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Rp-PvP Escorting Event

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This is for the event that I talked about in 'showing the world we are a great rp server' forum. I'm *hoping* to get atleast 10 Horde and 10 alliance to sign up. The numbers will have to be even.

The idea is for one faction to escort three people across a continent, meanwhile the other faction has to try to intercept and kill the three people getting escorted.

Roles in Escorting Team:

3 Carriers-They will be holding an offhand item that is the object being protected. They are not able to attack, cast, use potions, use gear abilities. They only wear armor and run. They can't cast aspect of pack, or travel form, or any speed spell. But they can still benefit from OTHER people's speed spells. They can also, obviously, recieve healing.

7 Protectors-Basically just protecting carriers. They can attack and use spells.

Roles in Attacking Team:

2 Flying Scouts- They can use flying mounts to scout and find carriers. They can attack and use spells.

1 Special Scout- Can fly and use [Have Group, Will Travel] once. They are the same thing as Flying scouts, except they can summon. They can obviously attack and use spells.

7 Attackers- They try to kill carriers. They can attack and use spells.

There will be 1 leader on each team (just a protector/attacker role) , who tells carriers and other soldiers what to do/where to go.

There will also be 1 'Game Master' on each team (just a protector/attacker role) , who talks to the other game master over real ID. They can't be leaders and they can't help plan how to travel. (Aka people I trust, also can't be carriers or scouts)

Assuming you are not a game master, you will have to remove all opposite faction people from your real ID, just during the game. We don't want any people cheating.

Now after each leader developed a plan, the attacking team will be given the name of 1 of the carriers, at random. No one on the escorting team knows who the revealed carrier is, besides the game master. So they will not be able to adjust their plan. The attacking team will be able to, however.


IF the escorting team wants to, some of the protectors can equip 'look alike' offhand items, so that they can pretend to be carriers. When they are killed, the game master on their team informs the OTHER game master if they were a carrier or just a protector. The attacking team game master then tells the rest of his team if they were a real carrier.

For example, if Nyali is the carrier, and I'm protecting her, and she's carrying a magical orb, I can equip an orb that looks like it, and try to distract members of the opposite faction. But if I get killed, they learn that I was faking it. And if they kill Nyali, they learn she was in fact a carrier, and that there are only 2 more left.

And remember, if you are using an offhand item to disguise yourself as a carrier, you are sacrificing stats you would have gotten from your melee weapon.

ONLY level 85s will be participating PVP-wise during the event. Low levels and PVE-ers can stay at towns, if they wanted. During the trip, towns can be used as semi-safe zones. There are guards and vendors, and usually the attacking team won't assault a town. While the carriers and protectors stop at towns to heal/buff/get food, people can RP with them, or RP healing them. If, however, the town gets attacked, the people just RPing are NOT allowed to fight. We will call these people 'townies'. Townies can also use flightpaths to travel between towns, to keep moving with the escorting team. They can also just watch on flying mounts, but you will have to inform me if you plan on being a townie, so I can warn the attacking team not to bother killing you. Also, if you are a townie, you must clear your real ID list.

I already have the starting places and destinations worked out, so if you would be interested in doing this OR just want to post your thoughts on the rules, then please post.

(Btw, if ANY of the carriers make it to the destination, the escorting team wins.)

Oh! And if someone dies, they have to run back to body, rez, then FLY to the nearest town with a FLIGHTPATH, then run back to wherever they want on a Land Mount. Also, everyone but the carriers can use land mounts.

Finally my common-sense advice:

-Don't use a land mount if you are pretending to be a carrier

-Make tanks your carriers

-Set up barricades at bridges or caves the group must pass through

-Use Rogues/Cats to follow groups in stealth

-People can still scout, even if they are not called Scouts, on land mounts. For example, escorting team can send people ahead to scout the roads.

-For attacking team, use people with bad gear as your flying scouts, just make sure they have fast flyers.

-Speed spells are allowed for mounts, (scouts included)

-Finally, escorting team should split up and go different ways. If they just march together, and fight the attacking group head on, they WILL lose. It would basically be 7 v 10.

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And I'll come up with some RP reasons why they are escorting something, and why it's important to stop the escorters, for the other faction.

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I'm all in, on this. :)

I'll either go as Ellewocket (Alliance) or Aureliya (Horde) depending on where the numbers are needed. Or if anything, I'll go as a towns person.

Crossing fingers this will happen when I can make it, or that it will be an ongoing thing and not just a one-off. It sounds pretty friggen awesome.

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I'd recommend letting carriers attack and use spells or it might be very very boring for them. Also, no one can pretend to be a carrier and still be useful if the real carriers can't attack.

Other than that I think it's a great idea. I'll make it if I can.

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Depends on the time. I can't between 7-11 pm server. Sat and Sun are the only days of the week I can't afford to miss, as I raid those days and we do not have a healer to replace me ATM.

Any other day of the week after 8 pm works for me, or after 4 on Mon and Tues.

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Saturday is the Seventeeth and is St. Patrick's day.

Now.. I dunno about you guys but I am pretty sure that Sunday is going to be a recovery day from St. Patty's.

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