Blind RP Night (H & A)

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Those of you that sign up for this event will be paired with someone that you may or may not know and you meet up in a pre-determined location and RP with one another, I will host two separate times on this night, so that different schedules are taken into perspective. If you have alts, and want to show up for both times, please let me know when you sign up.

Date: February 8, 2013

-6 PM to 7 PM

Horde: Nanori, Sethinus, Duroxas, Naurandir, Redellion, Feralmoon, Mealina, Velikan

Alliance: Carrana, Rosepha, Urivial, Prattworth, Catilyn, Wiq, Fireopal, Kioran, Thugarella, Everistia


-8 PM to 9 PM

Horde: Kylok, Khorvis, Euphalenah, Kakabel, Naomh, Redellion, Ugraz, Feralmoon, Kromthal, Valcriss

Alliance: Shayleen, Carrana, Urivial, Tuuroto, Daronas, Catilyn, Grapthar, Dijern, Celaria, Ablecarter, Gadget, Sanafee


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