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Aleria Fadeleaf

Aleria Frostwind

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Sentinel Aleria Frostwind has walked the earth for longer than most people can remember. Towering above most at a height of seven feet and three inches, the night elf bears numerous scars accumulated from a lifetime of wars and small conflicts, spanning from the War of the Ancients to the struggle against the lich king.

To most of her peers, Aleria was not all that unlike other archers. Defined by drawn-back purple hair and markings that streak down either side of her face, there is little else to be called significant about her. Her entire life to this moment was lived as little more than one of the group, one of the countless individuals, their faces interchangeable, who could be counted on to hold the line, to fight their enemies to the death, and to accept suicide missions without question or complaint. Given the heavy losses the sentinel corps have always taken, it is either luck or the hand of Elune that has kept her out of the ranks of the dead, at least for now. For Aleria, the motivations have always been the same. Being a person whose family was killed during the Highborne's attempt to purge those not among their caste during the War of the Ancients, and being a person who narrowly escaped such a fate herself, she understands that anything that even looks remotely like a threat to her people must be dealt with immediately, and without hesitation.

Today, she is a vocal opponent of many of the changes that have been imposed on her society: The Alliance, the fallen, and most virulently, the return of the Highborne. Rumors abound, describing her supposed connection to the radical terrorist group: the New Kaldorei Resistance, although none have been proven. The group itself has been blamed for the brutal killings of at least four, including two Shen'drelar, a visiting human, and another Kaldorei whose opinions were seen as sympathetic with the return of the Highborne. Aleria herself has said that the attacks were 'regrettable', but has also been heard saying: 'I can understand why they chose to act in the way that they did.'

She is generally rude to 'outlanders', and doesn't speak the common tongue. She is currently deployed in Ashenvale.

((OOC note: Same toon as before, much different character. I'll be on every so often.))

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