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Alice Boomstick

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Full Name: Alice Boomstick

Nicknames: Tiny

Date of Birth:

Age: 16

Race: Goblin

Gender: Female

Hair: Short pulling into a pony tail and blue.. don’t forget blue..

Skin: Green

Eyes: Blue

Height: 2’5’’

Weight: 34lbs

Place of residence: Orgrimmar

Place of Birth: Booty Bay

Known Relatives: Cindy and Felix Boomstick -Deceased


Occupation: Demolition

Group/Guild affiliation: Horde Brothers

Guild Rank:

Enemies: Bloodsails and Sir Bradford Slithers

Likes: Explosives, money and Missy fluffypants

Favorite Foods: Any type of baked good.

Favorite Drinks: Tea and sugary drinks

Favorite Colors: reds, yellows and oranges.

Weapons of Choice: Electricity and fire.

Dislikes: Bloodsails, Sir Bradford Slithers and liars

Hobbies: Having tea parties, trying to blow up Sir Slithers

Physical Features: Despite her age she has two piercings in her bottom lip as well as several in her ears.

Special Abilities:

Positive Personality Traits: As long as you do what she asks, you’ll be her best friend.

Negative Personality Traits: Quick to anger, is loud.

Misc. Quirks: If you ever get asked to be her guest of honor, it probably won’t end to well.

Played by:


Alice was born into a poor goblin family her father soon working his way into wealth with his explosives and demolishing company however, even more so as the Bloodsail pirates became more and more of a problem to the goblins of Booty Bay and Ratchet. Often being called away on business Alice spent a lot of time with her mother, until the Pirates came and found their home. Killing Alice’s mother they left the poor goblin child to fend for herself, and she was shipped off to Azashara to work in the quarry soon after Garrosh’s claim to war chief.

Showing promise with explosives herself Alice was often used to place the highly dangerous and unstable chemicals in the small caverns needed. Things often when wrong and while Alice has retained her knowledge on explosives, she’s all but lost her sanity, one too many bonks on the head will do that ya know. She has two pets, one being a snake (Sir Slithers.. yes her dislike) and a rabbit (Missy Fluffypants) whom she often makes sit with her as she holds tea parties. Her snake is none too happy with the small goblin but fears being fried to death if he tries to escape... they have a love/hate relationship.

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