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Beryl Green

Anchoress Rhysta

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Full Name: Rhysta

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Unknown, more than 26,000.

Race: Draenei

Gender: Female

Hair: Auburn with darker streaks

Skin: Dusky blue

Eyes: Sky blue

Height: 7’ 10”

Weight: 295 lbs.

Place of residence: Nomadic caravan

Place of Birth: Argus

Known Relatives: Adopted Father – Guvan; Adopted Mother – Caregiver Chellan; no known/living relatives.

Religion/Philosophy: The Light

Occupation: Seller of drawings and ink, mercenary brawler, also healing through Chi energy.

Group/Guild affiliation: Cup and Blade Caravan

Guild Rank: Sellsword

Enemies: Fel orcs.

Likes: Beautiful sunsets, good friends.

Favorite Foods: Roasted plainstrider, roasted stag

Favorite Drinks: Azuremyst wine

Favorite Colors: Purple or red and gold

Weapons of Choice: Fists, staves

Dislikes: Any enemy of the Light

Hobbies: Painting/drawing, reading, cats.

Physical Features: Muscular, face is fine-featured, hooves are usually polished.

Special Abilities: Zen meditation. Also, she wishes that she could sing, but her vocal cords are not as strong as they could be. She tries regardless...beware.

Positive Personality Traits: Rhysta is very calm and level-headed. You will not rile her easily.

Negative Personality Traits: She may seem slow to respond. See above.

Misc. Quirks: When speaking quickly, her accent may slip out. Mostly, over many years, she has gotten the hang of Common.

History: To be added as it unfolds.

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