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~PIRATE~ Murder Mystery

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Pirate Murder Mystery. Saturday, December 1st, at 7 SERVER TIME (8 PM FOR EAST COAST) Only sign up if you think you can go, we'll talk about it more later, it's over a week away. So.


Captain Carvalho

1st Mate Mavz

Cannon Loader Musolf

Cannon Loader Goosby

Deckhand Talleri

Lookout Tarbell

Raider Brennan

Raider Hogan

Chef Sanders

And Prisoner Huffordson, a kidnapped noble. Don't sign up to play him.

BTW, this murder mystery will be a bit different ^-^ so..sign up, if you want a part say so and we'll see


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Captain Carvalho is the strict and mostly unseen captain of the Maiden's Voyage.

1st Mate Mavz is the utterly evil and cruel right-hand-man to the Captain.

Cannon Loader Musolf is a witty gunpowder expert who loves the ship.

Cannon Loader Goosby, the religious cannon expert that protects the ship with ammo and prayers.

Deck Hand Talleri, the boat's worker that is known to be a thief.

Look out Tarbell, the look out who gets sick from spending most nights outside in the rain.

Raider Brennan, a hulking giant who is violent and loves raiding ports and cities

Raider Hogan, a weapon master who stutters

Chef Sanders, the extravagent cook on the Maiden's Voyage

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I know I'm totally busy the whole week leading up to it at work but I haven't written down my schedule starting the first. I'll have to get back to you when I do, but I would loove to participate.

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1st Mate Mavz- Duroxas

Captain Carvhalo- Shang

Look-Out Tarbell- Arialene

Chef Sanders- Belarion

Cannon Loader Musolf- Rasher

Deck Hand Talleri- Melithia (Nanori's alt)

Lixxel- possibly Raider Hogan

Cannon Loader Goosby- Altherion

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Lixxy can, so every role is filled.

I WILL BE GIVING UR CHARACTERS NICKNAMES, FOR MY REMEMBERING SAKE AND FOR UNIQUE-NESS. I WILL SEND THE PM SCRIPTS OUT SOON, SO IF YOU CANT GO THIS SATURDAY AT 7 SERVER TIME (8 pm for east coast) then TELL ME. Try to be on 10 minutes before, or on time. 10 past 7 and I will REPLACE you, unless given a 5 min notice or w.e soo plz tell me if you cant make it

don't share the scripts

dont talk about it

ur rping the character, not rping a character rping a character.

so chars:

Captain Carvalho ("Captain") played by Shang

Prisoner Huffordson played by Shang as well.

First Mate Mavz ("Mavz") played by Duroxas

Look out Tarbell ("Sniffles") played by Arialene/Tianisa

Chef Sanders ("Chef") played by Belarion.

Deck Hand Talleri ("Slight") played by one of Nanori's alts.

Cannon Loader Musolf ("Musty") played by Rasher.

Cannon Loader Goosby ("Goose") played by Altherion.

Raider Hogan ("Hogs") played by one of Lixxel's toons.

Raider Brennan ("Big Betsy") played by one of Masquerade's toons.

And I'll be the ship's mapmaker, "Cursive" < really not a major role.

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3/9 done, btw--

IF MAVZ TELLS YOU DO SOMETHING ON THE BOAT, DO IT. feel free to check with me.

ALSO, if my character tells you something or refers to something, go with it.

and do ur stuff fast btw

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Alright, I sent all the PM scripts out. THERE WILL BE THINGS THAT HAPPEN TO YOUR CHARACTER THAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ahead of time. At the start of every act, like last time, people will pst me a summary of what they do. I will let you know if something happened to your character without your character's knowledge. You'll understand what I mean durin.

ALSO, some people will offer you things/ask favors of you. If it's something not that important, like go pick bring me a basketball (<not an actual example) then do it. If it's go kill -name- and it's not in your script, don't do it. Just pst me if confused. The scripts are sort of empty, so a lot of it will be improv

ALSO, IF YOUR CHARACTER HAS OPEN SUSPICIONS, SHARE THEM WITH PEOPLE A LOT. These murder mysteries are all about gossip. Ofc if it says "don't share" then, don't share.

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And it's saturday, december first, so in two days, at 8 REALM TIME, try to be on exactly on time or earlier. If you can't make it plz plzplplzlplzplzplzplzplzplzplz let me know.

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Prisoner Huffordson was killed by Hogs.

McGregor, Ronda and Musty were killed by Sniffles.

Sanders was thrown off the boat but he was saved by a merchant ship.

Goose was thrown off the boat and was ripped apart by sharks.

Sniffles was being thrown off, but Betsy and Hogs saved her.

Captain Carvalho was thrown off, but he was washed up on shore.

Years later, Mavz was found dead.


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