CHU Recruitment Letters.

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Neatly written letters begin appearing around Stormwind City, stuck to walls, doors, posts, and boards.

'A new force is being founded in Stormwind, for Stormwind. CHU, Counter Horde Unit, is seeking any willing man or woman to assist in enforcing the laws of Stormwind City as far as they pertain to the prevention of Horde attacks or infiltrations.

With the recent advances of both sides onto the continent of Pandaria, it is possible that Horde may attempt to cripple the Alliance forces by taking down Stormwind City.

As of the moment people of all types and fields are needed, whether you are capable of in the field work or intelligence. Also keep in mind this is not only available to Humans, for not only Humans call this city home, all races are welcome.

All you have to do if you are interested is sign your name below and I will find you for an interview. Do a service to your city, your home, and sign up.


Jensonis Silverous.'

(Inspiration credit goes to the show 24 which depicts a character 'Jack Bauer' played by 'Keither Sutherland' whom works for a branch of the government, 'CTU Los Angeles' CTU standing for Counter Terrorist Unit, which, well, the name is pretty self-explanatory. Also, the interviews can take place however you would like, through TNG, whispers, or in person. Just depends on your preference. I am unsure whether or not this will turn into an actual guild or just a small group of people, it depends on how large of a response this receives. If you need any more information contact me on here or through whispers.)

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