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Hiii, new here. I didn't realize TN had so many artists - thats awesome! Sharing my WoW art~

Most recent:


Older work:

Flat colors portrait (female BE)*

Commissioned icons*

Incomplete drawing of my mains

Female dwarf spriest*

Female BE warrior

More sketches of my mains

Female NE*

Female NE hunter*

Female UD warlock*

Comic about fear pathing in arenas

Comic about fishing and BGing

My rogue

Female UD priest*

Female draenei mage*

Comic about hunters back in BC days

Super old drawing of Sylvanas

* = commissioned art

I probably have more hidden somewhere but its old art and I'm too lazy to dig it all up.

I'll accept ingame gold for commissions if anyone is interested. (: Toss me a message or whisper me ingame on Voidray (horde).

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-sees 'Doodles' in the title and assumes thread will be full of sketchbook and lineart-

-opens thread, jaw drops-

Gorgeous art.

Also, it's always nice to see people who do commissions for gold, there are a lot of art supporters here on TNG that juts can't afford to pay real money for one reason or another. Welcome to TN and have fun.

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Haha I am super lazy when it comes to doing dailies and I don't pve much so I never have a steady income of gold DX!

And thanks! I have had the WORST luck with my warlock fears in arenas, even my team mates agree argh rofl

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Thanks everyone! I've actually been on TN since beginning of wrath ;D

Are you part of wow_ladies too, Norastelle? Haha, thats where I advertise most of my WoW commissions. xD

I am! I post as nat_catastrophe there. I'm the one who always advertises for Twisting Nether on the Thespian Thursday master post. xD

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