The Downfall of Lordaeron (Murder Mystery)

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Alright, I know the pirate murder mystery was very messy, confusing and somewhat *boring* at parts. Don't worry, this one will be exciting, fun and different. I think this one might even be better than the Circus murder mystery. This murder mystery takes place in Lordaeron, right before the Scourge is unleashed upon the world. All the characters are different mayors, earls, lords, ladies, generals and so forth. These characters are make believe, and will have no impact on WoW's history, it's just for fun. Since they all hold political positions, THIS MURDER MYSTERY WILL BE VERY POLITICAL. You will all get a fixed amount of Gold, Orc Slaves, Acres of Land and Military Units. You will have objectives to trade *amount of resources (gold/slave/acres/military) for another person's resources*. Not every character will be able to accomplish his/her objectives, but if you're a good negotiator and politician, you'll probably be able to do it. Not all the objectives are about politics and trading, though. Also, the characters will vote on seperate (non-murder related) issues, such as funding for roads, what to do with Orc prisoners and where to deforest. All of these alliances, trades, etc etc affect who the murderer(s) kills.

ALSO, I will be assigning roles. When you reply to sign up, you can say who you would like to play, but might not happen.


House Pyrewood (Silverpine Forest/Hillsbrad)

-Councillor Aderic Pyrewood IV (Head of the Family)

-Lady Esmerelda Pyrewood (Spouse)

-Neville Pyrewood, Earl of Ambermill (Heir)

-Maester FitzWalter (Aderic's assistant, specializing in medicine and writing)

The Pyrewood Family has a strong relationship with the Royal Family and they own most of the land between the capital city and Gilneas. The Pyrewood House is a major economic leader in Lordaeron. They are ruthless business men, with the cold saying: "Make gold, no matter the cost."

House Northfold (Arathi/Hillsbrad)

-Councillor Humphrey Northfold (Head of the Family)

-Catherine of Southshore (Spouse)

-General Bertram Northfold (Heir)

The Northfold House is a strong defender of Lordaeron. They maintain the border between Lordaeron and the Southern Kingdoms, and supervise all trade that passes through the East. The Northfold House owns the most Orc Slaves and a large military, made up of the toughest men. Their saying is "Preserve the King's Land".

Dalaran (Hillsbrad)

-Ambassador Malcolm

Ambassador Malcolm was given a good amount of Dalaran's resources to make trades with the different noble families.

Silvermoon City (Quel'Thalas)

-Ranger Captain Meriliel

Ranger Captain Meriliel was given a portion of Silvermoon's resources to increase the High Elves' political power in Lordaeron.

Southshore (Southern Hillsbrad)

-Mayor Ethelbert

Right between the two major houses, Southshore is trying to profit off of this.

Brill (Tirisfal)

-Lady Matilda

Located right next to the Capital City, Brill is seeking to interact with the distant houses and towns.

Darrowshire (Plaguelands/Hinterlands)

-Mayor Jasper

Somewhat isolated in the mountains of Lordaeron, between The Elves and the Northfolds, Darrowshire is seeking to sell some of it's land.

The characters that are working by themselves (Dalaran/Southshore/Darrowshire etc) have to take care of their political objectives by themselves, whereas the 2 big families split it up. So, if you want to be in charge of your own deals and trades, ask to be one of these pplz. ALSO, SINCE THERE ARE 12 ROLES, ALLIANCE LEVEL 1S ARE WELCOME AND APPRECIATED.


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