Maiev Shadowsong: Wasted Potential

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So I've been thinking about the conclusion of the story for 5.4. Unless Blizzard throws us a huge curveball, it's most likely going to end with both the Horde and Alliance going back to the whole "cold war" aspect of their disagreement. The Alliance will probably leave Orgrimmar and the Horde will rebuild. Both factions will be united again respectively. And things will be boring. So I began thinking about how Blizzard could create more interesting conflicts within both the Horde and Alliance.

Granted that the Horde literally just split because their Warchief was a douchebag, I think there's a sweet spot between "Having a controversial figure" within your faction and "Having said figure go completely bonkers and need to be taken out." Sylvanas fills the role for the Horde to a degree, although she seems to be quickly approaching villain status.

The Alliance's side was a different story. During the Mists of Pandaria storyline, the Alliance basically becomes a huge love fest. Tyrande is reigned in from her stupidly-written role, and 5.3 brings Moira back into the fold. There is quite literally nobody left in the Alliance that questions what their leader is doing. And, in my opinion, that is supremely boring. So I began thinking about a role that could be filled, one in the Night Elves. One that represented the old school way of thinking "We probably shouldn't get in everyone's business." And after discounting Fandral Staghelm because he was made legit crazypants and a raid boss, I fell on Maiev Shadowsong. I took a look at her history and what could have been an awesome anti-hero for the Night Elves, and ultimately expressed annoyance and disappointment in the role that Blizzard placed her in: "Anti-hero who goes crazy." I made a video about her for those who are curious about her history:


I wonder, does anybody else think she could have fit that role Fandral filled before going crazy? I think she could, and really easily too. Unfortunately I think now she's just going to show up as a raid boss whenever Illidan returns.

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