A Rogue's Workbook - Felonius T. Gallows

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I have been told that it is helpful to record one's notes during training, that such a practice helps solidify the lessons in one's mind. I have been assured that our workbooks will remain private and therefore it is safe to record everything in as much detail as we desire. This is my workbook.

As a part of any rogue's training, we are required to learn certain skills that provide a basic foundation that other skills will build upon. As we progress, we are later able to choose a more specific vocation of assassination, combat or subtlety specialties. In our advanced studies we are able to expand our skills in mastering two such specialties.

I knew from the beginning that I would pursue the arts of subtlety, and later adapt into assassination. Stealth and deadly surprise are what get my motor running, so to speak. I enjoy sneaking into Horde areas and, when possible, slicing the throat of an unsuspecting orc or goblin.

I have advanced far enough along in my training that I made a very special purchase, a copy of The Spymaster's Handbook, the ultimate training manual for any rogue. It was not an easy purchase, costing me plenty of hard-earned gold. Not that the item is all that expensive, it is clearly used, but the additional costs involved in getting the copy smuggled to me. I have been told that this copy once belonged to a certain well-known Spymaster. I will not mention any names, but he owned a manor in some foothills northeast of Southshore. Enough said.

So my lessons for today build upon our basic stealth skills. The topic is Camouflage and here are my notes:

Camouflage is one of the basic weapons of war. Correctly used, it can mean the difference between life and death. Rogues often operate alone, (hence the term, rogue), and must furnish their own security, reconnaissance, and surveillance. You must be able to operate without the support of healers and heavily armored fighters. As a result, your success will depend to a large extent upon your ability to remain concealed from the enemy.

You are responsible for your own concealment. Your responsibility here is just as great as your responsibility for your weapon, and you must know as much about camouflage as you do about your weapon. Just as training in marksmanship teaches the hunter to hit a target accurately, so does knowledge of camouflage teach the rogue how to escape becoming a target himself.

Factors of recognition are things that enable us to recognize an object or person, and reveal to us their true identity or purpose. These can include:

* Position: Moving shadows at the base of a guard tower are probably guards.

* Shape: Guard towers, wells, horses, and dragons all have distinctive shapes that are easily recognized.

* Shadow: Shadows can reveal shape, size and movement to help us recognize a person or object.

* Texture: Shiny armor = mail or plate, dull armor = cloth or leather.

* Color: Red = Horde, Blue = Ally, copper coin vs gold coin, etc.

* Movement: Movement attracts attention and invites us to look closer.

As a subtlety rogue, your responsibility is to defeat these factors to prevent being recognized. This is advanced stealth training that will require some practice. There are three fundamental methods of concealment: Hiding, blending, and disguising.

Hiding: Hiding is the complete concealment of an object or activity by some form of physical screen. One can hide from view in a building, under foliage, under water, or behind some other object. This can enable you to perform some activity unnoticed, (like spying), or prevent your activity from attracting unwanted attention, (like fishing or herb gathering in dangerous territory).

Blending: Blending is the use of camouflage so that one appears to be part of the background. This technique is used by the Night Elves when they Shadowmeld, and is the basic technique rogues learn in Stealth training. It involves instantly reducing shine, blurring lines, and dulling colors to blend in. The best option is a combination of blending and hiding to result in an almost totally invisible state.

Disguising: Disguising is the third method. It involves the simulation of an object or activity to mislead the enemy as to true identity, strength and intention. Changing clothes and altering ones appearance is useful for moving through areas where stealth is not an option. Remember that Stealth is NOT Invisibility. Creatures (people and monsters) can still detect you if they are close to you or more experienced than you. Most capital city guards are highly trained in stealth detection and can become alarmed at your presence. However, it is rather easy to infiltrate a church disguised as a priest, or a guard barracks disguised as a warrior. When stealth won't work, try using a disguise.

Useful Tips:

When moving through an outdoor area, move through wooded or dense foliage whenever possible. Stay off of roads and move along the base of hills instead. Use cover even when stealthed to prevent discovery. In cities, use less travelled roads and alleys. Use whatever is available to hide your movements: doorways, crates, wagons, etc.

Avoid high-traffic areas near banks, auction houses and inns unless it is necessary, (such as for spying), then hide in the middle of the largest crowd and do not attract attention. Most people do not look up, so in some cases hiding in a high place is very effective (such as trees or rafters in a building). Remaining seated and silent will normally go unnoticed.

Weapons: Keep in mind that your weapon must be part of your disguise, and you better know how to use it if needed. If your weapon skills are limited, conform your disguise accordingly. If your skill is with daggers, stick to a disguise that will allow daggers. If you are disguised as a paladin, do not carry a shotgun. Not only will it give you away, you will look ridiculous.

Clothing/Armor: If you are going to wear plate armor as a disguise, you had better be able to fight while wearing it. Since you are not likely trained for that type of fighting, keep your disguises to what you can easily adapt to: cloth and leather. Wearing no weapons or armor and just appearing in regular clothing can make you appear less threatening, which can be used to your advantage. Have a weapon stashed in a backpack, under a robe or somewhere nearby in case the need arises.

Occupation: If your disguise involves a specific occupation, i.e. priest, merchant, blacksmith, miner, or auctioneer, then you should be carrying tools of the trade and know how to use them. Keep in mind that while you are in your disguise others may approach you to conduct business with you. This can be a very effective disguise, if you are proficient in that trade. Not so much if you are unable to deliver the product or service. If you cannot cast any magic, it is useless to impersonate a mage. And warlocks are known to savagely attack imposters of their craft. You can always claim to be an apprentice in training, but you may be asked who is training you. Be prepared with a good answer. Fishing is a solitary profession. Most people ignore fisherman and do not disturb them while fishing. Always have a fishing pole in your backpack. It can be an effective disguise.

Language: If your disguise involves impersonating a different race, (such as to infiltrate a Horde area), you will either need to become fluent in that race's language or remain totally silent. Silence is not always an option in an effective disguise, therefore it is a valuable skill to learn new languages. Being able to understand the enemy is a priceless spying skill, but your disguise will fail if you are not able to speak fluently. Even those who have gained fluency in a foreign language have been discovered due to failing to learn the details of the regional dialect. Your accent can be a death sentence. If it will enhance your disguise, you can try appearing to be intoxicated, or somehow disabled (mentally or physically) to mask a less than perfect language fluency. Be warned that slurring your words the way a human would is not the same way a drunken Orc would. Use language with extreme caution.

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There are some who will refuse to use poisons for "ethical" reasons.

To those people I say: It is important to remember that dying with a clear conscience is still dying. I prefer to put every advantage possible at my disposal and maybe live a few minutes longer than my opponents.

If you prefer not to use poisons, use something. Blacksmiths can provide you with weight-stones for blunt weapons or sharpening stones for blades. Enchanters can also provide other enhancments. The key is to maximize your weapons' potential. For those with no such scruples, let's look at poisons.

There are basically five types of poisons available, each requiring more experience for proper use and handling.

* Instant Poison is the most simplistic compound. It spreads through the bloodstream and attacks major organs very quickly. It is the compound you will encounter early in your career and it is useful in all situations.

* Crippling Poison is a venom of sorts that attacks muscle tissue. It seems to affect the legs first, thus preventing its victim from running. Coating your throwing weapon can be useful to catch an opponent before they escape. When your opponent turns their back to flee, hit them with this. Then sprint on over and slit their throat.

* Mind-Numbing Poison is a narcotic drug that causes difficulty in mental focusing. This makes it great for use against spell-casters. Not only will they have a hard time focusing, the euphoria caused by the drug makes them not want to, so it takes longer for them to cast a spell at you.

* Deadly Poison is a neurotoxin that works slowly but becomes more deadly in higher doses. Unlike other poisons, each time you stab with a weapon coated with this, it applies another dose thus increasing its lethality. Apply often for maximum benefit.

* Wound Poison is a biological compound that weakens the immune system, thus causing damage and preventing the body from healing properly. This can be useful against healers, or others working with healers in groups. If you have not learned the Improved Poisons skill that is taught to Assassination rogues, Wound Poison actually does more damage than Instant Poison.

Many of our class choose the poison they will use based upon the enemies they expect to encounter. The descriptions of the poisons given above should give you some idea of what to use and when. Ideally, you should use more than one type at the same time. Use Instant or Deadly poison on one weapon and Mind-Numbing or Wound poison on the other. Keep Crippling poison on your thrown weapons.

Remember that it takes time to coat a weapon with poison. If you need to change your chosen poison in the middle of a battle due to unforeseen circumstances, valuable time could be wasted with possibly deadly results. Poisons are cheap and last for an hour, so it might be a good idea to carry extra weapons in one's backpack.

Where others have special bags for their gear (miner's sacks, engineering toolboxes, gem pouches, scribe satchels, etc.), we do not have pouches to carry our poison vials. ((Why not? Why can't a tailor or leatherworker make us a small 5-slot pouch to carry our poisons? It's so unfair! QQ)) So what we need to consider is: Would it be better to carry an extra weapon, or an extra poison vial? Do we have enough bag space for extra weapons? Will we have enough time to re-coat our weapons if needed?

Try this: Coat some extra weapons with each type of poison and stash them carefully in your backpack where they are within easy reach. Then if needed, swap out your weapons to suit your circumstances. It is a lot faster than changing poisons by recoating a weapon or two.

There are certain glyphs available that can reduce the time it takes to poison a weapon, but since we are limited in the number of glyphs we can use, I think other glyphs should probably take priority. There is also different types of gear available that will make your poisons more effective. I will need to research those a bit further at another time.

My favorite poisons dealer in Old Town sold me a nice copy of the Venomous Tome. It teaches you how to exhale poison upon your enemy. It is interesting reading, but not very practical. Instead of carrying around a large book, I prefer to keep both hands full of deadly weapons. Generally speaking, bag space is not for books. Bookshelves are for books. This tome could be useful as part of a disguise (priest maybe?), just keep the book title hidden from view.

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I have been busy lately now that I am able to train both Assassination AND Subtlety specializations. The Assassination specialty focuses on the use of poisons in a most efficient manner. Now that I am able to use Deadly Poison, I will focus on it instead of the Instant I was using before. I will keep Crippling and Mind-Numbing available as well for now.

Armed with my new Deadly Poison, I made my way to the village of Crossroads to test my attack strategies.

First, I circled the village checking the location of guards and villagers. If there is going to be an unwelcome surprise, I want to be the one dishing it out. I chose a suitable location to ambush the guards at the northern gate. I was just about to sap one when I heard a strange sound -- like a motor. I looked up just in time to see a zeppelin flying over. I couldn't tell if there was anyone onboard, but I decided to wait for it to clear the area before pouncing on my prey.

With the zeppelin gone, I sapped one of the guards and rifled through his pockets. I scored a Greater Healing Potion and a few copper coins. With that guard sleeping it off, I moved quickly to the second guard and picked her pockets. She had a few silver coins and a Crude Pocket Watch (that looked like a sundial). Then with my mace I dealt her a crushing blow to the skull, followed immediately by a shot with my Brass Knuckles to her ribs. The poison spread much quicker than I expected and she went down with a thud. I returned to the other guard and quickly did him in, then dragged the bodies into the bushes.

With the gate clear, I made my way inside the fence toward the troll. I hate trolls and this one looked just as goofy as most. I was just about to hit him when I noticed movement on the road toward the middle of the village. I waited. It was a patrolling guard heading my way. I returned to my original ambush location by the gate, and sure enough he came right to me. WHAM! He never saw it coming. I added his body to the pile in the bushes.

I was about to head back toward the troll, when here comes another patrol. JEEZ! So I waited and took him out the same way. By now, I am starting to get concerned that I didn't choose a big enough brush pile to hide all these bodies. Back to the troll.

I slide up behind that tusk-tooth idiot and crushed him with a single blow. Ouch! Someone shot me with an arrow! What the... ? I looked around. Was it that wimpy bowyer across the road? No, it doesn't look like he saw me. None of the group over by the forge can see me. Ouch! Another arrow and this one dropped me. Quickly, I vanished stepped outside and bandaged my leg. Then took a careful look around. There, next to the troll's corpse was a guard I hadn't seen before. She was big too. A Tauren. And with that gold dragon insignia of an elite guard.

Obviously the alarm had been sounded and they were on to me. Time to vacate the area. Just then I saw a huge bat fly into the middle of the village. I'm not sure but I think it is the Horde equivalent of a Gryphon (used for public transportation). Best not hang around. It could be reinforcements arriving.

I headed back to the north and dropped down into a small drainage ditch along the road. I had just made it to the cover of some bushes under a tree when I heard thundering like hooves. I glanced around just in time to see a Tauren riding by on a kodo. He was a perfect target, but I didn't have time to set up an ambush. In no time he was gone, so I just started tracking him to see if I could catch up to him somewhere.

I came to a small outpost that had just one guard in the tower. Hehe, fool. I slipped up behind him and... what? No pockets to pick? Crap. Oh well, I dispatched him quickly and continued on my way.

I came across an area called the Forgotten Pools. The place is crawling with centaurs. Smelly creatures. Not worth my time. But then, in the distance, I see a troll with a pet. A young hunter with no clue I was there. She was heading toward another troll who was hidden in some trees. I took him out quickly before she could get to him. She looked around, confused I think. Then climbed up a hill toward a Tauren shaman or something. By the time I got to the top of the hill the troll was gone, so I killed the Tauren. I climbed back down the hill and found the troll looking at the other troll's corpse. I had to chuckle. ((Sorry Pearlla, but you are Horde.))

I was getting hungry so I headed back to Ratchet, caught a flight to Theramore, then made my way back to Stormwind. All in all, not a bad day.

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All the King's Men.

It is interesting to watch the folly of the so-called "nobles" of the House of Stormwind. With all of their power and influence, they are still so easily manipulated.

For example, a certain someone who works on the top floor of Stormwind City Hall. I won't mention his name, to save him some embarassment, but he is easy enough to find. He was so helpful in showing me how to locate various public records on all Stormwind citizens. A nice pocketful of gold coins granted me access to some "less-than-public" records that proved to be quite useful.

These records provided me with details, not just about individual citizens, but guilds as well. Membership rosters, achievement certificates, and so forth can be good information. For my dear friend at City Hall, it gave me enough information on him to allow me to now save my gold and access whatever records I may need. The price is mere silence concerning the information that I uncovered about his affiliation with a certain group.

Armed with yet another piece of information concerning a certain paladin, got me invited to this paladin's weekly poker game. Play enough games with someone over a period of time and you will learn their idiosyncrasies; their tells. So it took me about two months, but I managed to take this poor paladin for all he had and it was still not enough to settle his debt with me. He then offered me his last valuable possession: a legal document, the Deed to Thandol Span. He signed it over to me and our debt was settled.

So now that I own the dilapidated bridge between Dun Modr and Arathi Highlands, I am a legal landowner in the eyes of the law. I am the Lord of Thandol.

The Stormwind Nobles with their claim to royalty by birthright, or their titles by wealth and political power, now have the likes of me to join their ranks. The very thought has me laughing hysterically. I am just as "noble" as they are. Yeah, right.

Just another weapon in my arsenal. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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I haven't been as focused as I should be on my training lately. The Redblade Corsairs have been working to expand our network. We have located a few more ships that we have added to our fleet, but I think we will need much more -- and the manpower to crew them.

I've made contact with the Bloodsail Buccaneers of Stranglethorn. It took a lot of work to get to a point where they won't kill me on sight. Now that we stand on neutral ground, I was able to speak to their recruiter and gained an audience with some of their higher-ups.

First, I met with "Good Boy" Bruce at the Bloodsail Camp outside of Booty Bay.


We discussed whether or not his crews would be willing to help us acquire additional ships for our fleet. He was not prepared to make any offers, preferring to wait until we have worked together and become a bit friendlier. He did allow me to take a tour of three of their ships docked near South Shore: The Riptide, The Crimson Veil, and The Damsel's Luck.

I met with several crew members like Garr Salthoof. (Damn Taurens are HUGE!)


and Wailing Mary Smitts, Long John Copper, and Enormous Shawn Stooker of the Brashtide Crew.


Captain Keelhaul.


And Fleet Master Firallon.


Although I did not secure any agreement for assistance, I believe the Bloodsails will be useful in the future. I will continue to develop their friendship to that end.






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I woke up with my mind in a fog. I had taken a liking to those Sulfuron Slammers, but this... this was different. This was no hangover. I felt... weak.

I struggled to open my eyes. I was in a wagon of some sort. A couple of Night Elves were talking just outside. I tried to pull myself upright. Too weak. I tried to focus my eyes, but even that effort was too much. I fell back asleep.

This happened several times before I was finally able to focus. One of the elves was kneeling near me. My movement startled her. I managed to sit up. She was smiling. "Welcome back."

I tried to speak but nothing came out. She told me to just relax and take it easy. I had been down a long road and needed to build up my strength.

I tried again... "Where...?" She put her hand on my chest. "You are with the Darkmoon Fair. We have been taking care of you." She signaled to someone outside the wagon. Within minutes a plate of food and a skin of mineral water were brought in. "Please eat."

My movements were slow and unsteady, but I was hungry. As I ate, the elf told me that they had found me in Moonglade. (What the Fel was I doing in Moonglade?) She went on to tell me that I had been unconscious and very near death. Some of the healers kept me alive until they could get me back to their camp. There, I was revived by their eldest healer. From that point, I began my recovery but did not regain full consciousness until just now.

I finished eating and could feel the energy flowing back into my body. The mineral water had a wonderful flavor to it and drinking it felt... nutritious.

It was still a couple of days before I was able to walk, but I began to regain my strength. When I thought I was well enough, I found the elf I had spoken to before and asked her to introduce me to the elder elf who had saved my life. "I owe you elves a debt of gratitude."

She looked at me, puzzled. "The Elder who saved you is not an Elf. He was Tauren. A Priest."

"Huh? A Horde priest saved me?"

"No. Not Horde, Tauren. There are no political factions here at the Fair. We all work together."

"Oh. Well, a debt is a debt. I must speak with him."

Her gaze fell to the ground and she seemed to be pouting. "That is not possible. He died almost three years ago."

"Wait. What? Three years ago?"

"Indeed. It has been almost four years since we found you."

My head began to spin. I felt weak. My legs began to shake and the elf helped me sit down. "Just relax. You are fine now. I'll come back and check on you later."

I sat there a moment gathering my thoughts. I had been unconscious for four years? What was I doing in Moonglade?

I made my way back to the wagon and found my backpack. I rummaged around and found my journals. The last several entries were dated almost four years ago. The entries were confused and almost complete gibberish. But then I remembered that I used to write them in code to prevent anyone from discovering what I was working on. Trade secrets.

I began deciphering. Gadgetzan client... new combination... organic toxins... fermented... Gnome engineer says "aerosol" deployment... circle for clues.

List of materials needed... arrowbloom(?), fireweed(?), Zangar Caps, (something) spores.

My memory began to return in bits and pieces. I had been crafting a new type of poison. One that could be sprayed in the air, rather than coating a weapon. But that doesn't explain why I was in Moonglade. Moonglade is not known to have any useful herbs. And I don't know what these... arrowbloom and fireweed are.

I didn't learn the answer until a few weeks later. The Darkmoon Fair had relocated and I was lucky enough to meet a human who says he had recently been to Moonglade. He told me that Moonglade is where to contact someone from the Cenarion Circle or other druids if needed.

That's it! I went there to meet with a druid from the Circle about acquiring herbs that I did not have access to.

Now the final entry started to make sense. Herbs milled and fermented separately, combined in dilution. Tests first through fifth not useful. ZC added, same process... fumes visible... will need to conceal...

headache... weakness... unable to cont...


I'll figure it out later.

Eventually, I made my way back home to Stormwind. The world has changed so much while I was gone. I pitched a tent at the docks and decided to stay there for the time being. I might catch sight of the ship Stormrunner, and if I am lucky, maybe find some old crew mates.

I spent most of my time looking up old friends and reconnecting with old contacts from my network. Most were shocked to see me alive. Many were no longer around. Most of my valuables had been stolen, but my bank deposit box still contained a few essentials... my Deed to Thandol Span, legal documents, some gold, some ore and leathers.

I checked to see if my contact at City Hall was still there. He was, and he reassured me that my land deed and documents had not been contested while I was away. He also told me that the Stormrunner had set sail years ago, and that what was left of the Redblade Corsairs privateering crew had disbanded. He told me that if I was looking for work, the blacksmith in the Dwarven District was looking for help.

I gathered up some ore from the bank and headed to the Dwarven District. I began smelting as an excuse to start up a conversation with the dwarf. By the time I had finished, I had become a blacksmith apprentice... trading in my skinning knife for a blacksmith hammer. My strength had returned and I went to work.


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It had been a hard day. Swinging a blacksmith hammer against red-hot pieces of iron, with the heat from the forge just a few feet away.

I was weary and thirsty.

I headed over to see my friend Joachim, (the bartender at the Blue Recluse). He set me up with some Darkmoon Special Reserve he had just got in. It tasted so good. Ice cold, smooth as silk, and just a mild kick in the head. Exactly what I needed.

So I had another.

After a bit of chit-chat with Joachim, I paid my tab and headed for the door.

Just outside I saw something very familiar, but couldn't exactly place it. Was it my foggy vision or my foggy mind? It was a tall Draenei male. Bare-chested with a deck of cards floating at his side. I know this guy!

TUURO! I called out to him but he didn't look up. Did I make a sound? Did he not hear me?

I called again. He looked up slowly, then got this weird puzzled look on his face. I said, "Tuuro, it's me. Felonius!"

His face went from puzzled to shock to a big smile. We hugged. We hadn't seen each other since "the old days" when we crewed the Stormrunner. We went inside and ordered up more drinks and spent the afternoon catching up and reminiscing.

Tuuro told me what had happened to the old crew. He said he had a new organization called the "Cup and Blade Caravan". They travel to various lands as merchants. He asked if I was still crafting "the finest poisons in Azeroth" and I admitted that I was not. I told him my story and that, after what happened, I wasn't sure I should get back into that trade. After all, the blacksmith gig was paying the bills.

Tuuro scowled at me the way he does sometimes. If you know him, you know exactly what I mean.

"I think you make biiiiig miistake, old friend."

He explained to me that the Caravan is not at all like the local vendors you find in any town. They have specialty wares for specific clientele. I explained to Tuuro that I have traveled to many lands reconnecting with my suppliers and none of them are selling poisons. Even my old friend "The Shady Dealer" in Lakeshire could offer me nothing more than a dagger.

Tuuro scowled again, then shook his head. "Local vendors do not offer such things, but YOU can!"

He jabbed a finger at my chest. "No competition is good, no?"

I had to agree. No competition is good. Yes.

And so I joined the Cup and Blade Caravan as a blacksmith and Master Crafter of Poisons.

I said my good-byes and headed over to the bank to see what supplies I still had.

The apparatus and tools were still there but I was going to need ingredients. I needed to make a shopping list. I rummaged around and found some paper. These were old false documents I had used a few times to "persuade" certain members of City Hall to do me favors. That got me to thinking....

Specialty wares for specific clientele. Hmmm. There could be a market for forgery here as well.

Suddenly, with the furor of a madman, I began organizing my bank boxes. Once I had everything sorted, I made my "supplies" shopping list and headed out of town to find my suppliers. I no longer felt tired. I was excited. I have a mission!

Later, back home, I was lying on my cot and staring at the ceiling. My mind was buzzing with ideas. Ideas for new types of toxins, new delivery systems, new disguises for the products...

What if I combined toxin types? What was it that gnome was saying... something about aerosol spray? Or maybe edibles that could be hidden in food or drink.

Then it hit me. What if I combine what I have learned as a blacksmith to make a special weapon with a poison delivery system?

I bolted upright, glanced around the tent.


I grabbed some paper and began sketching.

When I finally finished, I could hear the clock in the city chime eleven p.m. It was late and I was exhausted.

I stuck my notes in my journal and collapsed into a deep sleep. What a day!




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That's all he could say. I watched his face. I could almost see those Engineering gears whirring about inside his skull.

Bokar was an old friend. Stormwind-born, like me except he was a Paladin. His hobbies and mine were much alike, but his special skill was in Gnomish Engineering. AND he is one of the few people I could trust with my ideas; my trade secrets.

He looked at my sketches again. Then sat back scratching the side of his neck.

He took out his own notebook and began mumbling something in Engineer-speak.

I ordered another ale for each of us.

"Something like this?" He pushed his notebook toward me.


"Yes. I think. What does all this mean?" I was confused by the labels.

"As the piston turns, it creates a vacuum drawing the toxin from the storage vial. As the lobe moves forward it pushes it to the other side, compressing it slightly. When it rotates far enough the ports will be open and the toxin will be pushed out through the tubes. You will have one dose injecting while the one behind it is loading."

He sat back, proud of himself.

"But will it work? I can't be selling junk that doesn't work. I'll find myself on the receiving end of that dagger if I do."

"No worries, old friend. It will work."

We discussed payment and materials he would need, then spent the rest of the evening getting drunk.

Man, that dude can drink!



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I stopped in at City Hall to look up a few things in the records. My friend, the Census Taker, was there speaking with a young woman. I pretended not to listen to their conversation. She glanced over at me, then back at Bart.

"Is that your brother?" She asked.

"No. No, Just another customer."

She remarked at how similar we looked. I think the woman was crazy.


But I hung around, waited until she left, then looked up some old maps.

When I finished, I went outside and she was waiting.

"I meant no offense."

"None taken."

So I decided I might like some company tonight, and I did my best to charm her.


Yeah, she shot me down.

So I went to the one place that always guarantees I will have sweet dreams.


I wonder if I can afford a bed?

Oh well. It was a short nap.

Tomorrow, I'll head to Searing Gorge. I need to mine some mithril and reconnect with an old friend there.


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Today was my day for a supply run.

The problem with supply runs, when you have been unconscious for four years, is that things change while you are gone. Roads don't go they way they used to go. Land masses change. My old maps were very outdated and some places just didn't look the same.

I flew out to Menethil Harbor and caught a ship to Theramore.

From there I normally just ride along the edges of the mountains looking for ore veins. I was mining one when all of a sudden I got hit... HARD. Knocked me to my knees. I looked up and there were three of those foul goblins beating the crap out of me. I realized very quickly that I was going to die real soon, so I vanished and headed for higher ground.

I was near Mudsprocket, and normally I can just stay far enough away that the goblins can't see me there. But this was different. These three guards were all over me like white on rice. It wasn't like they were trying to scare me off... those bastards wanted me dead!


I got out my spyglass and scanned the tiny town. The guards seemed to have calmed down.


In the middle of the town was a bulletin board.


The Steamwheadle Cartel has a Kill On Sight order on me, dated four years ago. Jeez, talk about holding a grudge!

Time to wrap it up here and head for Searing Gorge.

Searing Gorge is THE place to go for mining mithril and truesilver ore. There are "professional guides" that will tell you that Feralas is the place to go. Feralas is loaded with mithril and you will find some gold and silver too. But Feralas is lacking something very important to an enterprising rogue... humanoids.

Humanoids carry coins and sometimes cloth. While Feralas has harpies and giants, Searing Gorge has dwarves and elementals. Elementals supply the reagents, dwarves supply coins and gear. Dwarves also have something that giants and harpies do not... pockets.

Most mercenaries take out their target and receive the loot from the kill. What most people forget is that you can pickpocket the target first, then kill them AND get loot. It's like a little extra bonus for doing the merc work that I do. And I have perfected the craft to make it fast and profitable. I have pulled rings and other jewelry items, coins, lockboxes, timepieces, amulets, and a lot of junk. But it all sells!

As every rogue knows, you always attack from behind. Some people think it is so you can use a good backstab to bring them down quickly. I don't use backstab because it actually is less damaging than some of my other attacks. The reason you attack from behind is because such an attack cannot be dodged or parried. Get a critical strike on your first hit and down they go. Game over.

I get within range. Shadowstep behind them, pick their pockets, and then mutilate them. One quick hit, followed up with a kidney shot and it is all over. If they are not dead by then, they are stunned long enough for me to get my poisons working in them and when they come to, they are almost dead or dying.

(( I use two different macros: Pick Pocket/Mutilate; or for spell casters, Pick Pocket/Garrote -- the garrote silences them)).

I stopped off at Thorium Point to check in with old friends from the Thorium Brotherhood. They had been having some trouble with the Black Rock bunch of dwarves and asked if I would help them out while I was mining in the area. Anything for old friends... especially friends that pay!

I took out a bunch of guards (emptying their pockets before I gutted them). The Slag Pits is where they have a bunch of slaves doing their mining for them. Since I was going to be mining in that area anyway, I had the perfect disguise, ((see my section on Camouflage in an earlier post)). So after a few hours work, I returned to Thorium Point and collected my bounty. I had robbed and killed all of the guards, freed some slaves, took out three Bosses, mined a bunch of mithril, and when it was all done, I was recognized by the Brotherhood as one of their Exalted. Not bad for a few hours work.

I returned to Stormwind and a courier called out to me. He handed me a message from a friend that said they had finished the wagon I had ordered. I had asked for a wagon that I could use as a home while traveling with the Cup and Blade Caravan. But when they put this one together they did a great job! And it was fully furnished. I gathered my belongings and got moved in right away. A home at last.


The only thing left to do was to inventory the day's spoils. After smelting, I ended up with 213 bars of mithril, 6 bars of gold, and 8 bars of truesilver. I had picked 10 lockboxes and an assortment of junk. I got a few pieces of armor, but nothing spectacular. I got to work picking the locks on the boxes. All were just full of junk, but I did get a nice bit of coin out of it.

The last box looked a bit different from the others though. The lock was a bit more difficult, but I got it unlocked. Inside was a note and a scroll. The note said, "Mr. Gallows, we appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Please accept this gift from the Brotherhood. May you find it helpful to others and profitable for yourself.
<signed> M. Oilfist, Thorium Brotherhood."

I opened up the scroll, actually expecting a certificate or something. It was a very detailed schematic. Plans for making a Mithril Heavy-Bore Rifle! What a wonderful gift.

I got settled in to my new home. Got a fire going in the stove and grilled up some fish. After eating, I settled back on the new bed and sipped a Black Rock Ale.

Today was a great day.


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The recent invasions by legions of demons had me quite concerned. I do not associate with demons, warlocks or undead. Frankly, the things creep me out and I do what I can to eliminate them from this world. They are just so... unnatural.

However, like any "war", there are things to be learned and profits to be made. So I have taken advantage of the situation and used the opportunity to enhance my training.

I've learned a few things that I will note here.

1. As solo-artists, rogues cannot rely on anyone else for support. Where this became PAINFULLY clear to me is in the area of First-Aid. I had let my skills lapse a bit, choosing instead to focus on other skills. When I realized that my bandages were insufficient to stop my bleeding, I had a big wake-up call. I immediately stopped off at the Auction House and purchased a few crates of cloth and spent half a day learning to become a Master Medic. Self-reliance is a key survival tool.

2. Demons are powerful. I cannot just stab and run. It takes an extended amount of battle time to bring one down, even with a lot of help. That puts me in a position where I am fighting no differently that a Warrior or a Monk. The problem is that leather armor does not work well when trying to tank a target. It is great for speed and stealth, but not nearly as durable as mail or plate armor if you have to fight toe-to-toe with a demon commander. A different fighting style must be adopted, therefore...

3. When fighting in a group where others are the target's focus, stay out of melee range. I can apply my poisons by throwing my knives just as easily as by stabbing. Staying alive is more important than how much damage you can do.

4. A flying mount is better than... well, anything on the ground. I have not been able to teach my horse how to stealth so I can move quickly along the ground without being noticed. However, a flying mount provides access to "high ground" to fight from. It also allows dropping in on unsuspecting enemies. Realizing this, I wasted no time in getting my Pilot's License.

A word of warning though. If you are not flying high enough, you are still within reach. I got knocked off my griffon by an undead mage, teaching me a lesson in "ranged" attacks. So, that made me wonder just how much of my strength had I regained? How high can I jump?

As fate would have it, I was able to test my ability and get some revenge on a certain undead mage. I caught her hovering above a stack of crates apparently taking a nap. I climbed up on the crates and did a little Shadowstep right behind her. I was able to stab her twice as I fell to the ground. As my poisons began to flood her system, I quickly climbed back up on the crates and did it again. Third time was a charm and she plummeted to the ground in a heap.

Payback. Honorable Kill # 235 and counting.

I returned to Stormwind and found a group of people hanging around outside a shop. I went in to see what was going on. The shop was packed full of people conducting business with a few Warpweavers. There was a lot of gold changing hands, so I decided to see if I could make a few coins here. I spoke with one of the Warpweavers and we made a deal.

Another word of warning. Never, ever, ever try to cheat a Warpweaver on a business deal. They don't take kindly to that.


((  I love that when I am dead, I am "well-rested". :) ))

My next order of business was to visit some of my suppliers. The Cup and Blade Caravan is planning an excursion to the Broken Isles soon, so I will need to have plenty of merchandise to sell. I got my supplies and spent the rest of the day brewing up some batches of poison.

It was late evening and I had stepped outside to get some fresh air. An SI:7 agent, disguised as a courier, told me I should go and visit my mentor, Tony Romano... NOW.

I was a little disturbed by the urgency of the "request" but I have learned to trust Tony, so I made haste and headed to his office.

Tony advised me that SI:7 has been keeping very close tabs on my activities. Their interest in me in the past has been to provide me with work and training opportunities. However, lately, the interest has been more of a security concern. There have been questions raised about certain services I had been offering.

Apparently, monitoring my activities led to the discovery of certain "less than authentic" documents being filed at City Hall. Tony said he could not directly connect the documents to me, but warned that if I were to engage in such activity, it might jeopardize my abilities to do business in some areas. He said that my integrity has never been questioned, and again warned that I might want to keep my reputation untarnished. He made a valid point, so I agreed to stay away from forgery and related activities.

He then informed me that SI:7 has recently added some surveillance photos of me to my dossier. I asked what kind of photos and he showed me:


(( 50 gold pieces to the first one who can correctly identify the man standing with me above. I'll mail it to the winner.
EDIT:  Congratulations, Taishen. He correctly identified Elling Trias, Master of Cheese. Payment sent.))






So I asked Tony, "What's this all about?"

Tony said he just wanted to let me know just how well they are keeping tabs on me.

"The reason," he said, "is because we have a job for you involving your expertise."

"From what we have been able to discern, you have been working on ways to poison consumables; food, drink, potions and elixirs. Am I wrong?"

"No sir, that is not incorrect," I hesitated.

"Excellent. We need a fairly large population of undesirables eliminated. You won't be able to just waltz in and slice them all up. BUT, you could poison their rations."

The job entails infiltrating Black Rock Mountain and poisoning the rations of the garrisons. We discussed payment arrangements and I agreed to the contract, on the condition that the last photo be removed from the dossier... to protect "the woman's identity".

A deal was made and I headed home to pack some supplies and get a good night's sleep.



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Recently, I was speaking with one of the members of the Caravan, Sam Gearwald. A lovely young woman, (in human form), who has taken charge of various tailoring needs of the Caravan. Although she is not a professional tailor like some of our members, she is quite proficient at providing new members with cloaks and tabards.

During our conversation, she mentioned that the Starseer, (Caravan leader, Tuuroto), is insistent upon our members looking good in the finest garb available. At first, I didn't give this much thought, as she was very willing to take my measurements and assist in fashion advice. But now that we are preparing for our next expedition to the Broken Isles, (as I was packing for the trip), I began to give this idea more thought.

Up to now, my concerns have been functionality. My gear must provide the qualities I need to perform my duties on various assignments. As most of these assignments involve my specialty as a hired assassin, my gear must provide protection, mobility, and stealth. However, my role as a merchant within the Caravan carries different requirements.

As a salesman, appearance can be a valuable asset. One must "look the part" to appear successful, trustworthy, attractive; someone you would WANT to do business with. Likewise, one's appearance should showcase the services or wares one is attempting to offer. One has only to visit the vendors in any major city to see that average merchants wear average-looking clothing, exceptional merchants wear finer clothes. It is also fairly easy to identify the types of wares a vendor has by their appearance: engineers, blacksmiths, jewelers, bankers, tailors and so forth.

This sent me down a train of thought to consider what sort of appearance should I adopt. As an assassin specializing in covert operations (i.e. stealth hit and run assassination, scouting, etc.), my colors should be subdued: black, gray, brown. As a blacksmith, the color "black" would be an obvious choice. Next to consider would be the appearance of a successful merchant to high-end customers. Gold being a symbol of wealth would do nicely as an accent color. Coincidentally, black and gold are also the Caravan's colors!

Next, I visited the Auction House and various merchant shops and collected their catalogs. I returned to my wagon and began perusing the various items offered to find the perfect outfit to wear during the Caravan Bazaars. I quickly realized that the merchants designing these items clearly do not understand our class and style.

The vast majority of equipment offered look more like "warrior gear" than rogue gear. Instead of lightweight leather, it has the appearance of bulky plate. Many of the helmets and shoulders have huge spikes and blades sticking out. I can just picture an assassin or subtlety rogue stealthing through dense brush and his gear getting snagged. Additionally, much of the gear I found is very elaborately decorated with bright flashy colors from white to bright red. Really? White and light colors can be easily seen in the dark, and red just automatically attracts attention. Why would a rogue WANT to attract attention? Flamboyant armor is just begging to be a target.

No thanks.

I did finally locate a couple of sets that are close to what I am looking for. Unfortunately, they are mostly black and gray/silver, without any gold. The chest piece and leggings will work, but I will need to accessorize to add in the gold elements. I will work on acquiring those items then consult Ms. Gearwald for assistance in adding the final touches. It will also give me an opportunity to spend a bit more time with her and get to know her better. I have never understood those afflicted with lycanthropy, so I have been unsympathetic to their plight. Perhaps by interacting with them more I can come to understand them better. Likewise with the Illidari who have recently pledged to assist the Alliance against the Legion.

I have much to learn.




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I stood there, staring at the mesmerizing flames of the forge.

"There's something wrong," I called out to the old dwarf.

"What ye be a cookin' there laddie?" The old dwarf sauntered over.

"The forge, it isn't hot enough. My ore isn't melting."

"Well now, there be nuttin' wrong with me forge! What'ye got in there?" He peered into the furnace.

"Iron. It should be smelted by now." I pointed to the red-hot rocks glowing in the furnace.

"Iron, eh? Where'd ye git that iron?" The dwarf scratched his head.

"Black Rock Mountain. I was looking for mithril, but I found this."


The dwarf made a sound that was part gasp and part shriek as he jumped backwards away from the forge.

"Git that stuff outta me forge! Dun ever bring that stuff in here!" He was screaming at me.

"Why? What's the problem?" I watched him scurrying about, shutting down the furnace.

"Ye gotta git that outta there, and clean that forge well. Make sure there be none of that residue left behind." He was adamant.

I began raking the hot rocks out of the furnace. They were starting to cool. I didn't understand what was happening.


"What ye got there...," he began to explain, "is not just any iron. It is Dark Iron. Nasty stuff. Ye dun wanna go messin with that stuff, boy."

I was annoyed that he called me "boy", but he was clearly agitated. I've never seen him like that.

"Dintcha notice anything wrong with the dwarves down there?"

Actually, I had not. It wasn't very well lit and I attributed their aggressive behavior to my "trespassing" in their mine.


"The Dark Iron is wicked substance. Confined to that mountain. It has a... power... to it."


I listened intently, pausing to let the ore cool.


"Aye. A corrupting power. There are elementals down deep in the mountain. The ore is corrupt and drives men mad. Ye dun wan any o' that."

"But if it is only available in the mountain," my mind focused on his word... power... "then it must be rare... and valuable."

"Aye, laddie, it is rare. But too risky and too much trouble t' work with. Most people just avoid it. Not worth it."

I continued, "but can it be used to make a rare weapon?"

The old dwarf looked at me. "Ye got that look in yer eye. Git that thought outta yer head, son. For yer own good."


I couldn't. This had my full attention. Piles of gold coins flooded my imagination. Visions of crowds lined up clambering to buy these wonderful (powerful) blades.

"I kin see I'll not be talkin' ye outta this. So let me explain the trouble ye'll be facing... "


"First, ye kin only find the ore in the mountain. The deeper you go, the more ye kin find, but it is guarded by elementals."

"Second, ye can't smelt it here. Regular forges aren't hot enough. If ye insist on learnin' how t' smelt the stuff, ye'll be needin' t' talk t' a Dark Iron Dwarf. The living wun be eager t' tell ye anything. Ye be needing t' talk with a spirit in the Summoner's Tomb."

"Third, even if ye learn how t' smelt the crap, ye can't forge it into weapons here. Ye'll need t' use the Black Anvil down in the mountain."

"Fourth, when ye be smeltin' the stuff, it exudes Dark Iron Residue. Just as nasty. Ye be breathin' in the dust and ye risk yer sanity."

"Like I be sayin', too much trouble."

I finished packing up the ore and spent the rest of the evening cleaning the forge. It was hard work. Not like mopping a wood floor. No, this involves scraping the once-molten metal off the sides and bottom. But all the while, I kept thinking about the possibilities... daggers and shivs, swords and... wait... He said they must be forged at the Black Anvil. I've seen it. It is huge, like would be used by a giant... or... a Titan?


Suddenly, I recalled a story I had heard as a teenager. What was that?... It was only a myth... Or was it?

It was a mighty sword. Sure it was cursed, but with each opponent slayed, it gained more power... one of the most legendary swords of all time...

The Black Blade.

Could it be real?

Could it have really been forged by some Titan at the Black Anvil?

Could another one be made... by a mortal? ... by... me?


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I woke up this morning to the sound of someone rapping on my door. A courier handed me a scroll that summoned me to Dalaran. I dressed quickly thinking this could be a big-money client wishing to purchase my services. I need the money. I took the portal so as to arrive as quickly as possible.

My instructions were to meet a shopkeeper and to give him a secret passphrase. When I arrived, I found the shop to be quite ordinary. I was expecting something a little classier. It was just an ordinary shop of general goods and trade wares.

The shopkeeper greeted me, welcoming me into his place of business. I quoted the passphrase and his eyes lit up.

"Oh, Felonius, it's you. Right this way."

He opened a secret door and indicated that "they" were waiting for me. The hair on the back of my neck bristled.

"Ambush?" I thought.

I placed my hands on my daggers and readied myself. I looked down the long passageway. It was a clean, well-lit, cut-stone passage leading down to the basement. The passageway twisted and turned until I found myself in a small underground city!

There were vendors lining the walkway, a small wooden bridge across a canal leading to what looked like a small wharf. There was a large dining area, a bulletin board, a massive walk-in vault, and a bar. There were many of my colleagues there, some of whom I hadn't seen in years. All of them accomplished Rogues of various specialties. All seemed pretty busy, so we just agreed to catch up another time.

A hideous goblin barmaid addressed me by name and asked me to follow her. I did so and she led me to the back of the dining area, then she just left. I stood there looking at an empty wall.

"Light... be with you, Felonius" she called out from a distance.

I looked closer at the wall. The wall-mounted torch that lit this small area had a curious pivot at the base; a hinge of sorts. I reached up and pulled it like a handle.

The wall was another secret door that opened to yet another set of steps leading down into a large area that looked somewhat like a banquet hall. There were several people seated at a table; apparently some sort of meeting was in progress. A familiar voice called out to me.

"Ah, Felonius, you have arrived."

It was Lord Ravenholdt, former leader of the Ravenholdt faction. I had trained under him as a young agent at Ravenholdt Manor. He introduced me to the others, some of whom I recognized.

Fleet Admiral Tethys gave me a nod.

It was Lord Ravenholdt who had sent the courier to summon me here. I am not at liberty to discuss the details of the meeting except to note that there is a new organization that has formed and is rapidly expanding its network. This group, known as "The Uncrowned", specializes in Covert Operations; that is... behind-the-scenes activities that assist in various political efforts.

As a recognized expert in covert operations, I was asked to join this organization. Due to the secretive nature of The Uncrowned, I was assured that my position there would in no way interfere with my membership in, and activities with, the Cup and Blade Caravan.

I looked around the room. These were not mere rogues looking for their next job assignment. These were people of considerable influence. Leaders in their own right. I felt humbled in their presence.

"Why me?"

Lord Ravenholdt smiled. "You underestimate your value to us. As you know, I have been following your career with some interest. Even as a young agent, you showed promising talent. And now you are here."

He continued, "We are The Uncrowned. These people before you are the Shadow Council. If you will notice, we have an empty seat at our table. That seat was reserved for you."

I didn't know what to think. "You want me to become one of the Shadow Council?"

"Indeed. You have two options here. You can walk out that door never to look back, or you can take a seat here and become a Shadow. We will wait for your decision."

I felt... honored.

I took a seat.

To finalize our agreement, I was asked to fulfill one of their "contracts"... an assassination of two of their current targets. I won't get into details, but when I returned there was a brief ceremony where I was presented with an official insignia of The Uncrowned. Afterwards we had a great time. There was quite the celebration with a lot of drinking and merriment.

The party was interrupted by a visit from another familiar face.

Vanessa Van Cleef. She was under the assumption that the empty seat was reserved for her. She took offense that I was chosen over her for that position.

I'll admit that I know of Vanessa's reputation, but I have never witnessed her in combat. I think the others may have had similar doubts concerning her ability. I think she sensed this and decided to give them a demonstration. By spilling my blood on the polished floor, the seat would once again be empty... for her.

I sometimes doubt my own level of skill, and I don't like to brag, but I had no trouble subduing her. I was about to end her life when Lord Ravenholdt stopped me. He gave Vanessa two options... join with us as my personal agent, or refuse and accept death at my hands.

She was not ready to die, and personally, I would have made the same decision.

I am not certain how well we will work together. But she is well-aware that betrayal will mean her death, and there is nowhere she can hide from The Uncrowned.

That evening, I returned to my wagon and stretched out on the bed. My head was spinning from booze and recounting the events of the day. I thought about talking to the Starseer in private about today's meeting. I am very open among friends I trust, but this I think I need to keep to myself.

I fell asleep before I could even get undressed.

Way too much to drink tonight.

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The Caravan is preparing for departure to the Broken Isles and I had some things to get ready.

I won't be needing the wagon in the Dwarven District of Stormwind since I prefer to travel light. I packed my gear with my essentials and loaded the rest into my bank box. A group of local Engineers seemed interested in using my wagon as a small vendor shop, so I agreed to rent it out to them. At least I know it will be taken care of.

I went to Dalaran and dropped off some supplies in my room in the Hall of Shadows, then made my way back to the mountain. I found the dwarf I needed to speak to and he was most helpful. He agreed to teach me how to smelt the Dark Iron, but he warned me to be careful that doing so does not corrupt me the way that it corrupted so many of them. I don't think I will have the same risk, since I don't plan to make it a daily routine to mine and smelt the stuff. My exposure to it should be much less than what they were doing.

I continued further down into the mountain and mined as much of the ore as I could find, then hauled it over to the Dark Forge and smelted it all into bars. I think it will be safer to carry as bars than as raw ore. I think that, in finished form like that, there is no "residue" to worry about. The residue stays in the mountain and I can stockpile bars in the bank until I have enough to forge into a weapon. i hope to learn more about the legendary Black Blade and what was involved in forging it.

It was getting late and I was supposed to meet the Caravan in Stormwind to begin moving gear to New Dalaran. Time got away from me and by the time I got to Stormwind they had left without me. I headed to Dalaran to catch up with the group and found the Starseer in the Lounge interviewing a new recruit. We had a couple mugs of ale together and talked for a bit. The new recruit is a mechanic and a toy-maker, which will make a fine addition to our clan.

Afterwards, I spoke to Tuuroto and apologized for running late. He said the next task will be to move the gear from Dalaran down to the Continent to begin the Caravan Travel. Since we will need to scout a route through the Broken Isles, we will use Dalaran as a "base camp" for now. The problem, Tuuroto pointed out, is that we did not expect Dalaran to be such a bustling city. It used to be a quiet place, but recent events have made it more populous than Stormwind. Normally, that would not be a problem, except that we had no place here to stow our gear and no shop to operate out of.

I have plenty of room available in the Hall of Shadows, but that area is not accessible to all of the members of the Caravan. I also don't think they would all agree to store their gear among a bunch of Rogues. So our next immediate concern will be to find an area that we can operate out of that is relatively safe.

Tuuroto agreed that he would keep an eye on things there so I could do a couple quick reconnaissance missions to the Continent. I would return to take my turn on guard duty and be able to give him a report on what I found.

I scouted the area around Stormheim. It is quite mountainous, so travel with the wagons may prove to be difficult. I didn't find the wildlife to be overly threatening, but there seemed to be a lot of Blood Elves in the area, all of whom stopped what they were doing to attack me. I'm not sure why unless they were merely trying to claim this new land for themselves.

While in the area, I discovered a new ore called Leystone. It has some amazing properties, one of which makes it quite dangerous to work with. It seems to smelt really well, however trying to add flux to it for blacksmithing makes the metal extremely explosive and it detonates with the first smack of a hammer! Without adding a flux to remove impurities, the metal cannot be welded. So using it for weapons will be nearly impossible. I'll need to research this further.

I was making my way out of Stormheim and heading toward Aszuna when I noticed a Blood Elf near a building not far off from the road. I couldn't tell what he was doing, so I stealthed closer to get a better look. I used my spyglass and could tell by his gear that he was better equipped than I was, but then I noticed something else... his insignia.

He was a member of The Grim.

I quickly scanned the area near him searching for other members. Were they setting up a base here as well? I found no one and returned my focus to the Elf. He was just sitting there, apparently napping. I slipped in behind him, wrapped my garrote around his throat and pulled hard. I thrust both of my daggers into his ribs, injecting poisons deep into his body. They took over immediately paralyzing him. I stood there watching him bleed out. He never made a sound. Honorable Kill #238 and payback. Stinking Blood Elves.

I continued toward Aszuna, the whole time thinking about something someone had once told me... that not all Horde are evil. Some are caught up in this war the same as we are. They are just trying to live their lives. That makes perfect sense, yet my experience has been that MOST are hell-bent on killing me. I would much rather kill them first and deny them that opportunity. I do judge people by their actions on an individual basis. But when the "group" repeatedly treats you a certain way, one must not blindly accept that "this one is different". Such a mistake can be a deadly error.

I arrived near a place called the Crumbled Palace. A leystone ore vein caught my attention so I detoured to do some mining. I found a small hill with a camp at the top. I crept up carefully for a better view. Two Blood Elves had made camp there. They had a very nice caravan wagon and had pitched a tent. It looked like a husband and wife team. The husband was obviously an archaeologist, as he had survey equipment set up around the crest of the hill to one side of their camp. He seemed busy with his work, while the wife was occupied with chores. She appeared to be preparing a meal or something, walking back and forth between the tent, the wagon and a table.

I got into an ambush position so I could take her out silently without alarming the male. I could then focus on him. One target at a time is better than fighting a group, no matter what size. From this new vantage point, I could see she carried no weapons... and she was quite beautiful. Such a shame to kill her. She did not appear to be threatening in any way.


I paused.

A thought returned to me... "Not all Horde are evil. Some are caught up in this war the same as we are. They are just trying to live their lives."

I changed positions and moved into an ambush point where I could take out the male instead. I looked closely. He carried no weapons either. He seemed very intent on his work, checking his survey equipment.

Should I or shouldn't I?

I decided to wait. Let them show their true colors.

I stepped out of the shadows and waved to the male in a friendly gesture, keeping the female within view. The male looked at me and returned the greeting. He then warned me that it was not safe to remain in this area... he did not speak in Elven, he said it in Common! He was speaking in MY language. I thanked him for the warning and tried to engage him in conversation. As a surveyor, he may already know this area better than I. He was not willing to discuss his work, instead just offering the same warning that I shouldn't dally in the area.


I returned to Dalaran and gave Tuuroto my scout report. I told him I needed just a minute and I would return to relieve him on guard duty. I met with the local blacksmith and showed him the leystone ore. He confirmed what I had learned concerning using "foreign fluxes". He told me that what I need to use is a flux made from local herbs. The herbs coexist with the leystone in nature, so it can be used without changing the ore's volatility. He showed me how to use the flux and how to work the ore into crafting plate armor.

I returned to the Lounge to take over guard duty and Tuuroto left to take care of his own chores. My shift was uneventful and when my relief arrived I was ready to get some much-needed sleep. I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to my room. Tomorrow, I'll help Tuuroto look for a shop to rent.


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I woke up to the sound of someone screaming...

It was me!

That dream...

I couldn't shake it off.

I looked around and found a half-finished mug of ale. I chugged it down and sat there on the edge of the bed waiting for my nerves to calm down.

It seemed so real. Some of the details were still fuzzy:

I had just finished crafting a sword. I used the Artifact Anvil in the Hall of Shadows. I must have been thinking it would make the sword more powerful... or maybe my regular anvil wouldn't work. I don't know.

It was just sitting there on the anvil.Then there was this huge flash of light. Lit up the whole room, blinding everyone in it. Then it went dark..

The sword itself had darkened. The metal was very black. So black it had a darkness all around it, like it was absorbing all the light.

It was... a shadow.

I picked up the sword to examine it. My grip tightened around the handle... and kept tightening.

I couldn't let go of it.

The muscles in my arm began to cramp. The pain was excruciating.

My fist just kept getting tighter and tighter. My arm felt like someone was ripping the flesh off of it.

I fell to my knees. I used my other hand to desperately pry my fingers away from that damn sword, but I couldn't.

The pain was too much...

I pulled out my dagger and... cut my own hand off at the wrist.

Blood spewed from my wrist. More pain... more blood.

And then I woke up hearing myself screaming in pain.

I need another drink.

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I met with a potential client today. We had a discussion about new discoveries in the Broken Isles. As with any newly discovered territory, there are always new things to discover: wildlife, ores, herbs and even treasure. I am learning about the new ores and how to use them in my blacksmithing trade, and I am always interested in treasure. My client, (a dwarf), held a similar interest in treasure and was looking for a bodyguard to watch her back while she explored. Sorry, but I don't do escorting. I recommended she seek out a warrior or paladin type, as they may be more suited to the job. I gave her a few names of people she could contact.

During our discussion, she mentioned that some of the treasure being found in the area are ancient artifacts; weapons of amazing power. I have already located two sets of daggers that I recently added to my collection, so I understood what she was talking about. I mentioned that, as a blacksmith, I was interested in researching how such weapons were made. She suggested that I visit the Hall of Explorer's in Ironforge. They have an immense library and a few experts there from the Explorer's League who specialize in history and archaeology. And the dwarves are world-renowned for their blacksmithing skills.

I made the trip to Ironforge and, I must admit, the library is quite impressive. I couldn't get any of the dwarves to talk to me or even point me in the right direction. So I began browsing the collections of books on my own. I found a few books of interest, mostly re-tellings of old lore, with bits and pieces of information that I jotted down in my notebook.

I was about to leave when another book caught my attention. It seemed out of place. It wasn't on a shelf, but instead was sitting on a table, as though it had been used recently. The title indicated that it was a compendium of herbology for alchemists. I began paging through the book out of idle curiosity and noticed that it had recently been updated. The latest entries discussed herbs found in various areas of the Broken Isles. Even better, the book also indicated what each herb was used for in the various alchemical recipes.

I am not an alchemist, so much of what goes into making of potions and elixirs is beyond my understanding. But what I do understand is the combining of ingredients (herbs, venoms, chemicals) in the making of poison. The difference in what we do is that their products are designed to enhance certain characteristics, while my products are designed to attack them. Perhaps, by studying how they use these herbs, I can gain insight into different ways that I can use these ingredients in developing new toxins.

I got out my notebook and began to note how these herbs were used and for what purpose:

  • Invisibility (entering the spirit realm) - Fjarnskaggl
  • Increased Speed - Starlight Rose
  • Healing - Yseraline Seeds
  • Bolts of Energy (Attacks) - a combination of Starlight Rose, Fjarnskaggl and Dreamleaf
  • Strengthen Armor - a combination of Starlight Rose, Aethril and Foxflower (Foxflower is used as a blacksmithing flux)
  • Increase Stamina - a combination of Starlight Rose, Aethril and Dreamleaf
  • Increase Strength - a combination of Starlight Rose, Aethril and Foxflower / or use just Nagrand Arrowbloom (less potent)
  • Increase Agility - a combination of Starlight Rose, Fjarnskaggl and Foxflower / or use just Fireweed (less potent)

It appears that Starlight Rose is the catalyst that causes the increase in whatever is being concocted.
Foxflower seems to be associated with strength or strengthening.
Fjarnskaggl seems to be associated with free movement, either through speed or stealth.
Dreamleaf and Aethril seem to be variable. I can't discern what elements they contribute.

This will take further research. I need to see if I can identify what will work sort of like a antidote against these herbs, so I can negate their effects. That will help me to brew a mixture that, in higher concentrations, can reverse the effects; so strength becomes weakness, agility becomes clumsiness, and so forth.



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I haven't spent as much time as others exploring the new lands. I don't understand the rush.

Yes, there is a war going on. There has been a war going on all of my life. The areas that I have scouted showed no signs that the demons were even there. There were a few, but not like we saw during the invasions of Stormwind.

In my own experience, these new lands are not much different than any other newly discovered area. It will still be there when I get there.

I have quite the workload as it is. Between doing assignments for The Uncrowned, establishing an Outpost and Shipyard in Draenor, assisting with the Caravan for its expedition, researching for development of products (toxins and weapons), and taking care of client orders, I haven't had much time to do scouting.

The scouting that I have done left me with the impression of... meh. <shrugs shoulders>

Some of the scenery and wildlife are absolutely gorgeous. But it is difficult to actually enjoy it with mobs of Horde camped all over. I understand their excitement to explore the new lands as much as anyone else's. Maybe after the excitement dies down and they go back to their daily routines, those of us who are not in a hurry will get a chance to explore the areas for ourselves. Then we can gather up all the treasure that they missed in their rush to see everything first.

Like I said, it will be there when I get there.

I think it is a matter of priorities.

Lord Raveholdt assured me that my duties with the Uncrowned would not interfere with my duties with the Caravan, so the Caravan comes before the Uncrowned. Research and development affects my bottom-line, so it has a fairly high priority, but I can do that in my spare time. My first priority is, and always has been, to make money. So my business comes first.

And business has been good!


But when business is good, it does take away some time and requires reinvestment in supplies and storage.

Eventually, one comes to realize that even embersilk bags are not big enough, and you are going to need a lot more bank slots.

(( The face you make when you realize you can't carry all of the loot you just found. ))


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I have found a way to organize my gear such that I am able to pack my poison crafting supplies for traveling with the Caravan. It took a lot of trial and error, and I finally opted to stable my horse and use a Riverbeast instead. It isn't graceful in its movements like a horse, but it is large and capable of carrying the additional equipment.

In the process of said organization of gear, I found that over the years I have accumulated dozens of notebooks containing information that I use regularly to craft a wide variety of poisons. Packing a library of notes is not practical, so I began compiling my notes into one portable book, with plenty of empty pages for future notes.

A bit of a nostalgic find was my earliest notes taken when I was just an apprentice. Although they are very basic in nature, I included them for sentimental reasons.

I'll just leave a copy here and update it as I discover more.

Poison Categories and Types

There are two categories and two types of poisons.

The categories of poison refer to the active ingredients from which the toxin is made, both naturally and artificially. The categories are:

Chemical – includes mineral acids, volatile oils, and chemical compounds. (Chemical poisons cause physical damage and/or weakness.)

Biological – includes both plant toxins and animal venom. (Biological poisons usually cause Nature damage, however some are known to cause physical damage.)

The type of poison refers to its effect. The two types of poison are:


[Agonizing Poison] - Damage

[Deadly Poison] - Damage

[Wound Poison] – Damage + Reduced Healing


[Anesthetic Poison] – Dispels Rage

[Crippling Poison] – Slows Movement

[Mind-numbing Poison] – Slows Spell-casting

[Leeching Poison] – Reversed Healing Effect

[Paralytic Poison] – Prevents Movement (root), Stun at High Dose


Some of these poisons are no longer in demand, (and therefore no longer available), as they were shown to be inferior and often ineffective. However, they remain of interest to the serious poisoner. By looking at the type of poison and studying its effects, one can determine to which category the toxin belongs. Following this line of research often leads us to discovery of its ingredients, if they are currently unknown. Once the ingredients are known, a recipe can be determined. Recipes can then be altered to improve or enhance the final product.


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The crafting of poisons is akin to what the alchemist does in brewing potions, flasks and elixirs. The difference is that the alchemist focuses on the beneficial and enhancing effects of the product, whereas our interest lies in the detrimental and debilitating effects.

With this in mind, our first examination should be the common source of both professions: Herbs. While most herbs are harvested or cultivated for their alchemical properties, there are many that can be utilized for their poisonous properties. These include the following:


Poisonous Herbs

Bogblossom – A mushroom of Outland with sedative effects.

Bloodbloom – Found in the Valley of Four Winds, can be mixed with Cave Lily, Ghostcap and Violet Lichen to create a Wound Poison.

Cave Lily – Found in dark, damp caves in Valley of Four Winds. Used for Wound Poison.

Deathcap – A toxic cave fungus found in Darkshore.

Deathweed – A presumed extinct species that has a history of use in:

Dragonspine – Found near Blade's Edge Canyon with sedative and hallucinogenic effects.

Dreadshade – Found near Venomous Ledge in the Dread Wastes. A powerful deadly poison. Local wildlife are said to consume it and become quite venomous.

Fadeleaf – Common herb dried and crushed to make Blinding Powder.

Firebloom – Also called Fire Lily or Scorpidsting and flourishes in hot, arid terrain. The pollen and nectar burns skin on contact. Firebloom oil mixed with a catalyst is used for a searing hot oil applied to weapons. Firebloom oil interacts explosively with Goldthorn oil.

Fool's Cap – Also called Rain Poppy or Snow Lily, is a Pandarian mushroom that is toxic in raw form and in large quantity. The toxins dilute in hot water, so blanching is used to make the mushrooms edible.

Ghostcap – A cave fungus of the Valley of Four Winds, used in making wound poison.

Gloomweed – Formerly known as Northern Blueberry, found in dense forests of Tirisfal and Silverpine, possibly near Gilneas. Often mistaken for Doom Weed, Womb Weed, Broom Weed, or Doom Seed. It is quite toxic in moderate to high doses. Known to affect the heart.

Maiden's Anguish – A presumed extinct species that has a history of use in:


Marrowpetal – A water plant found in Stillwater Pond in Tirisfal Glades. Can be combined with Briny Sea Cucumbers and Xavren's Thorn to create a painful and virulent plaque. The imbiber is said to change into a ghoul and death follows shortly thereafter.

Muddlecap Fungus – From Drak'agal, near Argent Stand of Zul'Drak. Used as an ingredient for some mind-numbing poisons.

Murkweed – Found near Eldritch Heights in Dragonblight, and contains powerful toxins that cause instant loss of consciousness. It is said that this effect is so quick that the victim's spirit is fooled into thinking they are dead.

Musquash Root – Found near Loch Modan Dam in the Wetlands. Mixed with Tear of Tilloa creates a poisonous drink known as Blackclaw Stout. Tastes like any other stout but with a deadly kick.

Spideroot – Found west of Halfhill in the Valley of Four Winds. Used by local farmers as a weed killer.

Tear of Tilloa – Found near Mistmantle Manor in Duskwood. Mixed with Musquash Root to make a poisonous drink called Blackclaw Stout.

Violet Lichen – Found in high altitudes of the valley of Four Winds. Used in making wound poison.



Edited by Felonius Gallows
Unsuccessfully attempting to keep font size consistent. I epic failed.

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Other Reagents

Dust of Decay was used to make:

  • [Instant Poison]
  • [Instant Poison II]
  • [Mind-numbing Poison]

Essence of Pain was used to make:

  • [Wound Poison]
  • [Crippling Poison]
  • [Wound Poison II]

Essence of Agony was used to make:

  • [Crippling Poison] (II)
  • [Mind-numbing Poison] (III)
  • [Wound Poison] (III, IV, V)

Dust of Deterioration was used to make:

  • [Instant Poison] (III, IV, V, and VI)
  • [Mind-numbing Poison] (III)


Old-School Poison Recipe Materials

Crippling Poison – Made with an empty vial and an essence of pain.

Instant Poison – Made with a dust of decay and an empty vial.

Mind-numbing Poison – Made with a dust of decay, an essence of pain, and an empty vial.

Instant Poison II – Made with three dust of decay and a leaded vial.

Deadly Poison – Made with a deathweed and a leaded vial.

Wound Poison – Made with a deathweed, an essence of pain, and a leaded vial.

Instant Poison III – Made with a dust of deterioration and a leaded vial.

Deadly Poison II – Made with two deathweeds and a leaded vial.

Mind-numbing Poison II – Made with four dust of decay, four essence of pain, and a leaded vial.

Wound Poison II – Made with two deathweed, an essence of pain, and a leaded vial.

Instant Poison IV - Made with a crystal vial and two dust of deterioration.

Deadly Poison II – Made with three deathweeds and a crystal vial.

Wound Poison III – Made with a crystal vial, two deathweeds, and an essence of agony.

Crippling Poison II – Made with a crystal vial and three essence of agony.

Instant Poison V – Made with a crystal vial and three dust of deterioration.

Mind-numbing Poison III – Made with a crystal vial, two essence of agony, and two dust of deterioration.

These recipes can be found in any old textbook on the subject. My more favored and exotic poison recipes are kept encrypted and under lock and key. I won't be sharing those just yet.

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The following is a list of various known poisons for further research. Not all of these poisons are still available, nor are all of them used by Assassins. The fact that a poison is used by a scorpid or an Ogre does not mean it is not worthy of study.

Many of these are merely variations of a known poison, such as Crippling/Slowing/Paralytic/Paralyzing etc. Variations are obtained by altering the ingredients, varying the ratios of ingredients, or altering the processes of milling, drying, dilution, condensation, fermentation, etc.

Venom Poisons

Crippling Poison

Death Venom

Debilitating Poison

Impairing Poison

Infectious Bite

Mind-numbing Poison

Mucky Sludge

Necrotic Bite

Paralytic Poison

Paralyzing Poison

Poison Sting

Reckless Toxin


Chemical and Miscellaneous Poisons

Bloodboil Poison

Caustic Gas

Choking Dust

Concentrated Bile


Expunge Poison

Mauling Brew

Murky Secretion

Noxious Fumes

Noxious Poison

Poison Nova

Poison Spray

Slowing Poison


I have recently acquired a new slow poison. It is presumably an herbal concoction because it is used to poison food or drink. I purchased it from a colleague of mine, Spymaster Jenri. It is called Zanzil's Slow Poison and because it is new, it will require further research. Although the Spymaster is a Night Elf, the name "Zanzil" implies the poison might be of Troll origins. Of interest is that it is very slow, taking a week for its effects to become deadly. However, because it is new there is, as yet, no known cure.

It appears to be similar to Zanzil's Embrace which is a magical spell that causes poisoning. It too cannot be dispelled and is incurable. My contacts tell me there was a Troll by the name of Zanzil residing at Zul'Gurub, but I have yet to verify this for myself. It is also unknown if he can be bribed or otherwise coerced into sharing his recipe.

(( Huge OOC shout-out and thanks to all of the people who contribute to databases, forums, websites, blogs and guides on rogues, poisons, herbalism and alchemy in WoW. Your hard work made my research easy. THANK YOU! ))


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Just a few notes on lessons I've learned. I'll leave them here for any aspiring assassins:

1.  Stealth.
"If you can be seen, you can be attacked. If you can be attacked, you can be killed."
Regardless of your goals in life, very few of them can be accomplished from the graveyard.

2.  Choose Wisely.
"Never fight a battle you can't win."
Choose your battles carefully. Watch and wait, if necessary.
If a fight goes badly for you, it is better to vanish and live, than to die at the hands of your enemy.

3.  Awareness.
"Quick and quiet. Avoid the riot."
Battlefields are chaos. People engaged in battle are focused on their enemies.
Use this to your advantage. If they are focused on something else, you can slip by them, or behind them if they are your target.
Always be aware of your surroundings and never let your enemy be aware of you... until it is too late for them.
Slip in, get the job done and slip out. BUT, before you go, be sure to look around carefully.
I have found so much treasure just sitting in a corner that no one took the time to notice.

4.  Agility.
"Your body only moves as fast as you can think."
Be agile in body and mind. Be agile, hostile and mobile... always.
Know what you can and cannot do, then train yourself to achieve the unachievable.
Pickpocket your target before you slice them. You never know what they are carrying.
Got a cliff you can't climb? A target hovering in the air? Shadowstep might get you there.
Got a tough target you can't tank? Your target is surrounded by unfriendlies? Throw your poisoned dagger, vanish, and repeat.

5.  Position.
"Where you are located in relation to others can be a very useful tool."
Attacking from behind prevents your attacks from being dodged or parried. From the side, you can see who they are attacking or if they have help coming.
But Position does not only apply in a fight.
High ground provides opportunities to observe. Low places can provide cover and concealment.
This does not only apply to a battlefield. It applies to position in society such as guilds and groups (raids, etc.). Think about this. Often.

6.  Opportunity.
Like choosing your battles, you will also choose opportunities. Opportunities to kill an enemy; to acquire wealth, reputation, connections.
Your weapons are your tools and you will use different weapons for each opportunity.
"Always use your weapons." Anything can be a weapon -- it may be a dagger, a guild, a piece of information, a trade supplier, or a king.
Use them as needed.
Remember, YOUR goals are more important than anyone else's.

7.  Self-Preservation.
"You are the most important thing in your life. Protect it at all costs. Without you, you have no life."
It is very noble of those who believe in dying for a cause, but it is foolishness.
Their death really changed nothing in the World. Dead, they can do nothing more to make the changes that they died to make.
"A martyr is a hero that didn't make it."

8.  Allies.
"Your reputation / integrity must never be questioned."
Face it, you are a Rogue. People WILL distrust you. But the idea that "there is no honor among thieves"
Just because we work to come out ahead in every situation does not mean we do not honor an obligation.
"Honor any agreement you make, or don't make the agreement." This goes for ransoms, trade deals, or any other agreement.
Those that you choose to be your friends, colleagues, partners, and connections must KNOW beyond all doubt that your word is good.
They must KNOW beyond all doubt that they can count on you when they need you. Otherwise you are as worthless as a martyr.


Edited by Felonius Gallows
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Many years ago, I was a privateer with the Red Blade Corsairs.

After my... "accident"... I was unconscious for a very long time. During that time, there was some kind of falling out, and the Admiral of the Red Blades supposedly sailed off with one of our ships. I don't know the whole story, Tuuroto was there so I could ask him, but there are some things that I do know:

I had been doing some covert operations work with SI:7, reporting directly to Mathias Shaw in Stormwind.
I had trained as an agent at Ravenholdt Manor under Lord Joran Ravenholdt.

As a Taskmaster of the Red Blade Corsairs, I had been working toward developing a relationship with the Bloodsail Buccaneers of Stranglethorn. The Red Blade Corsairs were interested in acquiring more ships and crews to expand our network. We thought the Bloodsails might be able to help us.
http://wow-tng.org/forums/topic/21619-a-rogues-workbook-felonius-t-gallows/?do=findComment&comment=377717 )

I have never known of any connection between SI:7 and the Bloodsails. I am also unaware of SI:7 or the Bloodsails being involved in the falling out that occurred within the Red Blade Corsairs.

Fast forward to present day.

I was on an assignment for The Uncrowned in Dalaran. An SI:7 agent had been murdered in the Hall of Shadows, and Lord Ravenholdt asked me to investigate the matter before SI:7 suspected involvement by The Uncrowned. Simple matter. No problem.

During my investigation, I was told to meet Fleet Admiral Tethys in Citrine Bay. Fleet Admiral Tethys (Bloodsail Buccaneers) is, like myself, a current member of The Uncrowned, under the leadership of Lord Ravenholdt.

I get to Citrine Bat and Admiral Tethys points out a few pirate ships... one of them named "Red Blade" and crewed by "Corsairs".


Now, this ship is definitely not the same ship that our Admiral sailed away with. That ship was a different ship altogether and was called the "Stormrunner'. But I still have to wonder, "is there some connection here?"

I continue my investigation and things just get curiouser and curiouser:



I tried to get some answers from Admiral Tethys, but that guy has a one-track mind... I think he forgot that we were investigating a murder.
I guess he had different priorities.


I will have to speak with Tuuroto in private about this. Maybe he can shed some light on it for me. (The connections between all these groups, not the rum.)


Edited by Felonius Gallows

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