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Full Name: Bokar

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Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Black, graying at the temples.

Skin: Tanned and weathered

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6 feet

Place of residence: The Golden Keg, Dwarven District, Stormwind City

Place of Birth: Goldshire, Elwynn Forest

Known Relatives: None surviving

Religion/Philosophy: (see History)

Occupation: Chief Engineer

Guild affiliation: none

Physical Features: He is average size for a human; muscular from years of fighting. He walks with a slight, but noticeable limp. (see History)

Special Abilities: Bokar has acquired a secret tome, written in an ancient elven language. He has worked very discreetly for many years to have portions of it translated.

Positive Personality Traits: Bokar enjoys helping people and does so as his "service in the Light". It may be as simple as handing out Blessings in the Town Square, or as more involved as hunting down a Horde that has ganked a fellow adventurer.

Negative Personality Traits: Bokar has a temper at times. He is often in pain due to his injuries, and can sometimes appear to be ill-tempered or intolerant. He is working on this.

Misc. Quirks: As a Paladin, one would expect Bokar to be a fighter, engaging in battleground and arena combat. Bokar has no such inclinations. He views such battles as pointless "games" that serve no purpose except to expose your fighting tactics to the enemy.

Theme Song: "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult


Bokar was born in Goldshire, Elwynn Forest. His parents were poor farmers who were killed during a Horde raid upon Goldshire. Their family home was burned to the ground, but Bokar survived. He was raised by the monks of Northshire Abbey, and became heavily influenced by their teachings. Although the monks pushed him hard to become a Priest of the Light, Bokar was unsure if that was his true calling. He grew up angry at the Horde for the killing of his family. And although he was taught to be tolerant and patient, he sometimes feels the need to lash out against the Horde. He will occasionally hunt them down, sparing none, ((any level - they are all evil.)) He has a particular hatred for the Undead and the Forsaken, and sees no difference between them. He is also annoyed by the snotty arrogance of Blood Elves. Although his hatred for the Horde is strong, he is not foolish and will not engage in a battle he can't win.

One day, Bokar was watching a group of paladins training near the Abbey. They were fierce warriors, and Bokar admired how fearless and determined they were. If they had only been in Goldshire on that day, they could have saved his family. He is frustrated with the inability of the guards and armies to defend Alliance lands, especially from powerful Horde who raid towns like Goldshire. Why hasn't anything been done about this problem?

As a young adult, Bokar apprenticed as a miner and a blacksmith. He not only mined and smelted ores, but learned how to fashion armor and weapons. It was during this time that he met several seasoned paladins while doing repairs for them. Their armor and weapons always seemed to shine with a light of their own. It was a sign!

After much discussion with the paladins about protecting the homelands, Bokar enlisted and began his training as a Retribution Paladin. He joined the Knights of Theramore, where he learned basic fighting skills. Desiring to be closer to home, he transferred to the Stormwind Royal Cavalry and trained under several knights. He also did work for a short time with The Lost Tribe, and The Argent Dawn. During a simple "guard duty" job for the Argent Dawn, Bokar acquired an old book written in an ancient elven script. He does not discuss the book with anyone but his closest most trusted friends. With his initial training complete, he left the cavalry and joined the Fabled Order. There Bokar trained under the great paladin, Highlord Noxtrael. When he was ready, he ventured out on his own.

During a quest in the Howling Fjord, Bokar was injured during a battle with a giant. The giant had grabbed Bokar by the leg and held him upside-down at eye-level. The pain in Bokar's leg was excruciating. Bokar looked and saw that the giant was wearing a fist weapon, coated with an oily substance. The weapon gouged deep into Bokar's lower leg. Bokar cast Holy Light, which stopped the bleeding and momentarily blinded the giant. He seized the opportunity and swung his sword at the giant's neck, decapitating him.

Bokar fell to the ground and bandaged his leg. The wound burned like he had never felt before. He pulled himself along the ground and hid under some bushes, then passed out.

A fellow paladin found him and helped him get back to Valgaarde Keep. But Bokar became very ill, forcing him to return to Stormwind City. Bokar fought the illness for over a year, but finally overcame it. The injury to his leg never fully healed. His calf muscle was gouged away by the weapon, half of the muscle is still missing. The "wound poison" and subsequent infection prevented it from healing properly. Bokar consulted the top healers of the Alliance, spending all of his gold for a cure, but none were able to make his leg whole.

"You cannot heal what is not there", they said.

During his recovery, Bokar spent much of his time reading. Unable to continue blacksmithing, Bokar began studying Gnomish Engineering and has completed his final exams for Illustrious Grand Master Engineer. During his studies, Bokar made many new friends and formed some strong alliances.


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