LF Shifty Gilneans for RP

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Wotcher, guvs! Yeh, yeh, I see that look on yer boat, I know wot yer finkin' - "Woss all this, then?" Issa right "coo-ee!" to any hairy-back tosspot or jammy git wot got hisself outta Gilneas minus a free fur coat, innit!

If yew've a bloke or bird born an' bred in Genn's Den, be yew babblin' brook, burglin' tea-leaf, ickle beggin' gutter-rat or all 'round stokey sort o' chap - wid' a well-spotty past, a finger, thumb or whole bloody fist in the two-thirty pie - lemon-and-lime-like, yew unnerstan' - pop us a shout on Bianqua or Evolyn, see if we ain't old mates, eh?

It's right rough out there, innit, an' we workin'-class types, all that wot ain't tha' tea-sippin, toffee-nosed posh twats them Stormwinders finks when they finks "Gilneans," we gotta stick close, yeah? Jus' like back in Greymane City, a yew-scratch-my-back-an'-I'll-scratch-yores sort o' fing, innit.

Been yonks since tha' Wall come down, an' we ain't clapped minces on wunnanuvva' since tha' Rotters come in an' it all went pear-shaped! Bi an' Morrie can't be all on their jackie, eh? And neither are yew, me old fruit - neither are yew!


I'm looking for anybody with a toon, be they Worgen or Human, who comes from Gilneas - specifically Gilneas City - and has a criminal past or any connection to a street-gang or illegal activity, who might have crossed paths with my Hunter (Bianqua) when they were younger, before the Curse hit Gilneas.

Rogue, Warrior and the sort of classes that lend themselves to a seedy background of thieving, thuggery and gang-activity are most welcome.

If you're fond of the culture of British/Cockney crime or the films of Guy Ritchie; if you looked at Gilneas as an opportunity to explore its seedy underbelly and dirty streets under the proper, posh exterior, or if you just like the sound of Rhyming Slang, we might just have something in common!

Toss us a PM on the site, or send an in-game whisper or note to Bianqua or Evolyn if you're interested!

T'ah, cheers, an' much obliged, mates!

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