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The Unruly Thoughts and Writings of Merriana Firebreeze

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Due to a duel with Lieutenant Klimma, I have found myself with a bit of excess free time on my hands. Paperwork is done, patients in the sick bay have been tended to, daughter is at her lessons, and well Garandor is doing whatever he does. So it is me, myself, and my journal.. new journal since I have a feeling that my previous is either in the stomach of a whaleshark or sitting at the bottom of the sea. Nonetheless! With work out of the way I can give myself some time away from my worries and woes.

I don’t often make it to Ironforge or its outskirting lands. Even when I am in the area I don’ ever see dwarven children. I cannot recall a time when I have seen a dwarven child before. When do dwarven boys or men start growing their beards? I do not recall ever seeing a Dwarf who didn’t have a billowing proud beard. Now, I am unsure how quickly their facial hair grows but I don’t think beards like what theyare have, grow over night. So at what age do beards start to grow in? Are their dwarven youth running around with sprouting beards at the age of five or six or do they begin to grow in later on in their adolescence? Suppose I could just ask the captain when his beard began to grow in.

Physicals are due at the end of this month, people are in need of their shots. Time to order a few sets of syringes~

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Reschedule physicals -again-.

-Stop laughing at people when they cringe away from a syringe; it is not funny.. to them.

--Maybe stop smiling maliciously when applying said syringe.

Collect panties magazines from hiding.

-Need to schedule “Girls” day with Klimma to discuss ‘stuff’ for her wedding and after it. Remind Firebane he will thank me later for it.

--Get their opinion on feathers.

Invest in a new desk chair since the other –accidently- fell out of my office window.

Bake cookies? and try not to blow up mess hall while doing it.

Find brother and discuss more purple things with him

Rework in running routine, ass isn’t looking near as good as it was.

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Estella had her imp implant a dead rat into my dresser drawers.. So I had her imp sent back to her embeded in a

rat's body. Have fun dealing with the smell, witch, that'll make up for the clothes I had to BURN.

I enjoyed another night at the Tavern the other night. Spoke with a couple gentlemen over drinks in cigars..

Daern..something-or-other and an older Paladin named Maxxinius.

It was a rather amusing conversation, I accused them both of not being man enough to handle dwarvish cigars

and they both agreed. Maxx even called himself a pretty little lass. Good laughs.. needed laughs. He was sure a

flirty old fellow though. I was both amused and flattered.

Another Holiday is approaching, I am considering purchasing one of those rabbit wands for a bit of harmless pranking..

How much trouble can I find myself in this time?

..Though.. polymorphing someone into a rabbit brings back horror stories of my time with the Outriders.

An Orc named Helgaka turned me into a rabbit and chased me around Silvermoon for what seemed like hours.

I hid myself amongst other rabbits and what she did to them.. cannot be unseen for forgotten. She used a larged spiked...

((The paged is torn out from this point on))

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Holidays, holidays. At least this one allows me to turn people into rabbits.


Right, I am going to go curl up in my office now, damn you Helgaka.

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Excellent, I have scored some time with Klimma tonight. Need to make a check list on subjects we need to cover.

-Feathers -- Should probably grab a couple of my magazines to bring with me.

They will thank me later for this. Seriously, Firebane has NOTHING to complain about. I influece good things.

-Wedding stuff, lots of wedding stuff.

-Need to gossip.. talk, whatever the girly gibberish is.

I am feeling utterly excited over this. Can't wait, it's about time us girls gotta be girls!

Ran into the Paladin Maxxinius again, that sir is a piece of work, he is. Quite amusing to be around, makes for

good sarcastic company. Witty, throw an insult at him and he will toss one right back at you. Look forward to

Getting more drinks with him again.

Casey is back in the barracks, a pleasent surprise.. Though he isn't technically a soldier, he's just our official smith.

Keeps him out of any trouble at least.

Feathers! Remember. Feathers!

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I got much accomplished last night with Klimma, it was a very educational experience to say the least.

Now, Dusaro Firebane, your turn is coming up.. I just need to separate you from the others.

The lad is awfully skinny so I am sure that he doesn't like very many sweet things; there goes my lure him with

cookies into a large box trap idea.

I could tackle him and force him to listen to me again but that may make him mad. Fel! The conversation is going to make him mad

Anyway so why am I worried about that. I suppose I have to look through all my nicknacks to see what I got laying around

to capture him.

MAYBE Approaching him like a normal person will get him. Not sure if I should try that first or last..

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New Plan:

Force feed all the chocolate I have gathered from Noblegarden to Dusaro, the man is too skinny. I count.. one hundred and eighty pieces.

Now, to find a way to go about this.

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