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Full Name : Togron Gron

Nicknames : None presently

Age : 31

Race : Orc

Gender: Male

Hair : Shiny top of head

Skin : Lustrous green

Eyes : Light Red

Height : 6" 2'

Weight : 278 pounds

Place of Residence : Togron's farm outside Orgrimmar

Place of birth : Togron's farm outside Orgrimmar

Known relatives that are still alive : Sister, Mother, Father, abd his uncle

Philosophy : Me likes pie

Occupation : Janitor/Farmer/Guard

Guild Affiliation : Revenge of the Fallen

Guild Rank : Council

Enemies : Dwarves, humans, dwarves, night elves, gnomes, and dwarves

Likes : Pie, shinies, pork, and pals

Favorite Foods : Pie, pork, pork-pie, and any other kind of pie

Favorite Drinks : Coffee, pickle juice ( Because it's green )

Favorite Colors : Green, Hunter Green, Dark Green, Light Green, all greens.

Dislikes : Yelling, Alliance, dwarves especially, potions, being ignored, and bad jokes

Hobbies : Fishing, cleaning, cooking, bashing, shining, singing, and telling jokes.

Physical Features : A dopey grin he constantly wears.

Special Abilities : Sweeping, and extreme joke telling.

Positive Personality Traits : Always cheeful and encouraging.

Negative Personality Traits : Annoying to Terich.

Misc. Quirks : Off-key singing. Strange laugh for an orc. "Nyayaya!"

Theme Song : "Doopa doopa doooo, ba doopa DOOO!!"

History : Raised on a farm. His father outlawed. He accidentally knocked his sister off a cliff. Presumed dead. Dwarves burnt down his farm after they busted his window and stole the deeds. ( Ask in-game for more )

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Terich's grin slowly turns to a frown as Togron's name is brought up. "Togron? TOGRON?! What about him? He's an idiotic, pathetic, fool! An idiot! A disgrace to his kind, I say! A fool that won't leave me alone! He constantly annoys me with his never ending prattle!" Terich sighs and rubs his forhead. "However...he is useful in combat. He is very effective and powerful. I suppose I should be grateful for that." Terich smiles ruefully. "He's something that's useful, but comes at a heavy price. I swear, one of these days......"

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