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Name - Callistrate Valek

Status - Blood Death Knight, Human Alliance

Temperament - Mildly Social, Occasionally Maniacal

Specialties - Melee, Close Quartered Combat - Magic Defense

Weaknesses - Ranged Combat

Callistrate is a short human death knight, roughly 5'3. Her body is covered with scars, which suggests a rather macabre series of past events. Rather self conscious of this, she tends to keep herself covered entirely - other then the head, which is unblemished for the most part. She has a mutant strain of the plague which is non communicable, and kept in check for the most part with medications. Her eyes are yellow, and she tends to have crimson eyeliner and lipstick - casting a strange appearance.

Her personality is unusual in the fact that despite her morbid influences - she tends to be pleasant towards others; and is actually quite fun to be around. At times she even has a clownish personality, and enjoys causing trouble. Other times she is quiet, as she can be very bitter - struggling with some inner demons that are very literal, due to her father being a warlock. During those haunting times she tends to push others away, preferring privacy.

For the most part she prefers solitude, and only seeks out social encounters when the mood strikes. Throughout her life, her focus has always been combat based in some way or another as it's a good outlet for rage and other destructive energies. Callistrate is very active in the war between the Alliance and Horde - both in sanctioned battlegrounds and in random attacks throughout Azeroth. If asked, the only reason she will give for this is atonement - though for what is usually not said.

As for her combat style, Callistrate was once a warrior that specialized in taking damage and winning battles through longevity. For a time, she served the Lich King - and once infected by the plague, some damage was done to her brain which both affected her personality and made her physical coordination get screwy, making her less effective as a warrior and unable to rely on purely physical means in combat. Becoming a death knight helped to fill this gap, and along with some reinforcement in black magic that she learned from her (now deceased) father; she was able to develop a hybrid style of physical ability and sorcery. She also makes use of the undead.

She is very interested in the necromancy that she was exposed to in her time of servitude to the Lich King, and can often be seen reading detailed books on the matter. She raises the dead frequently and experiments with them, attempting to restore their humanity and memories - which has been unsuccessful for the most part. Her house in Duskwood, which is basically a slum - usually has a lot of zombies in it. They keep her company, and protect her as well.

She seems particularly fond of night elves, finding them to be fascinating and endlessly entertaining creatures. Often she will be found in Darnassus, mingling among them and enjoying their mischievous antics. She is biased towards them, and will often do favors to help the young ones.

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