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Aleria Fadeleaf

Interest Check: Ongoing Storyline

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Moving off of the other thread, I'd like to propose an Alliance side storyline to be played out over a series of weeks, or possibly even a couple of months.

A couple of MONTHS!? Wait a minute!

Yes, a couple of months. This is designed to be a slow moving, ongoing story which has events (we'll just call them episodes) at a predetermined time each week.

So what's the story about?

I don't want to get too far into the details yet, but this is basically going to revolve around a shadowy right-wing terrorist group, and the Alliance protagonists who are going to try to put them down.

How are the events going to be handled?

I plan to have a series of events, probably six to eight of them, which will be a mix of detective work for the protagonists, and roll-based combat as they begin to make their attempts to destabilize and root out the terrorist conspirators. The antagonists meanwhile will plan their next moves and protect their efforts against the protagonists.

How will the rolls work?

I want to make it as simple as possible. It's turn based in this sense only: The attacking party selects a (plausible) target and rolls a die of 10. The defender also rolls 10. Whoever gets the higher roll emotes an appropriate attack based on the size of the difference and the target's remaining hit points. Appropriate modifiers not exceeding one may be added in cases of clear strategic advantage. (i.e. attacking party is looking down on defending party from atop a steep hill, and therefore gets +1 to their roll.)

How can you plan efforts against any party if they know what you're doing?

That's for either party to figure out, because treason, the funneling of information from inside either camp, an in-group coup, or turncoating is absolutely acceptable (some restrictions apply: either party can choose whether or not they'll take you) My only request is that it's done in-character.

But, what if my main is Horde?

That's fine, because I don't encourage you to bring your mains (or main characters) to this anyway. With the exception of a handful, every character is absolutely in danger of losing all of their hit points in a series of bad rolls and dying ICly. Now, you can use your main toon for this, but unless you're willing to put their character to death, I would suggest that you temporarily have them channel an expendable character. - The events will also take place in low level areas to allow for maximum accessibility/protection from unwanted interference.

So what if my character dies?

Each group will have a counter of 'reinforcements' which each death will count against. The death of someone critical is not so easily replaceable from the organization's point of view, but we'll recycle the toons with new characters. I want to give these characters appropriate RP time as well, so participants are encouraged to log on during the week and RP with them for a bit. We'll keep a channel for each side to coordinate and help people link up if needed.

What sort of mods will be needed for this?

None, but in terms of RP mods, I use TRP2 to communicate character status and relevant facts that might help with the event. This is absolutely not required, but it is advised.

Do you need help?

Yes! Most importantly I need a protagonist coordinator (contact me via private message). I'll be handling the antagonists. We can select our lieutenants from the pool of characters that show up for each side. I would also like to remind you that if you are interested in something like this, please tell me so by posting in this thread, along with a set of times that would work best for you (if needed, I'll try to alternate days). Also, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to post them here.

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Most definitely, though I can only offer you my rogue as I won't kill Jan and Nano needs Orest around for a while before he dies. Let me know how you can use her.

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I'd love to join in, my schedule is usually available on thurs, fris, and sat, but I am able to free up tuesdays if the rbg team has enough healers on hordeside. I'm available every day between 4 and 8 server

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