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A Final Act.

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Elizabeth Swain hastily walked in on the meeting, not caring that she interrupted her boss in an important meeting. He would have fired her for not doing so and keeping the parchment in her hand silent. As she walked into the room they all paused and eyed her. Jensonis eyed the woman's face for a minute before looking to the head of the Stormwind Guard. He gave a slight nod and politely motioned towards the door. The man and his three accompanying guards all bowed their heads in respect before falling into formation and leaving the room, sealing the two other people inside.

"What happened?" he asked quickly as he walked forward, his paw outstretched expectantly. "And it had better be good Liz." he added on as he took the file.

As his eyes fell upon the hastily written message his body went completely still, Elizabeth remaining dead-silent.

"Is this from~"

"Yes." she said cutting him off, and quickly apologizing.

The Worgen before her tossed the parchment to his desk, an uncontrollable growl escaping from his throat. Jensonis dismissed her, moving to equip his heavy plate armor, grabbing several weapons, along with his favorite two-handed axe, sheathing it onto his back. He took a slow breath and shot another glance at the parchment before sliding his thick, custom-made, helmet over his head. He took a slow breath and calmed himself before stomping from the room, slinging open the double doors leading to the Counter Horde Unit HQ. Upon his entering in such a state the whole room immediately grew silent, their eyes falling upon his red ones. He walked forward and leaned upon the banister, below him all of the people he had handpicked for the job. He gave a sigh that pretty much spelled out he was too old for this sort of thing.

'Though, what other skills do I have?' he snorted, thinking back on his horrible people skills. He growled and corrected himself before continuing, "At ease all... This office just received words from one of our Forward Outposts in the Barrens. The Orcs are rallying up... A massive group of them. Last word from the infiltration team is that their eyes are set on Stormwind. We believe them to hit us while the majority of the army is in Pandaria. They also prepare their catapults... Most likely to see Stormwind crumble, once and for all."

He paused and watched them all, letting the information sink in. They all murmured quietly amongst themselves, some scared, some furious, and some down-right eager. He smirked, slapping his plated paw down on the railing to get their attention, nearly shattering the thing.

"You know your jobs, set to it. We leave at sundown. With as many soldiers as can be spared. I, will be at the head. Any of you whom can hold a sword, stay." he nodded at their protesting faces. "Continue to run things from here, and act as the defense for the city should we fall. Elizabeth will accompany me, and Jacob is in charge until our return. Set to it."

With that he quickly descended the stairs and left the building. Not long later he walked into the Training Grounds, where he swore his personal ten-man team always stayed. They all continued to attack the dummies as he explained. Once he finished they saluted him and walked to the far wall, gearing up similar to how he was. Their war armor, the tabard down their chests displaying the logo for CHU.

Jensonis stood before his 'small army' outside of Stormwind gates, not hearing the ringing bells; that served the citizens as warning to incoming attack. Instead, his eyes watched the sun fall behind the Keep. He gave a rough sigh before nodding to huge arrangement of remaining Stormwind Offense, his team, and the entirety of his CHU deployment. He brought a large horn to his lips and closed his eyes as he blew through it, signaling the march. All setting to purpose.

Two days later the army was woken from their tents and assembled into position. Forming a large wall in the middle of Stranglethorn Veil. From their position at the high ground they could see the countless Horde ships along the shore, already having disposed of the troops and catapults on board, a loud rumbling cutting out the wildlife in the area. Jensonis stood on the road, the obvious point for the Horde Commander to also lead his troops by. His eyes looked to the sky.

'Heh... Twilight. Reminds me of the Highlands.' he said to himself, before looking back down the long stretch of road as the rumbling got louder.

He slowly lit a torch and lifted it, signaling the few catapults they had brought to ready to fire on the positions he had previously ordered. He looked to his side at Elizabeth, clad in the same type of armor he was. Upon receiving her nod he threw the torch into the air. "FIRE!" he roared loudly; a massive amount of 'clicks' and 'swooshes' sounding behind the army as the sky became filled with a mix of flaming, explosive, bolts, and large stones. His eyes followed them, then smirked at the sound of shouting orcs, followed by thuds and explosions. There was a brief stretch of silence, before deafening roars. The army of Orcs charging forward from the jungle. Jensonis waited a moment, then sounded the charge.

The entire jungle became engulfed with the sounds of shouts, roars, and steel against steel as the battle began. The battle seemed to go on forever, both forces evenly matched. After many hours it had begun to die down, and Jenonis found himself tangled up in a toe-to-toe fight with the Commander. Rarely dealing a blow on each other, and when one was made it was quickly returned by the receiver. Eventually Elizabeth shouted out as she brought her sword down between the Commander's helm and shoulder pads. Jensonis let out a groan of relief, falling to his knees and dropping his weapon before pulling off his helmet and gloves. Around him the remaining Horde forces were being extinguished by the pride of the Alliance. He looked down to the top of his paw and gave a slight smile at a streak of gray fur that went up it and further up his arm. He stared at this patch of grey, becoming lost in the memories of his life. His friends, his former friends, his glories, his mistakes. He then looked to the blood that covered what armor remained on his armor, thinking of how it was time to retire, to make amends with those he could. To pass leadership to his second hand girl. He nodded to himself and looked towards where Elizabeth, though blinked as he did not see her. He did not have time to call for her, the blade piercing through his back, and into his lungs.

Jensonis' red eyes widened as he felt his lungs filling with blood, then a kick to his back, forcing his body off the blade. He fell onto his stomach, warm blood matting his fur. He quickly mustered what he had left in him to roll over and look at his attacker, feeling death creep in on him, as his vision began to fade. His eyes fell upon a smirking Elizabeth, holding the blade that had dealt the fatal wound. For the first and last time he was overcome with complete shock, before the last ounce of life faded from him.

Three days later the remainders of the small, yet victorious, army returned through the Stormwind gates, Elizabeth at their head this time, a smirk across her face that appeared permanent, in her hands the amulet Jensonis had always worn of his family, of Mizuki, and of Sadi.

(This is being written as a good-bye to Jensonis, for he has moved on. To a new server. I know it is rushed, but I merely aim to put the 'how' out there to people. Upon his body there would have been letters to all of his friends, former friends, family, etc. All written as a good bye from him in case of his death. Essentially apologizing to everyone, and thanking them for their friendship, and for all the fun and memories. Love all of you on Twisting Nether!)

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