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Full Name: Annyxia

Nicknames: Anny or Nyxia

Date of Birth:

Age: Teenager

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Raven Black

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Green

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 150lb

Place of residence:

Place of Birth: Silvermoon

Known Relatives: They be dead

Religion/Philosophy: Everything can be fixed with a knife

Occupation: Rouge/ Assassin

Group/Guild affiliation:

Guild Rank:

Enemies: Alliance

Likes: Stabbing, Running around, Ballet, and stealthiness (so she can stab peoples :3)

Favorite Foods: Hogs

Favorite Drinks: Wine

Favorite Colors: Red and Green

Weapons of Choice: Blades

Dislikes: Scourge, Alliance (humans especially), Arthas, Hellscream (she misses Thrall)

Hobbies:Stabbing, Dancing, Stalking, Pick Pocketing, Spinning around

Physical Features: Tall, Model like, usually walks on her tippy toes

Special Abilities: Dance

Positive Personality Traits: Extremely supportive, but will tell you the blunt truth

Negative Personality Traits: She likes to stabbing obsession, and loves to watch how blood flows or reacts.

Misc. Quirks: If you're her friend she wont stab you, but she will poke you.. *poke*

Played by What Famous Person: My self :P

Theme Songs:http://

History: Annyxia was born in Silvermoon before the scourge had attacked it. When they did her family was killed, and she was off alone on her own from a very young age. She learned pick pocket and survive by herself. A Rouge trainer found her one day and decided to train her in the ways of the Rouges. Becoming one with this some what dark class and the loss of her family taught her that there were two types of killing in the world, but those she would make judgement for herself. In which she floundered back and for between them, Needed killing and selective killing, because she does not know the difference between right and wrong.

(nsert close-up portrait shot of character here if they like)

http addy of picture

(as you can tell im still working on this, it'll develop more)

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