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[Poem] The Open Sea (Opinions welcome)

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I'm floating in the open sea, this raging Sea of Life.

My hair is drifting about my face, my hands reach out before me

As though I once strove for something more, something long ago.

I'm drowning in the open sea, though I give and take no breath.

Familiar faces pass me by, as though they're unaware

Of the fate of a friend once close or far, they do not have a care.

So alone I wallow in this raging sea, lifeless within death.

Outside the thriving current of Life, I am nothing more

Than seaweed attached to driftwood, covered in spongy pores.

My hands reach out before me, as though I lost something long ago

I remember now they reached once for, hope and nothing more.

Another face passes me by, and as it vanishes it still yet lingers;

Not before dead eyes but in a dead mind, unwanted and yet still lingers.

It passes through these frozen digits, through my own dead fingers

Lost to me and bereft of hope, and through it all still lingers.

I died once in the open sea, this raging Sea of Life

My hands stretched out before me so, as to catch the sorrowful sight;

To grasp and crush it out of existence, and end this short lament

I finally see outside the current, that the Sea of Life is the true torment.

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