TRP2 + XPerl - How to make them work!

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If you use Total RP 2 and a unit frames mod such as XPerl, you may have noticed that you're not able to view your target's states nor have the 'view profile' info button.

To fix this in Xperl, /trp2 show to bring up the TRP2 menu.

Click the blue screwdriver button that says 'settings' when you mouse over it. Click on the yellow-gold colored button that says 'Button Settings' when you mouse over it.

You will see two text fields that say 'TargetFrame'. If you use XPerl, update these to XPerl_Target. You will need to adjust the X,Y properties of the button with the associated sliders.

If you do not use XPerl, follow the instructions below the line.

TADA! TRP2 now works with your unitframe mod.

If you use a different mod to control your unit frames and would like to find out what to anchor the buttons to, you can download the mod MoveAnything - Install this mod, and log in with it turned on.

When you press esc to bring your default menu up, it will have an appended button below the default menu, 'MoveAnything'. Clicking it will bring up a menu. Across the top of this new window are little check boxes. Check 'FS'. Now, when you hover over a frame, it will tell you the names of every frame involved. Mouse over your target frame and figure out, either from obvious naming, or trial and error, which frame is your actual target. Use that name with the same instructions above to anchor your TRP2 buttons to your target frame.

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