Stormwind City Midsummer Mount Parade

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You are cordially invited to join the Rooks as we celebrate the Midsummer Fire Festival with a mount parade around Old Town of Stormwind on Sunday, June 30th!

We will gather at 8:00PM on the steps behind the fountain in Old Town to line up and prepare for the event.

Bring plenty of food, beverages, and fireworks! (We've been given permission that the burn ban instituted in Northshire does NOT pertain to us!)

Once the parade gets underway, participants will walk the circle of Old Town. Spectators may line up along the path of the parade to cheer on their favorite participants and set off more fireworks.

This parade isn't just for show - oh no, no, no! A Grand Prize will be awarded to the parade participant who has the most stylish mount and matching gear to boot! Rooks Officers, including Grand Master Atilakai, Councilor Elzandra, and Executor Xeltane, will serve as fair and impartial judges. ((Winner will receive a $25 PAID MOUNT of the winner's choosing from the Blizzard Store! Since the Rooks will be financing this prize, we reserve the right to judge!))

We hope to see you there!

((In the meantime, feel free to direct other questions in-game to Atilakai))

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Excellent! We sincerely hope many people participate! We had roughly 30 show up last year!

Urivial won the mount last year... he's gone off to other places, so there's hope for someone else this year!

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