Murder Mystery Halloween Style

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So Burgalveist played Ironsides, Arialene played Satin on her mage, Shang's alt played guard captain, Naurandir played mayor Westberry.


The Crotchet Family Circus visitted Yorkshire, a small town in the mountain of Lordaeron. They rent out half of town for carnival grounds.

On the first night, Crotchet Junior (Me) was found dead in a burning crypt.

On the second night, Mr. Crotchet (Belarion) was found dead in his home, his neck broken.

On the third night, Satin (Tianisa) was found in the wood, extremely mutilated.

On the fourth day, the carnies and guards voiced their opinions and the majority vote blamed Slumber (Kakabel). Slumber was then executed by Guard Captain.

On the fourth night, Mrs. Crotchet(Clink) was found dead in her home, stabbed numerously.

On the fifth day, the carnies and guards voted again and Ironsides(Burgalveist) was blamed and put to the sword.

On the fifth night, Heckles (Genquino/Tuuroto) was stabbed twice and half eaten by tigers.

Xho'Frallia(Nanori) left a Darkmoon Banner next to Heckles's body.

Wyatt (Duroxas) was the only innocent survivor.

The Crotchet Family Circus was completely destroyed, and the town of Yorkshire received all the loot.

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if you want to copy/paste your private message script here you's easier to see the poster and read than for me to have to label them all with character and who played

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PAST HISTORY: You and Satin are twins. When you were children, your father only abused and molested you. You fell into a life of bloodthistle and slowly your brain rotted. You now are kinda' dumb and you just do what you're told. You and your sister both sleep with Mr. Crotchet from time to time, but Ironside only likes your sister.

Day 1: Introductions

Performances: You're the first performance. You your sister and Ironsides all do an act. He picks you guys up and picks heavy things up and you and your sister dance. After your act, try to talk to everyone. Act stupid and dimwittted and slutty, so flirt with people (mainly Mr. Crocket and the mayor).

Night 1: Wyatt and ironsides visit your sister, but you are only visitted by Xho. You and your sister have a living place with a lot of torches. These torches have a special flame called Azureflame. Xho'Frallia is your friend. You think she's pretty cool. Once Wyatt leaves, you go inside to get some drinks for you and Xho. When you go back outside, Xho has to go leave. Then you go inside and hang out with your sister. STAY INSIDE WITH YOUR SISTER THE ENTIRE NIGHT, until someone finds a dead body.

Day 2: Crotchet Junior was burned alive in his crypt by Azureflame. People suspect you and/or your sister of doing it, since only you 2 have that special magical flame. Your sister is going to place the blame on Wyatt, Ironsides and Xho, since they all had access to the flames. Just go along with what your sister said. You're too stupid to really come up with a reasonable answer.

Night 2: You and your sister will be on the beach the entire night, sitting on the docks. DO NOT LEAVE. Just keep chatting with whoever visits you. You can start an arguement with your sister if you want. ONLY LEAVE WHEN THEY FIND A DEAD BODY.

Day 3: Either:

-Mrs. Crotchet was killed or Mr. Crotchet was killed

just go with the flow, you have no idea who did it. just listen to what your sister says and follow her.

Night 3: You and your sister leave the fairegrounds to go relax. She goes to pick flowers and you go to bathe in the water. One of you will be murdered. You will either be visited by Mrs. Crotchet or Mr Crotchet, depending which one is still alive. Improv. Don't be very nice to them and ask them to leave. If the murderer comes to kill you, you can't escape. Let him/her kill you. If you are not visitted by the killer, your sister will be. Wyatt will ask where she is and you can tell him shes picking flowers. Once he screams you can go run to her.

SO either you or her are murdered. If you are murdered, just RP one of the mayor's guards after. Just whisper me and I'll explain stuff.

Day 4: In townhall, if you are alive and your sister is dead, you go completely nuts. You sob over your sister and you're a wreck. When the mayor forces you all the vote who did it, you will write down whoever your sister thought it was. If you are a guard, just listen to what I tell you to do. Anyways, one person will be voted the suspect and he/she will be killed. You probably wont be picked.

Night 4: If you all survive the night, then you executed the correct person, the murderer. If not, then he/she can kill any one of you.

Day 5: If someone was killed, repeat day 4.

Night 5: repeat night 4.

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Former History: Satin and Slumber are twins. When they grew up, their father for some reason chose to only molest and abuse Slumber. Satin knew about this. Feelings of hatred towards her father twisted her personality into an almost demonic one. Oddly enough, she never really felt that bad for Slumber, it was more of an anti-dad thing. So she uses men for money and power, nothing more. She's a deceitful, manipulative bitch that plays with people.

Day 1: Introductions


You're in the first act with your sister and "Ironsides". You two dance while Ironsides picks you up and stuff. Afterwards, make small talk with other carnies while the other acts continue to WOW the crowd. Make sure you flirt with Mr. Crotchet a lot. He has a lot of money and you know you can manipulate him into divorcing his wife, then you can trick him into marrying you. Ironsides also is interested in you. It'd be fun to mess with him, twirl him around your finger. So is Wyatt, but he's annoying so it's not even worth it. If Wyatt EVER tries to compliment you throughout the event, always ignore him or insult him in some manner. Try to talk to everyone. Be mean to Mrs. Crotchet. hardcore flirts with mr crotchet and ironsides.

Night 1: Wyatt is going to visit you right away, reject him every turn, and wait for Ironsides to beat him up. Ironsides will stay, and Xho is going to be outside talking with your sister. You and your sister have a bunch of Azureflame torches, they are blue flames. Flirt with Ironsides and eventually try to steal his pouch of gold. When he catches you, he's going to storm out. After that happens, stay inside and talk to your sister the rest of the night about the other carnies. DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE UNTIL THEY FIND A DEAD BODY

Day 2: Junior was burnt alive in his crypt, with Azureflame. People suspect you and your sister. The only other people that had access to the torches were Ironsides, Xho and Wyatt. And Wyatt -was- the person that found the body. You are suspicious of all of them. Make this clear and tell people of your suspicions. Deny all evidence against you.

Night 2: You and your sister are going to be down by the water, on the docks. You remain here the entire night talking to people that come and go. Get used to chatting with your sister. ONLY LEAVE WHEN THEY FIND A DEAD BODY

Day 3: Either...

Mrs. Crocket's neck was broken (if she was murdered, her will states that she leaves all her gold to Heckles, so you suspect Heckles)


Mr. Crocket's neck was broken(If he was murdered, in his will it states that he left all of his gold TO YOU!, so you have to be careful and make people believe it's not you! bandwagon onto any suspicious rumors that you hear and try not to be suspicious)

Night 3: You go to pick flowers and your sisters goes to take a bath. One of you will be murdered tonight. You go out onto the farmlands and pick flowers. Ironsides will visit you and he'll chat a bit. Tell him you're not interested and that you want to be alone. If the murderer comes for you, you cannot escape. You will be killed. If the murderer doesn't come for you, then stay in the fields and only leave when someone finds your sister dead.

Day 4: If you were killed, after you're buried plz RP as one of the mayor's guards. No talking really. If you weren't killed:

The mayor is going to make everyone vote on who they think the killer is. Feel free to use your suspicions. Once someone is chosen, they will be killed by the guards.

Night 4: If you guys executed the murderer, everyone will sleep soundly. If you didn't, someone will die, maybe you.

Day 5: If no one was killed, you all won. If someone was killed, repeat day 4.

Night 5: Repeat night 4.

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This was me :D I won!


Past History: You are a trained killer. You work for the darkmoon faire. You were assigned to infiltrate the Crotchet Family Circus and murder every last one of them. You Play it cool. You only strike at night. You must succeed. You must kill them all.

Day 1: Introduce yourself. You can have an accent. Be kinda' creepy. During performance, when you are not on stage feel free to chat with other carnies. You're the second act in the performance. You are going to /emote putting Wyatt's head in tiger mouths and throwing knives at him. Make conversation a lot after and stuff.

Night 1: Go visit Slumber. Spend time talking with her. When she goes inside to get some drinks, grab one of their Azureflame torches. DO not emote this. When she comes back, explain you have to go take care of your cats. Make your way over to Junior's crypt. Be subtle, if people are walking around, wait until there's a clear time. Go tothe crypt and throw the flame in, then immediately go back to your cat area. If Heckles is for some reason in the church, you can talk to him. Otherwise, pet your tigers and feel free to /yell instructions like BAD TIGER! FETCH! So it seems like you were there the entire time.

Day 2: When people bring up the point about Azurefire, blame Ironsides because he was there last night. Deny all accusations against you.

Night 2: Chat with the Sisters on the docks. When Heckles comes, say you remembered you had to give Wyatt your laundry. Go to your living area and collect laundry, and give to Wyatt when he comes. Right after he leaves, make you way into town. YOU CAN EITHER KILL MR. CROTCHET OR MRS. CROTCHET. Be subtle, go to one of their houses and find them inside and kill them in whisper *sneaks up behind you and blah blah*. Break their neck. So either break Mr Crotchet's neck or break Mrs. Crotchet's neck. Then go to townhall.

Day 3: When Wyatt confronts you about finding Darkmoon badge, say someone must have planted it! Explain that it's definitely not you. Try not to be suspicious!

Night 3: You can either kill Satin or Slumber.

Want to kill Satin: Wait until Ironsides comes back to town then find her in the farmlands and kill her with a knife. Do it fast. But make it really gorey. Like cut her to pieces.

Want to kill Slumber: Wait until Mr or Mrs Crotchet comes back from visitting slumber on the beach (The spouse that you DIDN'T KILL will have been visitting slumber) Then go to the beach and kill her with a knife. make it fast and gorey. then go back to your living area. hide one of your knives in a bush

Day 4: explain one of your knives was missing and that the murderer used it to kill one of the girls! When the mayor makes everyone vote, and when it comes time for you to write down the name of who you think it was, write down the name of someone who others were suspicious of. try not to be chosen! If they all know it's you and voted you kill, you are killed by guards. if you weren't chosen, play it cool.

Night 4: You can kill whoever you want. Make it messy though. Just go to their house and kill em. just dont kill the mayor or delora.

Day 5: repeat of day 4.

night 5: repeat night 4

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Man, Ugraz, I have to commend you. That was even better than the last one, and the last one was REALLY good. So, this one was really REALLY good.

My PM!

Past History: When Wyatt was a teenager, he was frequently bullied by other boys. One day, he was pushed to his limits. He took a kitchen knife to school the next day. After classes, when the bullies usually abused him, he plunged the blade into the ringleader. He kept slicing and cutting until he was completely covered in blood and the body was beyond recognition. He was put in an asylum where he developed nervous ticks and nearly lost his mind. He escaped a year ago and recently tagged along in the Crocket Family Circus. He's a servant that cleans up everything and gets stuff for the carnies, like food and drinks. He is a very good eavesdropped. He's mostly quiet, nervous, twitchy and clumsy.

Day 1: You don't really care for the other carnies. The only person who peaks your interest is Satin. During the introductions, be quiet unless directly spoken to. During the performance, keep asking the carnies if they need anything. Have drinks and food on hand.

Performance Order: (make small talk when you are not on stage)

"Ironsides" John and the sisters perform-You are jealous of Ironsides and you compliment Satin.

Xho'Frallia and YOU perform. She puts your head in tiger mouths and then she throws knives at you. You are very nervous. You don't really like Xho.

Heckles performs. You dislike his 'magic'. You make a mental note that he uses fire in his act.

Mr. and Mrs. Crotchet perform. You don't really like either of them. You make a mental note that they fight a lot.

You're on again! Crotchet Junior will read your palm for the last performance of the night. You are uncomfortable and you don't like what he has to say.

Night 1: You visit Satin and you're nice to her. You make a note that the Sisters' house has blue torches, called Azureflame. She mocks you, but you choose to ignore that. When Ironsides comes and is mean to you, you remember those bullies back in the day. You leave as soon as possible. You go visit Mr. Crotchet and ask for a raise. He denies you. Go back to your Lighthouse and stare off at the ocean. When Ugraz tells you, go visit Junior and yell at him for the upsetting palm reading earlier. When you find Junior's living space completely aflame, you remember the blue fire from the Sister's house. You'll bring it up tomorrow.

Day 2: Help bury Junior. Tell people how the Sisters' house had blue flame. You remember Ironsides visitted the house. So did Xho. Slumber and Satin lived there too. Heckles was also good with magic. Tell people of your suspicious. Since people might accuse you because you were the one that FOUND the fire, deny it, obviously.

Night 2: Go visit Mrs. Crochet A.S.A.P. When you arrive, you make a mental note that Heckles was with her. Ask her if she needs anything. When she doesn't, go visit Mr. Crotchet. Do this fast. When you get to Mr. Crotchet, make a mental note he was talking with Ironsides. Ask him if he needs anything and when he doesn't, go visit Xho'. Ask him for laundry, and take it back to your lighthouse/living area. Do laundry and stare down at the sisters who are arguing on the beach. After laundry, go to Ironside's armory. You want to buy a dagger from him so you can defend yourself should the murderer come after you. When he refuses, you return home. Make a mental note that Ironsides was with Heckles. At home, stare off at the ocean. When someone screams, go visit the scene.

Day 3:

If Mrs. Crotchet is dead: Tell people about how Mr. Crotchet was talking with Ironsides and that they may have something to do with it. Explain that since Mrs. Crotchet's neck was broken, it's possible Ironsides did it. Also, this morning you discovered a Darkmoon Badge in Xho's armor. Question her in front of people. Listen to rumors.

If Mr. Crotchet is dead: Tell people about how Mrs. Crotchet was talking with Heckles and that they may have something to do with it. Also, this morning you discovered a Darkmoon Bade in Xho's armor. Question her in front of people. Listen to rumors.

Night 3: Go to townhall and spend the night talking to the Mayor and talking to Delora. Do NOT leave. When Ugraz whispers you, go visit Slumber who is bathing on the coastline and ask her where her sister is. Then go visit Satin who is picking flowers in the field near Junior's crypt. When you find one of them dead, scream for help. You were visiting them because you wanted to talk to Satin.

Day 4: You all meet up at the Town Hall. Mayor Westberry explains this murders cannot continue and that you all must know who the murderer is. If Satin was killed you start going insane again. If slumber was killed you are indifferent. When Junior's ghost haunts the building, he demands revenge. People suspect you because you were at 2/3 of the crime scenes. When they all start turning on each other and trying to find a scapegoat to kill, avoid getting killed! When someone is killed, you are relieved it wasn't you.

Night 4: If you guys executed the right person, everyone sleeps soundly. If not, you may be killed tonight. If you are attacked, you can't really escape.

Day 5: If you survived but someone else was killed, you repeat day four. If you didn't survive, you are buried and you will NOW PLAY A SIDE ROLE, AS ONE OF THE MAYOR'S GUARDS.

Night 5: Repeat night four.

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"Gween Fire, not Bwue Fire. Red Wine and White Wine: same gwapes, different skins.

This, the Spiwits have spoken. And so is the Comedy of Life!" - Heckles

Past life: In the past you were a warrior that fought on every battleground. You are muscular and scarred. One day, one of your enemies bashed your skull with a mace. You completely lost all of your memories. You joined the Crotchet family circus because you had nothing better to do. You hide your confusion, hatred, sadness and fear under the make up of a clown. The circus is haunted. You can talk to ghosts and control spirits ands demons. You also are good with fire. You only care about Mrs. Crotchet. That vile husband of hers treats her awful because she's ugly. You think she's beautiful though. You'd never tell her this outloud have a reputation to uphold. If she's ever flirting with you in public don't add to it but don't object.

Day 1: Introductions.


You're the middle performance. So, before you're on stage, PLEASE talk with people while other carnies are doing their acts. When it's your turn on stage, you throw fire around (fireworks??)) and you pretend to be demonic and stuff. Also, you're a clown. Mix the two.

Night 1: Wait outside Mrs. Crotchets house. She's going to be across the street yelling at her husband. When she comes back, try to comfort her, inside that is. After a few minutes of comforting, go back home. STAY THERE REST OF NIGHT UNTIL THEY FIND DEAD BODY.

Day 2: Last night, Junior was killed because someone lit his crypt on fire with Azureflame. You know they'll suspect youbecause you're a pyromancer, so EXPLAIN HOW the flame was blue and that the only people with blue flame were the starlight sisters. EXPLAIN THIS. You don't want to be blamed! Make small talk. Also, Mrs. Crotchet will tell you she wants to plan her husband's death, and use you to do it. You're fine with that. Meet her at her house tonight.

Night 2: You go to Mrs. Crotchet's house. Right as you start talking Wyatt comes in. Mrs. Crotchet sends you away. Go down to the beach and chat with the Sisters. Do this for 2 minutes then go to Ironsides' armory. Argue with him a little. WYATT WILL COME TO BUY A WEAPON FROM IRONSIDES. When he does this, leave to go check on mrs. crotchet to talk about the murder. IF SHE IS ALIVE, chat with her about it. If she isn't alive, scream for help.

Day 3: Either Mrs Crotchet was killed or Mr. Crotchet. Her/His neck was snapped.

If Mrs. Dead: In her will she left everything to you. You will be suspicious! Ironsides is friends with Mister Crotchet, and Ironsides is very strong...he might have snapped her neck for Mr. C (tell people about this suspicion), you're much crazier and creepier now that she died.

If Mr. Dead: His will leaves everything to Satin. People suspect you and Mrs. of murdering him. Try to pin the blame on Satin.

Night 3: Wait in your church for the night. DO NOT LEAVE. people might visit you. ONLY LEAVE WHEN THEY FIND A DEAD BODY OF SATIN OR SLUMBER.

Day 4: The mayor is forcing everyone to vote who they think it is. participate. they will execute the suspect.

Night 4: If murderer was correctly executed, no one will die. If you guys didn't kill the murderer, you MAY be killed.

Day 5: If someone was killed last night, repeat day 4.

Night 5: repeat night 4

any questions send me PM dont talk about with others

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Also I feel the need to point this out and snicker. From Slumber's Day 4;

Anyways, one person will be voted the suspect and he/she will be killed. You probably wont be picked.

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Mrs. Crotchet

Past life: Mrs. Crotchet was always a hideous woman. She has boils and lumps all over her. Greasy hair protrudes from her manly chin. But, she -is- rich. Her father was a wealthy businessman that claimed his family was related to Varian Wrynn. Mr. Crotchet set his eyes on you clearly for money. Almost a month after you two got married, your father took an 'accidental fall' down a mountain. So then you two got all the money. You know your bitter husband did it. Oh, and about your son..when you look at him you see your husband, so you hate your soon too. The only person you like is Heckles because even though your ugly he still can 'spend the night' with you whenever you let him.

Day 1: Introductions

During the performance, you're one of the last acts. SO, while OTHER carnies are performing, PLEASE make small talk. Bash your husband. You really don't like the Sisters because they fuck your husband. Tell people that. Tell people how he murdered your father. Anyway, eventually, You'll go in the center and just walk around with your beard. Your husband will mock you. That's the act. When Heckles performs you smile at him. You can brag about him to Mr. Crotchet. If your son comes over to you, kinda' neglect him.

Night 1: Go across the street to yell at your husband, because all you two do is argue. THIS MEANS FEEL FREE TO /yell YOU UGLY BASTARD I NEVER LOVED YOU etc etc. Do that for a few minutes then go back to your house. Make sure you /yell that you're leaving though. When you go back home, Heckles will comfort you. Then he'll leave. Stay in your house for the rest of the night, until they find a dead body.

Day 2: Your son was in his crypt and some person threw a torch down, and lit the crypt up. Crotchet Jr. was killed. You don't care what anyone else says, you KNOW your husband must have done it! If he kills you then he gets to keep all the money and the carnival! If he's solely in charge of the carnival then he'll just make every performance naked women dancing! Like those Starlight sluts. Tell people about your paranoid suspicions. Don't feel that bad for your son, he was a weirdo-demon spawn of Mr. Crotchet. Whisper to Heckles and tell him to meet you tonight at your house, so you can plot your husbands death. Heckles would do it for you.

Night 2: Talk to Heckles, only make smalltalk at first, because Wyatt comes in momentarily. When he does, send Heckles away reluctantly. When Wyatt asks if you need anything, yell at him for interrupting for something so unimportant! Then wait in your house. You might be killed here. If so, when the murderer comes, you can't escape. No /yelling. You can resist like once in emote but thats it. Keep in mind murderer has to be quick. IF YOU DIE, you'll rp a dead body for a bit and then you'll RP one of the mayor's guards, as a side role. if you don't die, they find your husband dead.

Day 3: Some people suspect you cuz' your husband died. In his will, it says he leaves all his goods to Satin. THAT EVIL LITTLE BITCH! She manipulated him into putting her in his will! And now she went killed off his heir with her Azurefire torches and then killed him at night, probably during sex. Bah. Tell people of these suspicions.

Night 3: Go visit Slumber who is taking a bath on the ocean. Interrogate her and ask her if her sister did it. She's going to send you away. Go back to townhall afterwards and just chat with the mayor.

Day 4: Everyone is in the town hall and the mayor is forcing everyone to vote on who they think it is. You think it's Ironsides or Satin, BUT you might have a new opinion now. Anyway, you all choose to execute the voted suspect.

Night 4: Everyone goes to their homes. If murderer wasn't killed, he may come for you.

Day 5: If no one was killed, you all won! If someone died, repeat day 4.

Night 5: Repeat night 4.

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