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While the simplification isn't useful, I agree whole heartedly the title should be changed. We could discuss the SHA and Pandas in another thread.

Also, does anyone believe the: "Blizz is killing Garrosh cuz people hate him." holds any weight?

My thoughts?: Probably not.

Blizz did say Garrosh was never planned to be warchief for long, but could it be the majority of players reaction to him?

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There's enough in this thread to make it not worth the trouble sorting it out.

If a discussion wants to be made concerning Panderian lore - then make a thread about it.

If the morality and ethics of Garrosh or the Horde wants to be made - then make a thread about it.

If the "Ashenvale" conversation or "Horde is better than Alliance" conversation wants to be made - then say your peace so you don't feel so bad about your 3-day "TNG break".

Think before you post, folks. Also keep in mind that if you aren't a moderator... don't try to moderate people. Your heart is in the right place, but trying to tell someone what to do can distract from the issue you are speaking up about.

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