The Grim Timeline - Seeking the History of The Guild and Server

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The Grim Timeline.

This is a timeline of The Grim. While many current members have helped to contribute, the things that have happened to The Grim and those involved in it go beyond the roster; it goes to a community beyond a guild tag.

I am looking for contributors and people of interest to help keep this up to date and accurate. I am seeking former members, associates, enemies, and partners who have involvement with The Grim or involvement concerning The Grim. In detail, I am seeking:

- RP Events that involved The Grim, Grim members, or just general events of significant interest (chances are Grim were involved, which is good enough to put up). If the event was not started by The Grim or a Grim member, I would like the name of the people who hosted/controlled the event, so they can be recognized and the event can be associated with their name.

- Any Raids (PvE) involving The Grim and other guilds. This includes THEGA (The Horde End Game Association) raids, TNR (Twisting Nether Raiders) raids Grim were present for, joint Decimate/Grim raids, First Light/Grim raids, Dragonhawk Brigade/Grim raids, and any assistance we gave to other guilds that are not listed in this sentence.

- Any PvP events involving The Grim, be it done by them or they contributed in. I'm thinking of things like Operation: Long Rifle, Ironforge Regiment events, Stromguard events (forgot the guild name), Crimson Hand events, Blades of Lordaeron events (like the assault on the Blightcaller), Duskwood raids, Loch Modan raids, Menethil Harbor raids, the old ship raids between Menethil Harbor and Darkshore/Theramore (forgot the ship names - or the ship since Captain Placeholder existed then!), Deeprun Tram raids, significant Southshore/Tarren Mill assaults, etc.

- Details on the Nether Council. Who were the guilds associated? When were the meetings, what was said at the meetings, and what events were started/run by them.

Of the above, any proof of these (screenshots, forum posts, rosters, etc) would be amazing. If they are public, great - if they are private, I would like if they could be made public OR a copy of them to be given to me so I can host them for public digestion. Dates are also important, though I know the exact times may be forgotten or vaguely remembered. Anything is important, as most things can be drilled down to at least the Year/Month with a little sleuthing.

If any former members do not have saved files of their materials, The Grim GuildPortal site still exists. You may still have access and, if not, you can send me a private message here on the Gazette (don't do it in GuildPortal, I probably won't see it in time) and I still have admin access to give you permissions to look at former stuff.


Abric, what is your goal here?

My goal is to bring the history of this server, through the eyes of the Grim, to electronic paper. While Grim centric, this can also be used by other guilds and their leaders to possibly launch their own - as a collaboration is something that we (or, specifically, I) welcome.

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The text was very boring, so in an effort to find something more exciting, we used the powers of WordPress to get a timeline program!

The Grim Timeline (Timeline edition)

The information needs to be transferred from the original to this, but we believe this will be for a more interesting read.

Still looking for input and information (links, stories, screenshots, videos) from those who want to leave their mark!.

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10/10/12 (?) Kalei becomes the PvP Iredeemable for The Grim

10/15/12 (?) Khorvis becomes Kalei's Dreadweaver

11/18/12 Kalei resigns and Khorvis becomes the PvP Iredeemable

02/11/13 Addikus Becomes Khorvis's Dreadweaver

03/12/13 The First Scalp Hunt happens. The Grim kill 40,000 Alliance over the course of two weeks

03/31/13 The Grim make their glorious return to rated battlegrounds

04/16/13 Khorvis resigns and Addikus becomes the PvP Iredeemable

05/06/13 Malanath Becomes Addikus's Dreadweaver

05/27/13 The March of the Mandate thread begins

06/03/13 The Second Scalp Hunt begins.

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4 October 2005: EnheilRas recruited

11 October 2005: EnheilRas gkicked for being "too evil" by SnowFeather, Tauren Shaman wife of the Grim's original leader

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Abric always making people do his work for him.

Since ever.

I may respond seriously after I go through logs and screenshots. I've reactivated my account and I think The Grim would suit Keeju really well.

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