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Nanori Gustblade

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Basic Information

Just a blurb before we get into Nanori's sheet. IC'ly Nanori is a ranger. In game wise she is BOTH a Hunter and Rogue (I have two characters named Nanori, and Nanorii for those without TRP). When I play this in character, Nanori carries only one or the other of her types of weaponry. It is always stated in her TRP information what type of weapons she is carrying on a given day. You can find information on the cross class characters I play on the website in my signature.

Link to Active Armory:

Full Name: Nanori Gustblade formerly Windstalker

Nicknames: Nano

Date of Birth: December 28th

Age: 130

Race: Sin'dorei

Gender: Female

Known Relatives: Kailei Windstalker (Sister), Maryella Windstalker (Mother Deceased), Nolan Windstalker (Father Deceased), Selash Gustblade (Husband), Kahlan Gustblade (Adopted daughter), Darynthis Bloodsworn (Cousin)

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City

Place of residence: Eversong Woods

Religion: She does not believe in any higher powers…even though her sister was a paladin.

Languages: Thalassian, Orcish, Darnassian


Hair: Bright Red

Skin: Tan white skin

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'6"

Weight: Slender and Fit

Noteable Physical Features:

-Shoulder length straight hair

-Scar vertically over her right eye, wears an eye-patch if her head is uncovered

Armor and Weaponry: She wears mostly red and black armor either leather or mail at the heaviest for armor. Even then the mail she wears is heavily oiled so it doesn't make a sound while she is out hunting her marks. She doesn't normally wear a lot of jewelry, but the jewelry she does wear is simple and understated, a small gold band around her right wrist, and simple earrings.

Personality and Social Aspects

Personality: Nano can be kind of on the rough side of things. Short responses and gruff to people she doesn’t know or trust. To those she knows and trusts she can open up and talk more freely about herself and what is going on with her. She has gotten better as of late, however she is still on the distrustful side of people she doesn't know all that well.

Group/Guild affiliation: The Eversong Elite

Occupation: Fishing, exploring the world, killing the Alliance. You know, the stuff Nano considers normal. Also she is a skilled enchanter and jewelcrafter, and enjoys making jewelry for her friends and family.

Special Abilities: Nanori is really good at fishing, she’s excellent at sneaking around and has become quite the established thief (even though she REALLY doesn’t NEED to steal) and assassin. Her stealth skills make her nearly undetectable when she’s trying to hide. She is also a bounty hunter in training thanks to Selash.

Likes: She actually enjoys being out and about in the wilderness. Open skies, deep forests, earthy places like that she is happiest. Both her family manor and the home of Selash Gustblade are now some of her favorite places on Azeroth.

Dislikes: Really feminine things, she hates dressing up for parties and Silvermoon even though it is home, she is EXTREMELY uncomfortable there surrounded by silk and plush cushions. But she is making an effort as of late for her family.

Favorite Colors: Red, Gold, and Black


-Calystae Ba'Lorre

-Orest Blint

-Urivial Beckett

Theme Songs:

-You're Mine by Disturbed

-Battle Born by Five Finger Death Punch

-Double Life by We as Human

-Daughters of Darkness by Halestorm

-Red Light by Hollow Point Heroes

-Forgive and Forget by The Animal in Me



Nanori's the one on the left. ((Art by Akula))


Prior to and During Vanilla & BC:

Nanori the elder of the two Windstalker sisters was born several years ago to Champion Maryella Windstalker, and Ranger Captain Nolan Windstalker. Born before the Scourge's attack on Silvermoon, her childhood for several years was happy and full of love from her parents. Several years after Nanori was born her mother gave birth to Kailei her sister.

The two sisters were nearly inseparable, playing together under the watchful eye of their parents. However, their happy little world was soon shattered as the Scourge attacked their home city. Nanori's father Nolan, gave Nanori his bow, and told the children to run...and run they did, Nanori glancing back over her shoulder to briefly see her mother and father fighting back to back, and eventually getting overwhelmed by the Scourge armies...Tears in her eyes, Nanori lead Kailei to safety. They met up with other refugees from the city, and waited out the battle.

Several years later, Nanori would bring Kailei back to the city, her younger sister would enlist in the Blood Knights...wanting to honor their mother, and Nanori well she had chosen to honor her father, who's bow she still carried to this day. For the first time in years...the sisters went on separate paths.

Nanori trained hard under the watchful eyes of the hunter trainers...she learned how to communicate with beasts and tame them. Nanori also trained herself to travel under the noses of her targets, she spoke with several rogues, and even some of the rangers gaining valuable information that would prove worthwhile to her in the future. Over the years she had several pets, however she has bonded the closest with Ookami, Tora and Kumo. Ookami was a wounded wolf that was near starved when she found her out in Dragonblight. She nursed the wolf back to health, and they were fast friends. Tora she has only recently traveled with, she found the cat in the deserts of Uldum, Tora having lost her mate to some bigger beastie, bonded with Nanori easily. Kumo she found while traveling to Fenris Keep.

These are her closest friends outside of her allies, and she would trust any of the beasts with her life. In fact Ookami had probably saved her life in Hellfire Peninsula.


Before Nanori joined the Grim, she had given up the fight against the armies of the Alliance, and the armies of the Lich King, and she had TRIED to live a peaceful life, just roaming the world. She had stopped for the night in a cave in Hellfire Pennisula. She wanted to get some rest and had just fallen asleep when she was set upon by an Alliance soldier, who disfigured her face, by taking her right eye, before she felt the pain however Ookami had come awake and Nanori just had not been able to stop her attacker, nearest to her was her quiver, and with blood pouring down her face she managed to wound his cheek with the tip of an arrow before she had no choice but to eye gone and bleeding as it were, she had to seek medical attention. Ookami allowed her to ride upon her back, and they fled to Thrallmar. Where Nanori began her recovery and retraining, as she now had a disability to deal with.


After her recovery, she would contact her sister Kailei again, only to see how she was...Kailei was apparently doing rather well as mender serving in the ranks of the Grim. Kailei asked Nanori to to join the Grim and aid her...and Nanori agreed. Nanori wasn’t much for the soldiering type, instead she was focused on vengeance at this point in her life...and had begun the hunt for the man who took her eye. She wasn't quite the same after the attack, and most of her close friends were able to notice her different attitude right off the bat....Nanori had always been such a carefree she has a tendency to be downright cruel at times....

Nanori through her hard work had discovered the name of her attacker in Hellfire. His name was Orest Blint a human death knight. She has spent several weeks hunting him to no avail, the two of them killing soldiers of the opposite faction to draw the other out.

And more recently during another encounter with him, she was wounded yet again as the man escaped her wrath once more. She now carries a jagged scar near her shoulder blade where his sword pierced through her armor...

Mists of Pandaria:

Nanori traveled to Pandaria with other members of the Horde and a few members of the Grim as well. She learned several new things and saw the new continent when she wasn’t busy fighting. However the normal schedule of fighting and sleeping was broken up by some tragic events.

Nanori had been kidnapped by the Dusk Watch and turned over to a warlock by the name of Ivan Zephyr. He tortured her with the various Sha energies. She barely remembers what happened to her, all she knows at this point is who was responsible, and that the events during her capture were traumatic. For reasons unknown to her, Ivan released her and she fled to find Kailei.

After much begging, Nanori convinced Kailei to leave with her, to go into hiding. So that the Dusk Watch couldn’t find them, and the sisters made their way to Quel’Danas...and joined the Shattered Sun, changing their appearances and trying to fit into the natural cycle of life there. However, people would not just let them be, they were tracked down...and after a meeting with Urivial, the sisters both figured that MAYBE they could have some peace.

What Nanori was too traumatized to realize...was that her sister had contacted Urivial again after the meeting on the island...and was planning to fight him to the death.

Kailei fell in this battle...and Nanori didn’t know it until the soldiers of the Shattered Sun brought the lifeless body of her sister to her doorstep. Nanori sort of snapped then...and no one really knows what to expect, as Nanori is keeping her plans mostly secret to better protect herself.

Update also during Pandaria:

Kailei had been resurrected by a mysterious undead by the name of Igh, and Nanori had brought her sister into the Nightingales for a time. Both the sisters had decided for a time that they needed to disappear from the world for awhile. Nanori to adjust and retrain herself with her daggers mostly. The last few months proved troublesome for the rogue, as she had to watch her beloved sister struggle and cope with her new state in life. Their hut out in Eversong had more than a few times had a hole or two blown in the roof as Kailei adjusted to her abilities, Nanori did her best to be supportive but found even that was difficult for her.

In time Nanori forgave herself for bringing Kailei back to the realm of the living. She accepted Kailei for the now devastating killer that she is, and the two sisters seemed to be more on the same page than they ever had been. The pair was now ready to resume their fight against the Alliance.

Warlords of Draenor:

The sisters for a time were quiet all around. Just working with the Horde as much as they were able during this new conflict. Making their return fully to the Grim once more, the sisters will be continuing from this point on making a name for themselves in the world. Nanori has finally taken up her title in Silvermoon, and as much as she hates the extra responsibilities she returns more often to Silvermoon to take up her Father’s seat in some of the meetings of the nobility.

Recently Nanori has returned to Silvermoon as a proper noble lady as much as it may drive her crazy she is doing it mostly for her family. She has married Selash Gustblade, and adopted his daughter as her own. She has formed the Eversong Elite, a group of fellow Sin'dorei that seek to bring glory to their kind through protecting their homeland and going out and seeking the Alliance that wish to destroy it all. 


Stormwind City: A Scary Sight

Another Message: Near Stormwind Again

Message Recieved

A Sister's Love

No More Games

A Troubled Night

How to Pass the Time...

A Reflection on the Past

People, it's what's for Lunch

Theramore's Fall


Hunting the Hunter

The Fall of the Wind

A "Farewell" to Kailei Windstalker

Strategic Safety

Preparations for a Party


An Attempt to Figure Myself Out

Alternate Timeline Stories:

Altherion and Igh's Grand Adventure

Edited by Nanori

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Orest smiles coldly down at the picture the goblin had given him, then turned their blue glow on the goblin. When he spoke, his voice was low with a gentleness that belied the sadistic glint in his eyes, "I know her, Nanori you said? I am glad to have a name to go with my memory then. You tell her, goblin, that I'm coming for her other eye."

As the deathknight stood, the goblin blustered, "Who am I saying sent the message?"

Pocketing the picture, he gave a slight shrug of his shoulders, "My name is Orest Blint, but she won't know that name. Tell her the wolf won't save her next time, as he dies first. She'll know me."

"My picture!" the goblin howled at the retreating man's back, grumbling as he wondered if delivering this message was a safe bet or not.

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Altherion frowns, his blue eyes glowing with a bit of hate at the mention of the Elf. "Nanori? Ugly, stupid Elf. Really good with a bow. Nice person. Good mount. Still, she's all 'oh, I'm a bad guy' when Lichy and I are the bad guys."

The Goblin eyes Alth. "Who are you, again?"

Altherion nods. "Very good. I appreciate Goblin Humor!"

The Goblin reporter blinks and walks away, confused.

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((I will just at this point in time be putting this character on hiatus. I hate having blocks where certain characters are concerned!))

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"Nanori is very angry and scary..she's like the complete opposite of Kailei." Ugraz nods.

"She's good at shooting people though. Like..right in the face!"

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Moments before reaching Stormwind's Mage Tower, a Goblin catches the Warlock, who looks as if he has most of his belongings with him. The Goblin tugs on the Warlock's robes and Ivan turns with an annoyed smirk, "Great. Alright, what do you want to know, hurry up now."

The Goblin coughs and holds up a picture of the woman as Ivan's eyes lower slightly, "Ah. Yes. Nanori."

The Warlock takes a deep breath, "What I did to her was terrible. I tried to make amends, but my position was quickly forfeit before I could help her revenge to fruition."

He looks around, "I don't buy into the whole "Light" hocus pocus, but if I did, I would think "The Light" (He makes air quotes) would deem his death a necessary equivalence. And I wish Nanori all the best in that regard."

And with that, he pushes past the Goblin and into the portal to the Blasted Lands in the first level of the tower.

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