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Nourishment For The Fallen

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The pains were getting worse; the constant intensity of it's persuasion had taken it's toll on the young Death Knight and every fiber of her being now screamed for release.

Catilyn had been wandering the Townlong Stepps for a whole two months now; hell bent on building up some kind of tolerance to the Sha's influence of her... "unique" need for survival.

The night had been long and... tiring. She noted how unnatural and foreign the feeling was to her.

No sleep, no food, no water... no need; yet as she continued trudging through the eerily foreboding cave she had previously encountered, there was an ever present desire of... nourishment.

Restraint. Restraint and discipline.

She had to stay in control. She had to stay focused. Frankly, to be able to make it this far without turning mindless was a feat in itself. One that she prided herself on immensely.

Catilyn took a moment, reflecting on the progress she had made so far; surely lesser Death Knights would have gone insane by now.

She clenched her fists as the pain continued to radiate through her body amongst the Sha filled cavern.

A cry for help... it's close.

She quickened her pace toward where the sound had come from; a dim path slowly becoming visible through the dense fog that penetrated inside the cave.

There, amidst a small clearing; a young male had fallen on his back after being subjected to a small, yet deep laceration in his side; his attacker seemingly having disappeared from sight. His fragile human body struggled to withhold his cries of pain and the wound only seemed to ooze more and more blood as he struggled against his inevitable fate.

She made a dash for the Human and with as much haste as she could muster, fumbled for the field bandages clipped to her belt.

"Stay still, it'll be okay!"

The young male only seemed to scream louder as if in protest to the Death Knight's obviously friendly approach. Dismissing his odd reaction, she continued to close the distance; to which he replied with a blood-curdling scream that filled the air; abrupt and desperate, until suddenly...



Catilyn slumped against the wall of the cave as the young man's essence began to flow into her Runeblade.

The bittersweet relief from the pain was like ecstasy for her brokenhearted soul; she found herself revitalized and yet so utterly, completely broken that all she could do was sit there, subjecting herself to the mercy of it's majesty. Maniacal laughter echoed through the foggy tunnel and by the time she realized it was her own, tears were freely streaming down her pale face.

She glanced over at the corpse of the young man, his body involuntarily flinching as she pulled the Runeblade from his gut; disgusted and yet grateful of herself for the mess she had made.

This was going to be much more difficult than she had imagined.

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