connection the Sin'dorei share with the Horde she is often in those kind of places, but she would much rather be in Eversong or any other place that doesn't stink of war machines.

Favorite Colors: Red, Gold, and Silver

Enemies: None at the moment save for the Alliance.

Theme Songs:

-Serendipity by Amaranthe

-Close to Heaven by Breaking Benjamin

-Angel's Punishment by Lacuna Coil

-I Wish I Had an Angel by Nightwish

-Set Me on Fire by Thousand Foot Krutch

Photos: None at the moment.


Events Prior to Cataclysm:

Darynthis grew up in Silvermoon, her mother was sister to Nanori and Kailei's father so the three girls grew up together. Cousins were her only real connection to people her own age, so they were all very close. Darynthis went off to train with the Blood Knights long before Kailei did, so she lost track of them for awhile, but Darynthis was a quick study and was sent off into battle early to mend the fighters of the Horde.


During the events of the Cataclysm while Kailei joined the Grim to fight the Alliance, Darynthis went to aid whomever she could in the fights against Deathwing and his armies. It was there that she sustained the wound that mars her face today, in one of the battles against some rather overbearing dragons, her helm fell off and she felt the rake of dragon claws just before she was able to protect herself with a shield of Light. So she bears the marks as a reminder to always be prepared, even though even now her latent Light energies are slowly healing the marks from her face. She is still self concious about the marks to this day and often will wear a hood up over her face to hide the marks.

Mists of Pandaria:

Having finally made her way to Pandaria, Darynthis learned of her cousin Kailei's death, and her following rebirth and she tracked the woman down. Wanting to join the Grim, and fight against the very Alliance that caused the death of her family, she convinced Kailei to be her representative and soon Darynthis too wore Grim colors into battle as she healed her newfound friends and old, her strong abilities keeping them alive as they fight. More stories are soon to come in this tale.

Warlords of Draenor:

With the return of her friends to the Grim Darynthis has returned as well, seeking to make her own footing in Draenor and once more join the Grim in the battle against the Alliance.

However with recent events, Darynthis has laid down her plate armor and larger swords and shield. Her reasoning was that the heavier armor and bigger weapons were getting in the way of her connection to the Light. So instead she returned to Silvermoon and has been retraining herself to be a cleric instead of a paladin. She still of course uses the Light, but she may also be learning how to manipulate the Shadows as well.

It is a large change for her, and one that she hopes will only aid her remaining family and friends. Since the organization of the Eversong Elite she too has moved there to aid her cousins in keeping the new group going strong.


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