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Murue Bluehammer

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Full Name: Murue (pronounced Muh-roo-ay) Bluehammer


Date of Birth: Sometime in Late July(Exact Date unknown)

Age: 61

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Hair: Thick Fiery Red with twinges of Bronze. It has Dulled and begun to show signs of Gray

Skin: Tan

Eyes: Dark Bluish Grey, almost Black

Height: 4' exactly

Weight: 190 lbs without prosthesis

Place of residence: Thelsamar, Loch Modan

Place of Birth: Somewhere in Loch Modan on the road to Ironforge

Known Relatives: Kurgun Bluehammer (grandfather(deceased)), Darvis Bluehammer (father, deceased), Gadryon Bluehammer (elder brother(deceased)), Mallana Silverbrew (mother(deceased))

Religion/Philosophy: A fervent believer that there is good in the world no matter where one turns. He follows the Light, but does not use its name in times of war or vengeance. Ultimately believes Vengeance, Justice, and Honor must give way to Mercy, Compassion, and Understanding eventually.

Occupation: Soldier and Demolitionist

Group/Guild affiliation: The Dusk Watch

Guild Rank: Lieutenant

Enemies: Enemies of the Alliance

Likes: "A hard day travelled lad. A warm smile on a bonnie lass and snow giving way ter green grass. Ter go to bed ah' nigh and wake up to findin yerself at home, welcome by friends an family. A blue sky and a nice calm peaceful life. Them's worth fightin fer. Na land or politics er who deserves wha'. A fine pint er two migh be nice as well..."

Favorite Foods: Prefers Variety, from spicy to sweet to bitter to bland. He'll try anything at least once.

Favorite Drinks: As with food, Murue prefers a grand selection of drinks(mostly alcoholic).

Favorite Colors: Blue

Weapons of Choice: The Azure Hammer, a Large Maul once wielded by a great Paladin. Its name comes from the sky blue head that glows with power in the hands of a noble warrior. Explosives, oh boy, Explosives

Dislikes: Dishonesty, Ignorance, and Violence for the sake of violence

Hobbies: Explosives Craft, A nice long journey, and preparing for Brewfest

Physical Features: Your average dwarf by many accounts, Murue's only noticeable marking's are a notch in his left ear from a first encounter with a Horde expedition in Ironforge and a blue tattoo just above his right eye that runs down his cheek and neck(marking a relation to the Wildhammer clan).  Many of these marks are completely covered over by deep scars along his face, neck, shoulders and arms that glow with tainted magic from the void.  His left arm has been destroyed entirely. It appears to have been wounded by some form of foul magic but also the tell tale scorch marks of his own explosive hobbies.  His right leg likewise is gone, though it seems to have been taken through far more physical and barbaric means.  Steam and smoke billowing mechanical prosthetics have replaced both.

Special Abilities: Even for a dwarf, Murue can drink a lot of beer. Murue claims himself not a warrior, but a soldier. He prefers team based tactics and skills in combat. The dwarf is also an accomplished explosives expert and moderate engineer. "If push came ter shove, I can always drive them away with me singin. Aye it's tha bad."

Positive Personality Traits: Lighthearted, Willing to aid those in need, Courageous(...)

Negative Personality Traits: (...)to the point of Going even Beyond his Ability to Help.  Stubborn and unyielding in his own ideas of justice and morality.

Misc. Quirks: Snores like a Goblin built chainsaw on the brink of exploding, is fairly unlucky yet seems to usually escape nearly unscathed, has a knack for cooking

Played by What Famous Person:

Theme Songs: Be Still and Know by Machine Head


Murue's life began and maintained itself as fairly plain throughout his childhood and early years. While his father tried to instill the values and life of a blacksmith, his grandfather told him tales of the first war of Azeroth and of great warriors of the light. A great amount of time was spent amidst the elder dwarf and a strong sense of justice and a wish for battle grew in Murue. The second war came though, and Murue's grandfather joined the expedition to Outland and vanished amongst those who were trapped there. Murue continued to dream of becoming a hero, but began to stray from the path set before him. When the gates to this world were reopened and those thought lost returned, Kurgun was not among them. Lost they would say if they knew of the old paladin. Lost and alone. Not as wise or as faithful as his grandfather Kurgun, Murue became a soldier seeking to join the defenders of his homelands within the divisions of the Mountaineers.

An incident involving a goat, a gnome, frostmane trolls, and a great deal of spilled ale during his training ended this dream though. While his intentions and actions were good and the defeat of the trolls was a sign of prowess, the loss of so much ale was considered an issue of moderate concern. While somber at his failure, a mountaineer trainer told Murue of another opportunity. A group of warriors known as the Dusk Watch who patrolled not just lands ruled by dwarves but all of Azeroth in aid of the peoples of the Alliance.

Murue has returned from a personal journey and conflict. The battle robbed him of his one arm and has left numerous wounds. He will not speak of it beyond the basics. The full truth is bizarre and unnerving he claims. The Azurehammer still rests in his hands, though he once more returns to shield and sword he once preferred. Upon returning to the Dusk Watch, Murue was saddened to learn of the dishonor that had befallen but the militia but still staunchly defends it, bearing its colors proudly.

After being trapped on Draenor like so many others, Murue joined the Dusk Initiative in order to push back the Iron Horde and beat them back after the loss of so many lives.  Things remained as they were, serving as a Lieutenant and heading up raids and small team missions against the orcs.  His untimely luck found him though on a doomed mission.  Most were slain outright as the group succumb to ambush.  A small handful were taken prisoner and given to the warlocks under Gul'dan.  From here they were transferred back through to Azeroth and eventually the Broken Shore.  Whether it was luck or cruelty or any number of possibilities, Murue was not killed.  Tortured and scarred in testing the darkest forms of magic, he was kept weak and caged.  That is until another captive, a goblin, was able to slip the dwarf a knuckleduster and a solid potion.

Murue's escape and freeing of a number of other prisoners is a tale to be told but not here.

After the escape and eventual rescue by Alliance led forces, Murue returned home.  Not to rest, but to report back to the Dusk Watch and prepare for the conflicts to come.

Edited by Murue

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Full Name: Stu the Rabbit

Nicknames: Stu

Date of Birth: ???

Age: ??

Race: Snowshoe Hare

Gender: Male

Hair: White

Skin: ?

Eyes: Blackish

Height: 8inches

Weight: 5 or 6 Pounds

Place of residence: On the Open Road

Place of Birth: Dun Morogh

Known Relatives: ?

Religion/Philosophy: ?

Occupation: Trusty Sidekick

Group/Guild affiliation: Murue's Companion/The Dusk Watch

Guild Rank: WatchRabbit?

Enemies: ???

Likes: Carrots, Travel, Attention Garnered by adventurers while travelling with Murue

Favorite Foods: Vegetables

Favorite Drinks: Water

Favorite Colors: ?

Weapons of Choice: None(I'm warning you! He's got huge sharp....he can leap about |_o_|....LOOK AT THE BONES!)

Dislikes: Hunters, Hungry Horde members, Predatory Animals, Hungry Alliance Members, Hungry Worgen

Hobbies: Following an explosive making dwarf into battle

Physical Features: It's a fluffy white rabbit

Special Abilities: Almost Incomprehensible Good Luck, though after one lucky shot, Murue had a special barding made for Stu for adding protection

Positive Personality Traits: Hops back and forth when excited or happy, Gets along with other animals when they don't try to eat him

Negative Personality Traits: Has been known to bite when aggravated

Misc. Quirks: Has been known to leave 'bombs' in the living spaces, lairs, and homes of individuals he doesn't like

Played by What Famous Person: Errr...

Theme Songs:

History: He just started to follow Murue one day. There seems to be nothing magical or divine about him. Murue himself did not name Stu though. The name came up one night at Bruuks when a gathering of Watchman. As ironic as it may seem, the name stuck and the rabbit still evades the cookpots of any who have tried.]

Stu was left behind when Murue left and for a long time was seen running around, travelling between Ironforge and Stormwind by sneaking onto the tram. None have seen the peculiar rabbit in months though.

((Im drawing Stu too don't worry))

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