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Forum Runner Mobile App

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With the newest upgrade, I added Forum Runner support to TNG. This is completely optional. You can still access it through your normal mobile browser.

To use Forum Runner to access TNG:

(instructions based on what I had to do on my Android..may vary on other devices)

If you access TNG from a mobile device, currently TNG will load the default vBulletin mobile theme. If you click on "view full site" or something similar you'll get a prompt to see if you want to download the app. It is a $1.99 app. If you hit "Cancel" you shouldn't get prompted anymore. If you click "Get App" it'll take you to the Forum Runner app download.

Once you have the app and run it, you'll need to do a Forum search. Enter "Twisting" into the search, and TNG should pop up as an option. Use your TNG login, and you should be set. Remember to add it as a favorite so you don't have to search for it again.

I just picked up the app. There seems to be a fair amount of features that may interest more diligent users.

If anyone runs into problems with it, let me know.

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