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For the Crimson Lord! (( Open RP ))

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Something foul was afoot. She had been feeling it for the past week, the subtle notion in the back of her mind that something wasn't right, the slight raising of the hairs along her neck when nobody was around. Something was happening, and it was driving her mad that she did not know what.

Barke shrugged slightly, glancing at her from where he was seated to her left. They looked out over the ruins of Eldre'thalas. "Ah been feelin' it to," he answered her question. "Like someone's watchin' meh."

Xelthan, standing on her right side, eased his sword in it's scabbard. "Zis feeling, iht iz noht natural... iht iz noht eyes vatching us. Iht iz somezing more."

Kurohane nodded with a sigh, leaning forward to prop her elbows on her knees and rest her chin in her hands. "Think we should mention it to the Blades? Maybe someone might have a clue what's going on."

Her husband shrugged, glancing out to where two ogres were wandering past, unaware of the elves perched above them.

Barke remained stoically silent. He hadn't followed them when they joined the Blades of Lordaeron. It was the first time he hadn't followed them since they had met. She supposed that was answer enough to the question she'd just posed.

Sighing, she leaned back, resting her weight on her hands behind her. "We can't simply remain silent about this forever. We don't know what this is, who it is, or for what purpose it is happening."

"We've handle things on our own before," Barke finally said, giving his own swords a pat. She cast a sharp frown in his direction that he deemed not to notice.

"Ihf ve geht in over our heads, ve can alvays call ohn our allies," Xelthan added.

Her frown turned to him and she shook her head, glancing between the two rogues. "But something is different about this! There's something off about th--"

The Huntress's sudden silence drew the eyes of the two rogues first to her, then along her gaze to the Eye of Kilrogg just behind the tree to their right. They didn't have time to merge with the shadows. Fire erupted all around them, flying up from the ground and falling from the sky, searing the men's leather and turning her chain mail into a scalding garment of pain.

Coughing for air, she rolled out of the blaze and stumbled to her feet. Xelthan and Barke were right beside her, the three of them clutching at scalded flesh, eyes darting around for the assailants.

An eerie calm filled the surrounding jungle as her mind cleared from the initial shock. That had been two clearly recognizable spells. There was a warlock and mage in the area.

No sooner did the realization come to her, then they emerged from behind trees and foliage, the bright red and gold tabards of the Crimson Watch proudly displayed upon their breasts. Her lips pulled back in a sneer. Redburn and Goreck. Her bow snapped up into place, arrow aiming carefully at the decaying mage, as the two rogues vanished from even her sights.

The orcish warlock grinned and the knife she had not seen coming slid with disturbing ease through her chain mail and into the tender flesh of her lower back. For the first time she could recall in a long time, fear edged into her heart.

"Hellho, Kurohane," Yomi hissed in her ear, twisting the blade, the decay of her forsaken form filling the huntress's nose. She couldn't move. She couldn't speak. "Gudbah, Kurohane." The knife wrenched up, opening her back to her shoulder blade. The undead rogue slid it across to the other shoulder, dug it in and then ripped it down. "Wings give for angel."

Cackling, the undead rogue turned, letting her drop to a heap on the ground, unable to move, and sprinted towards Xelthan. In what seemed an instant, in what lasted for eternity, Kurohane lay helpless on the ground, her precious blood leaking into the soft soil, as she watched the three burn, rip and torture her husband and best friend to death, even as they fought to bring their attackers down with them.

As the two undead and the orc stood over the collapsed forms of the three elves, Kurohane silently prayed, begged, to Elune for some form of salvation. This wasn't how things were supposed to end. This wasn't how things were supposed to go. She would have sobbed if she had still had control of her body.

Distantly, she was aware of Yomi approaching her, rolling her body over. Dimly, she noted that the grass and soil grinding into the open wounds on her back were causing indescribable pain. She wondered why she didn't feel it, only knew it was there.

The undead rogue pulled her dagger out again and carefully cut the Blade's tabard off of the Huntress. Something bitter rose in Kuro's heart - it was what she had done to Yomi, so long ago. Eye for an eye. Blood for blood. Trophy for trophy. Kurohane would have laughed from the irony, but she knew now that her body was beyond her reach. Redburn was smiling down at her now. He lowered his hand to her waist. What was he doing? She was vaguely aware of her chain mail raising to expose her stomach. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Yomi bend down to her husband and sink her teeth into him. Anger flared and she fought against the pull that was lulling her away from her own form. Don't you dare touch him, filth! Get away from him!

But no sooner did the thoughts blaze across her mind than a new sort of searing pain erupted in her very being. The orc was standing over her now. Hadn't he just been standing over Barke? Purple magic streamed from his hands and she felt the pain growing by the second, felt herself being pulled from that calm pull and forced in a new direction.

And then it was over. There were no more thoughts. No more feelings. Nothing.


A letter by way of the Feathermoon Stronghold arrived at the Blades of Lordaeron's guild hall the next day, addressed to Celethorn Greyhame. In it, the sentinels reported their findings. Kurohane and Xelthan Ravenveil, with their companion Barke Draeth, had been found dead near Dire Maul. What had not been eaten of their bodies were covered in burn marks - only their faces had been left whole, assumably so that they could be recognized. The note's greatest concern, however, was the mark of the Crimson Lord branded by magical fire into each of their abdomens.

(( Thanks for an incredible year, TN. There's a lot of you we'll miss, but it's time to move on. Much love to you all. ))

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((I am flabbergasted (although ecstatic that I got a chance to use that word). What brought upon the sudden urge to leave? And, if possible....join us! xD Seriously though, I'm very interested in knowing how this came to be!))

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(( Just not really enjoying the server anymore, honestly. I've been burned out here for months now - the only thing that really kept me going was when I started raiding with ED... but we simply decided to start anew elsewhere. If you want contact info to keep in touch with us, send me a PM and I'll get it to ya. Of course, some of you already have that, even if you're always "away" on AIM. *pokes her two loverly undeads* ))

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((Hey, we're always away, but we're hardly ever actually away. Keeps the solicitors at bay xD

And again, as a suggestion you could try the server Hordeside. That's three less RPers on the Alliance now, we may be the last bastion of hope!))

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"It is done." Redburn announces to the gathered members of The Crimson Watch. "As with all things done in the name of The Crimson Lord, those actions that take time and require patience are always the most rewarding"

Unfolding the bloody tabards once worn by Kurohane and Xelthan, Redburn hangs them up on the wall of the guild hall. "Let these hang here as an example to all who would defy The Crimson Lord and his chosen warriors. The Crimson Watch never forgets. We shall avenge every misdeed done to us, even if we must wait a millinium."

As Redburn exits the hall, he looks back and whispers, "Three have fallen. Many more to go....."

((lots of love to you and yours Kuro. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and crossing paths. Enjoy the new server and who knows, on the times TN is down, or when I get a little bored, you may get a whisper in the dark ))

((PS..Sorry Zust, Morghoul is still not back, but Yomi has come back to the Crimson Side :P))

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"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Sanrin screamed as his hand clenched tightly around the young Goblins throat.

He barely gave the Goblin enough time to realize his demise was only second away as the paladin took the time and effort to kill the messenger. He couldnt believe it, refused to. It was impossible for him to consider.

Kurohane dead.


Murdered by Yomi.

Yomi...Yomi...Yomi...Yomi...Yomi... Sanrins mind buzzed, he could see her. She was so close...returning again to tinker with his life...ruin the few things he loved. Again the watch would push into the mechanics of things...

He couldnt cry, a tear would never grace his cheek nor glaze his eye. He sat, holding his head as he felt the pain sink in, embraced it. He felt the world around him sink slightly, ignored the stares that dropped upon him in Booty Bay, the Tauren bartenders curious stare weighing down on the clearly disturbed paladin.

"I'll kill you..." he muttered to himself, almost unable to hold back his laughter as the bartender approached him slowly.

He'd start burning apart the world if he had to, to find her killer. To find Yomi again. He turned slowly to face the approaching Tauren, a slow smile spreading across his face as he stood slowly.

"I'll start here."

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(haha, you dont know too much about sanrins past bucko! I just recently gave Vilmah the rundown, its pretty easy to see how he could break down pretty quick. <3 kuro, ill always miss ya, and be here for ya when ya need!)

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*Skyze looks at the small parchment with the news of the three's death written on it, and spits bitterly*

"Yomi? We've been waiting for months to take them, and Yomi get's the honor? What a shame. I wish I could have been there."

(( Much <3 Kuro, you'll definately be missed here. At least visit us here at TNG sometimes! ))

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Nouri was making his way out of Stormwind Park when the dizziness came over him.

Swiftly he grabbed for a nearby rock border and settled himself down into the grass and waited. He didn't have to wait long. His vision blurred and broke up into the familiar swirling colors that preceded one of his clairvoyant "episodes".

A panther stalked its prey, a panther of deep violet, with only 1 eye. Behind the panther watched a stag and a doe. A stag of dark indigo and the doe a bright lavender. They were not the panther's prey. The panther readied to pounce.

Then the world erupted in flame. Out of the flame emerged a pack of crimson wolves, eyes blazing with fire and wrath. They set upon the panther, searing its fur and tearing into its flesh. The stag and doe made ready to defend themselves, but from behind a wolf tore into the doe's hindquarters, hamstringing it. It floundered and could only watch in horror as the wolves swarmed her mate, the stag. It went down under a writhing mass of crimson teeth.

They circled the doe, who remained helpless. Defiance showing in its eyes, yet in vain. Taking their time the wolves leered at the doe in its peril. Then they set onto her. In moments it was over.

The pack gathered over the coprses of the panther, the stag and the doe and howled their unholy triumph.

Mists swirled..

Light. Blazing cleasing Light. Within the light, a womans's face, shining with silver luminescence. 3 doves take flight, they circle for a time, then as one head towards the face in the light. The face smiles with a warm, welcoming embrace...

With a start Nouri returns to himself. He is sitting in the grass with his back to the stone wall. Slowly the details of his vision organize themselves. Tears unbidden start to stream down his cheeks. There was no mistaking the meaning of this one.

Pulling out his goblin communicator, he flips it on and calls out over the dead crackle of static.

" Barke.. you there? Xelthan? Come in.. " hiss... crackle.. " Kurohane...? "

After an hour of repeated, unanswered calls.. Nouri turns off the transmitter. He remained there in the park, sitting in silence, for the rest of the night. Alone.

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"You're sure, then?"

The words hung motionless in the silent air of the room, a nod from the masked figure before Daedraug the only answer to be found. So much of his attention had been drained by Netherlyn's return and Angron's foolishness that he had not so much as given a thought to the once-Ogema or her companions. The fact that his man recognized them on the road and later heard the news was the only reason he had even come to know of it all so soon.

Daedraug pulled down his mask, suddenly finding it too hard to breathe. A melancholy wave ran through him, and his mind ricocheted against the walls of his skull, not sure which direction to veer. The others would need him. They would need to know, and many would take it hard. Somehow, through all of it - a credit to her charisma, he supposed - there was a wealth of love to be found among the Tirisfalen for their old leader. Daedraug himself had no real idea of how he should feel. At once there was the bitter taste of being all too right in predictiing that her departure would leave her too vulnerable; beside it, the tugging at his heart threatning to grow so strong it might rend in two.

For Barke and Xelthan there was no sadness, for men in their line of work - in Dae's as well - understood that upon meeting eachother you accept the inevitability of fate. Dealers in death are destined to lose a hand one day. But there was a time when Daedraug would have said he loved her, though how true his words would have been he would never know. Still, somewhere between infatuation and zealotrous loyalty his heart had attached itself to her, and even the abandonment of recent could not completely sever the ties.

Letters were sent over the next day, and time eventually led his allies to gather at the inn they had called home for so long. The ghosts of the past seemed to seat themselves among the living as smiles and greetings flowed freely amongst the ignorant. Daedraug stood silently on the balcony above it all until he was sure that all who could arrive had done so. His steps down the stair way were heavy and paced, the march of a soul to a place it does not want to go. Questions flew through friendly lips, some through smirks and others through faces of concern. All eyes stopped dancing when they saw him raise his head. The words came out in a voice that seemed someone else's.

There was an attack yesterday near Dire Maul...

Crimson Watch...we're sure of it. They made certain all would know.

The Blades received word today from Feathermoon...there's no real room for doubt with that.

I called you all here because...well...I wanted you to hear it from one of us, not someone else.

I know we all have our own feelings after all this time and all that's happened...

Many of you may need all your friends to lean in this time.

Xelthan and Barke were found dead. All the bodies were too far gone for faith or spirits to intervene.

Kurohane was with them as well.

She is gone.

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Laron recieves a letter as he is greeting guests.


I apologize. I will not be able to attend your wedding, though I wish you and your's the best. Something foul is afoot... I mean to find what it is this weekend.


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Upae was thoroughly enjoying the game. They were not really being serious about it, both being Cenarion druids, but the Tauren was definitely trying his best to get the upper hand in the cat and mouse game the two played in that little valley in the Stonetalon Mountains.

Upae doubled back twice to foul the tauren's pursuit. Around and around they stalked each other, hittiing each other with the occasional playful swipe when opportunity presented itself.

There he was! Sniffing about her trail from a few minutes ago. And he was conveniently positioned upwind. Slowly Upae crept forward, ever watchful of her steps and keeping the tauren/cat in her sights at all times. Just a little further and she would be in pouncing range. A success here would earn her the winning point in their game.

Then the wave came over her. Apprehension, fear, sorrow. A flood of emotion without a source. She hesitated, and involutarily let out a gasp. The tauren whirled imediately and saw his predicament. He crouched, waiting for the impending attack. When it didn't come he lept at Upae himself, knocking her prone and pinning her to the ground. He let our a roar of triumph at having won the game. Then he dismounted her and sat to look at her quizzically. She hadnt resisted, hadn't moved a muscle.

Releasing cat form the tauren prodded her with is massive hand. Upae lay still in the grass. She shifted to her kaldorei form, but remained lying on the ground, arms wrapped around herself. She was crying.

The tauren was completely gone from Upae's thoughts. Instead she was overwhelmed with a sense of terrible loss and pain, but for what reason she could not say. A sudden sensation of weight around her neck had her clawing at her bosom. It was as if a pendant was just dropped there, a familar feel, but there was nothing .

She lay there crying, her body shaking in grief. The tauren sat and watched her in confusion and sympathy, rising only occasionally to chase away basilisks that drew too close, attracted by the sound.

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It was a short note. Nothing more need be said really. A well-meaning druid from Moonglade had sent it, knowing his former pupil would want to know. Alucian wasn't sure if he did.

The note had found him in Stonetalon, where he'd been helping the small pocket of druids protect the quickly dwindling forest from the relentless saws and axes of the Venture Company. Once the words contained in the letter passed through his consciousness, all his surroundings disappeared.


Kurohane, Xelthan, and Barke were found dead in Dire Maul. The Crimson Watch is being blamed.

I'm sorry.

Alucian sank to his knees, the parchment fluttering in the light wind. The Crimson Watch. He remembered fighting Yomi alongside Kurohane, alongside Xelthan.

It was all a dream. It had to be. A sick, twisted nightmare of a dream. There's no way they could be dead...they were too strong, too cunning, too quick to be caught up like that.

A horrid image played out in Alucian's mind. The three night elves, broken on the ground. Kurohane reaching to the sky, pleading for help. Pleading for anyone to protect them. Screaming his name in anguish.

Alucian shook his head, squeezing his eyes tight. How could he have been so blind? How could he have so solidly and completely let everyone down, all over again? He should have been there, should have been strong enough. He was strong enough, once. And now...reduced by his own foolishness, he couldn't even fight a pup of an orc without fearing for his life.

The warrior shifted forward, his forehead thunking on the side of the mailbox. How could this have happened...

Later that night, a note zoomed off toward its intended recipient.


Kuro, Xel and Barke are dead.

I need time to think.

I need time.


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