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Annulet Wildheart

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Full Name: Annulet Wildheart

Nicknames: Oh, Gods help you, you'd best not.

Age: Indeterminate. Her physical appearance is of middle adulthood, but her eyes too old to suit it; her mannerisms are a blend of youth and age. The woman herself is known to give varying answers, from a recent birth to a lifespan that dates back to the First War.

Race: Kal'dorei

Gender: Female

Hair: A rich midnight blue

Skin: Pale and unmarked; she does not bear any of the tattoos common to her people.

Eyes: Silver.

Height: Tall for her kin, though not enough to occasion comment.

Weight: Her feral grace is a child of toned musculature; she bears no extra flesh, reflecting even in her natural form a deadly intent.

Place of residence: Unknown; the woman tends to crop up anywhere and everywhere.

Place of Birth: Likewise Unknown.

Religion/Philosophy: Apathetic Isolationist; the world's concerns are no longer hers. She does however show a marked reverence for Elune.

Enemies: Those fools that see fit to disturb her.

Likes: Herbs and spices, moonlight, wild thunderstorms.

Favorite Foods: Don't ask.

Favorite Drinks: She is only ever seen drinking water.

Favorite Colors: ... What a ridiculous question.

Weapons of Choice: Fangs, claws, iron-clad ego.

Dislikes: Fools, ingrates, cities of any variety.

Physical Features: Oddly, there are no particularly distinguishing features about this woman. It is almost as if she were created to be as close to the ideal average for her race as is possible, and then disallowed any alterations from that ideal. Her feral form is always that of a thickly muscled panther with silver eyes and and silent feet. As a Druid of the Talon, she is also possessing of a Storm Crow form, in which she is indistinguishable from most others of the breed.

Special Abilities: Being a total, irrepressible *%#@.

Positive Personality Traits: When properly approached, the woman has a very deep well of personal wisdom from which she can willingly draw and offer. She is also very decisive, and once she chooses to act, will see a task finished completely and as swiftly as can be managed.

Negative Personality Traits: Being a total, irrepressible *%#@. Whatever has driven her to seclude herself from most everything the world has to offer has soured her, and to call her 'difficult' to approach is a vast understatement.

History: The complexities of her past are many, unrecorded, and she shares them with few. To truly know her is to know where she came from; there is no other way.

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