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Full Name: Megan Wheeler

Actual Name: Ishani

In Game Name: Thugarella

Age: 20,000 (approx)

Race: Draenei

Gender: Female

Hair: Blue-green

Skin: Blue

Height: 7'

Weight: 240lbs

Place of Birth:

Religion/Philosophy: Shaman

Occupation: Mercenary

Group/Guild affiliation:

Likes: Dumplings, collecting fauna, other draenei, scorpions.

Dislikes: Demons, warlocks, fel energy, most humans, most gnomes, most dwarves, some elves, most of Stormwind's local cuisine, cold environments, zealous paladins, pirates, the ocean, smelly hunter pets, orcs, blood elves, goblins, the undead, sunny days, strong perfume smells, children, ugly children.

Hobbies: Collecting plant samples

Physical Features: Tall, fierce and proud best describe the healer, and years of aiding others on the battlefield have kept her body in peak physical condition. It can be said that her most striking feature above all else are her eyes; piercing orbs of fury and sadness that suggest an overwhelming loss that has finally taken its toll.

Positive Personality Traits: Fiercely true to her word.

Negative Personality Traits: Judgmental, spiteful, racist, quick to anger and stubborn.


There was a time, once, when Ishani knew true peace. Before her gift for mending wounds was ever recognized, and her path into becoming a priestess of the light was set in stone despite personal wishes. Before she was forced to learn what it meant to lose her friends and family at the hands of the Legion, too young to understand that even her unwanted gift in medicine could not possibly save an entire world under siege. Before she learned to choose which of her brothers and sisters were worth saving, and that despite honest teachings every life had value which could be measured against one another. Before she learned to love after years of sacrifice, a lesson she would regret when the Legion would strike again to finally take what was left of her happiness.

As her small piece of the Exodar broke off in the atmosphere Ishani watched in silent prayer when she fell from the sky, ready to let the warm embrace of earth end her personal tragedy. When pirates found her drowning in the ocean, dragging her from the rough current in fascination it was clear that this was her punishment.

Her life would become one of penance. Every year she lives is another year of personal torment, one where she can be reminded of her failures while sparing others her same fate. This disgusting world and it's stupid people would never be truly prepared to face the might of the Legion, but at the very least she would see it through.

When reports of survivors came trickling in shortly after the crash, it would eventually come to surface that Ishani did not live through impact. Despite her hatred for her idiotic pirate saviors she would be forced to admit, at the very least, the name Megan Wheeler was much better suited for such a colossal failure as herself.

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The reporter happens to find Shayleen this time and holds up a sketch of Megan, and Shay would look at it and nod.

"Yes I know her...she doesn't talk much but she seems to be a strong mender...she practices a different sort of healing than my sister does...that's really all I know as I haven't sat down and talked with her all that much."

Shay shrugs. "Sorry couldn't help more."

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