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Vindliah Raysong

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Full Name: Vindliah Elizabeth Raysong (Recently discovered she may be hiding her true name.)

Nicknames: Vindi, Vind, Vivi, V, Liz, Eliza

Age: Young Adult (early twenties)

Race: Worgen (She does not make this known however and impersonates a human.)

Gender: Female

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Skin: Olive

Eyes: Indigo (They glow purple when worgen.)

Height: 5'4'' (162.5 cm)

Body Type: Average. Her body seems to have more muscle than fat though there is a softness to her features that comes with being young. Her hips and equal to that of her bust however with bindings to keep her body as trim as possible she sometimes looks more like a pear.

Place of residence: Unknown (She does have one however she keeps it as much a secret as she can.)

Place of Birth: Headlands of Gilneas.

Blood Relatives: Kroylen Brookes (Older Brother), Lindsey Brookes (Older Sister - Forsaken), Tavior Brookes (Father - Deceased), Maribel Brookes (Mother - Deceased)

Family: Settana Wheats (Spouse), Tavior Liam Wheats (Son), Edalynn Wheats (Daughter), Pepper Wheats (Adopted Daughter), Vaedoras Starshade (Close friend and Brother-figure)

Religion/Philosophy: The Light

Occupation: A leather merchant/tanner, Rogue-SI:7 Agent(Occupation within the agency Unknown.)

Group/Guild affiliation: OOCLY Shadow Fox; No In-Character Affiliations.

Likes: Snow, birds, a good prank. Rabbits: she loves their leather, their bones for weapons and trinkets, their meat, and their fur. She also loves to cuddle them when upset.

Dislikes: Nosy people, water, demons, strong smells, loud noises, vegetables, hot weather.

Favorite Foods: Raw meats, chocolate candies. Rabbit.

Favorite Drinks: Herbal Teas, Honey Mead

Favorite Colors: Dark blues and greens.

Weapons of Choice: Daggers, throwing weapons, bow and arrow, swords.

Hobbies: Skinning/Tanning, Leatherwork, Tinkering with her engineering, hunting.

Physical Features: Four scars decorate her face, yet only one is usually seen for the woman almost always has a thin leather or cloth mask covering her face from nose tip to neck. A small triangular shaped scar travels form below her right eyelid to the top of her cheek bone.

Two claw-mark like scars travel down her chin, one completely slicing through her upper and bottom lip down below her clothing line, likely past her collar bone. The last scar travels just as far as the previous two however it begins on her left cheek and comes close to her ear before carrying on downwards.

If one were to pay enough attention they would notice the tip of her index finger on her right hand is missing.

Special Abilities: She is an excellent tracker and a master of disguise.

Personality: Though she is not eager to allow others into her personal life, once someone has gained her trust she will fight to the grave for them. She has a peculiar way of showing she cares about someone, and is not always verbal about it, but she is a firm believer that actions speak louder than words.

Misc. Quirks: When stressed or nervous she runs her fingers through her hair, or can be found holding a rabbit or any other cute fuzzy creature. Sleep is never on her To-Do list and as such she almost always looks tired or exhausted because of this.

She pretends to be a human to anyone she does not know, because of this she speaks with a proper Common accent instead of a Gilnean one. Only when she is in familiar company or her emotions are strained does she speak with her natural Gilnean accent.

Theme Songs:

PvP/Fight Song:

As Played By: Adrianne Palicki


History: Vindliah grew up within Gilneas, her father a lumberman, her mother a house wife, and two older siblings.

Joining the rebellion against King Greymane and his loyalists, Vindi was used to slipping in and out of the city gathering as much information as possible from soldiers and commoners alike. When the war turned south for those rebelling she and her brother spent their time by assisting others bringing weapons and rations into the city walls. When the worgen attack began things shifted quickly for the siblings, more so on an emotional level than just the world surrounding them. Vindliah took on her curse from the same beast that slaughtered her sister and bit her brother. At first she saw it as punishment for leaving her brother to die (at the time it seemed like the better option than turning), and for not being there in-time to save Lindsey, With time however, she came to accept it as a gift. Her tale on how she escaped from Gilneas when the forsaken attacked has never left her lips but once for she guards this secret closely.

Currently Vindliah is working with the SI:7, slowly working her way up the ranks, and selling fine leathers to make a comfortable living for herself and her mate. She has long since completed her training with Fennore Whiteshadow yet still seeks to learn from others any new tricks she can.

Now married with a family, Vindliah is even letting herself be seen to the public as a well paid fur, leather, and armor trader. That is, when she isn't on the run from bounty hunters and military; Wanted posters can be found in most major cities of the young rogue making life currently very difficult.


Vindliah and her brother Kroylen


Other Images and Doodles:

1.) Vindliah. Male worgen eyes glow, why the frick don't female worgens? Well guess what? Vindi's do!

(Only when in worgen form or in that weird in-between state.. I'm sure if she opened her mouth right now her teeth would be big and pointy. /nod)

2.) Wifus.

3.) Klimma and Vindi Chest bumping! This is OOC sketch lol, but it gives an idea on her body type.

4.) Model Viewer gear re-hash! :D

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Finding the rogue in outside of SI:7 training, the goblin gulped once before slipping up behind the rogue as she attacked the wooden dummy with vigor. Spotting the disguised green figure, Shaii gave a loud groan before slamming the blade into the wood. The metal gave a soft ‘twang’ as it vibrated in place before she glared down at the goblin, “You seriously have some balls showing up HERE, of all places. What?”

“Ah….Vindliah Raysong…”

“You better rethink your line of questioning, but I’ll answer it. Vindi is family. She’s more than family…in her words, she’s pack. I’ve taught her a few things but the girl’s smart. Calculating-smart…and she gets riled up easily, but then again so do I…and so does Roo…hrm. Wonder if that’s a rogue thing.” The Kaldorei furrowed her brow as she thought for a few moments before focusing on the short reporter, “Anyways. She’s a woman of worth and got into a few bad tussles…I need to see her. I’ve not been a very good friend to her lately….”

With a sigh, the rogue rubbed her forehead with her two fingers before glaring down at the goblin. Edging around the tiny creature, she gave him a swift kick in the rear, “Get! I’m done answering your questions…come back and I take that cottonball you call a beard off and show the guards your real nature, true?”

Blinking, the guards watched the little person scamper off into Old Town before disappearing around a corner.

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Duroxas sets the scroll he was reading quietly from on the table next to him as he contemplates his answer, a goblin tapping her pen on her pad of paper in wait.

"... She's the kind of unscrupulous vermin that would sneak into a family's home and take a child, a baby, hostage to attempt to manipulate the parents. I know enough of her deeper fears to make sure she never comes near me or my family again without regretting it severely afterwards... if there is an afterwards for her"

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"Okay, you need to keep this between you me and the tree, got it?" Fennore raises a brow saying this. The goblin watches him, dully. Every time this blasted long-ear seems like he has some juicy information, it's just lies. The goblin taps his quill and speaks up, glaring at Fennore, "What is it this time, elf? She has a crazed brother that molests women or something? Wait, no, I got it. She's addicted to something like Demon blood? You know what rogue? I'm done trying to get information out of you." With that the goblin crumples up the parchment, throws it at the rogue, hopping off the stool with a huff and storming out of the bar.

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"Hmmm, who? A Fur Trader you say? No, can't say I do know her."

Urivial's eyes narrow behind his goggles when the reporter mentions a certain altercation in the Blue Recluse.

"That was a simple... misunderstanding. She thought I was someone else. Oh, somebody there told you we exchanged words? Well they were clearly lying... tell you what, let's move somewhere a bit more private, and I'll tell you what really happened."

Urivial gives a nice pleasant smile as he leads the reporter away from the public streets.

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"She is one of the most ill-mannered and infuriating individuals you will ever meet."

"But is that really all?" The reporter inquired of the Professor, who had turned her back in an attempt to be through with the conversation. He started to circle around to the front of her again, pen anxiously to paper. "After all, you say that about a lot of people. Plus it's been said you two have been seen having pretty heated arguments here and there." A nudge with the elbow. "Seems personal if you ask me."

More put off by his lack of respect for her personal space bubble than anything else, Svetlaena takes a couple of steps back, crossing her arms in a closed-off gesture. "Ugh, fine. Whatever gets you to leave me alone." A sigh. "Typically, I leave her alone and she leaves me alone, and vice versa. Or at least, that's how it's supposed to work. It sure doesn't stop her from spewing bile or getting on my nerves."

A little smirk from her, before she turns to leave, and a haughty: "Perhaps she is in dire, dire need of an education?"

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"Vindi?" Daes shrugs a bit, taking a sip of wine, "She was pleasant enough."

The goblin raises an eyebrow, "And...?"

Blinking as she takes another sip of wine Daes sighs a bit, "And what? She was nice..." She bobs her head side to side slightly, "Kinda cute, flirty... We didnt talk all -that- much. Just happened to be in the same place at the same time and chatted a bit..."

The goblin raises a finger to ask another question but is quickly cut off, "Go away now... I'm not terribly fond of goblins, and have nothing against ending them... Nothing personal of course."

The goblin just backs out slowly, not taking his eyes off the paladin.

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"Leech. Vermin. She is nothing but trouble. She will milk you of what you can offer then stab you in the back once she is done with you. She sides with the Horde for Lights sake! She supports madmen! Best to put that mut down before it spreads."

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"What? Someone said that about her? Oh. It was Ranavos. Heh." Altherion smirks. "You see, there are some who make mistakes in their lives. They fail and falter, always reaching the same bitter disappointment. And so they recall their lives differently. They mentally twist it. Believe themselves to be heroes, when in truth, they are...abhorrent standards of existence. Wastes of air, really."

"Vindliah. She's an interesting figure. For the most part, unless you are one for combat and warfare, avoid her. However, if you require an Assassin of fine taste and skill? She's your Rogue. In truth, her case is a tragic one. The Alliance Military apparently sides with a Forsaken Necromancer, a wayward Militia, and a Pirate Outfit, over a proud member of theirs, upholding what Turalyon stood for and defending her kin. Backwards, is it not?"

Altherion looks off a ways. "I don't care for true justice. I care for myself and my end game. But truth is...refreshing. And the truth about Vindliah is that she's a good person. Damn the rest. Damn them and their hate-spew. Their teeth will rot from it all."

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Evellin snorts and waves a dismissive hand. "Never trust the opinion of someone with more personalities than an ensemble theater production." She fixes the interviewer with a bemused smile.

"Vindliah? I probably would have liked her under different circumstances. I suppose in some respects I do like her, what little I've interacted with her. She's not fond of my kind... vocal 'bout it, I found it odd that she'd work for the craziest of 'us' all, but... I don't know. Maybe there really was a good motive underneath it all. Maybe she was desperate. Maybe she had someone to protect."

The Death Knight shrugs.

"I'm not sure I care anymore. I wish her luck on her endeavors."

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