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Alathiel Reitelna Alcorn

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Full Name: Alathiel Reitelna Alcorn

Nicknames: Ali, Sister Alcorn, Fool

Date of Birth: 14th of October

Age: Twenty in human years, about 65 in Elven.

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Strawberry Red

Skin: Ivory while, with a tint of pink always on her cheeks.

Eyes: Glowing Emerald Green

Height: Five feet, One inch

Weight: One Hundred pounds

Place of residence: The large inn in SilverMoon City

Place of Birth: Quel'Thalas

Known Relatives: Mother: Matron Arena | Father: Arcanist Helion | Sister: Rotruna

Religion/Philosophy: After her mother, she follows that path of Holy light in order to heal those who are in need of her help. She is no sister but she does find the time to pray for those for have fallen.

Government: Though all blood elves live in a rather suppressed lifestyle Ali would rather follow Lor'themar then a mad man any day. Though shes not more or less happy about it.

Standing: All Blood Elves are ranked by their magical ability. Mages hold an upstanding in there standings while those without the ability to use magic are more or less commoners or at least looked down upon. Being a magic user in the holy aspect Ali is respected but not fears or held in any kind of regard. She is high middle class.

Occupation: As of now she works as a healer in the Sunspire still training under her mother.

Group/Guild affiliation: Having no chance to leave her home lands she has little interaction with others outside the family and area members.

Guild Rank: (n/a)

Enemies: Though she wouldn't call them enemies, those elves her age do tent to poke fun at her a bit to much.

Love Intrest: Who wants a short, awkward Blood Elf as a love interest? He only love seems to be books at the moment.

Likes: Reading, herbalism, alchemy, sketching, planting.

Favorite Foods: Spiced Bread, she likes her meals simple.

Favorite Drinks: Age Wine

Favorite Colors: And shade of yellow or green. From time to time gold as well.

Weapons of Choice: Staffs or wands, she's horrid at hand to had combat and a danger to anyone within distance with a bow.

Dislikes: Combat, cleaning, iron, large cities. Pets, anything large is a no-no.

Hobbies: Other then reading Ali loves to work in her herb garden.

Class: Holy Priest

Professions: Cooking, First Aid, Herbalism, Alchemy

Physical Features: Even for a Blood Elf Ali is rather small, standing much shorter then other elves her age, everything about her is small, all but her ears. She wears her hair long, straight over her shoulders and away from her face as best as she can. Her face is thin but she is no different then most of the other females around her having the same glowing green eyes though she seemed to have a softer face rather giving a look of peace and caring rather then a hard look ready to fight.

Dress: Ali loves to wear robes and long dresses, anything to cover up. She loves long flowing robes with wide sleeves and beautiful embroiders. But at the same time she enjoys simple clothing, opting to buy from small sellers rather then costly professionals. When it comes to jewels she wears a few earrings high on her long ears.

Special Abilities: Alathiel is well gifted at healing, she is able to heal even the major wounds of those brought to her care. Adding to her magical ability she is well versed in bandage making and alchemy.

Positive Personality Traits: Unlike most Blood Elves Ali is very calm and well collected even when faced with hardship. she is positive in most of her indevers and is able to keep a level head. She is caring which is a must have trait in her line of work.

  • Kind: Unlike others of her people Alathiel is rather kind even by others standards, being a healer she takes pride in helping others and is always ready to help when she can.
  • Determent: She's not afraid of a challenge no matter how far the end may seen Ali is ready for nearly anything put in her path in the way of healing.
  • Motherly: Ali has a soft spot for anyone in need, putting those who have less then her ahead of herself. She can be firm when she needs to be but in the end is enjoys making others happy and seeing them better themselves.
  • Tender: Those who come in search of the healing arts are always in more pain then they can handle themselves, Alathiel knows this better then most, and as such she carries on the idea that being gentle and soft in everyday tasks with prevent harm to begin with.

Negative Personality Traits: Ali is above all else shy and clumsy, she is not able to speak her mind and at times can be quite over emotional. Her drawn back natures makes it hard for her to know anyone and opts to run from others when confronted. She has a nasty habit of locking up and turning tail when faced with an interested male of any race.

  • Clumsy: Not the best trait to be saddled with when you are put in charge of the well being of others. Ali has so far been able to prevent maiming her patients as of yet but sometimes even walking can be a chore when you have two left feet.
  • Drawn: She not a 'people person' opting to spend her time reading and learning then going out to meet fine you men, she's not quite sure how to handle herself in large groups and the opposing figure of her father makes her quite weary of males.
  • Fearful: Ali spends 99% of her time indoors treating people who have been harmed out there in the big wide world. From what she knows the only thing waiting for her is sickness and things that would have her for lunch.
  • Emotional: Being so tender and caring Ali has a habit of letting her emotions get the best of her, this is not always bad but more time then not her outbursts have lander her in some trouble. She can be moved to tears by a rouge's cheap sob story.
  • Weak: Trained to heal wounds not create them, in combat Ali is best put on the side lines waiting for those stronger to come far out of battle for treatment.

Misc. Quirks: When embarrassed Ali will laugh rather loudly in an odd fashion before rambling about something off topic. She is a logic thinker and will try and take things apart getting lost in her own mind.

Theme Songs:


Alathiel's birth was rather uneventful. Born in the fall in Quel'Thalas she was just one of many as fell into a rather happy family. Growing up in her young years was no different, though her father was not the most 'loving' man in the world, opting for no nonsense. He had a rather hard outlook on life though the love was there. Her mother on the other had was kind and nurturing, giving Ali all the love any child could hope for. Both of her parents where rather busy with there works but they both at least found enough time for her, Arena her mother even brought Alathiel to work with her in the healing houses in the city of making house calls which is thought to be where Ali gained her passion for the healing arts from her mother.


"Mother, why to people hurt?"

Arena stopped her work for a moment to look at her young daughter, who at a rare moment was sitting on the floor playing with a few bandages. Large green eyes looked up at her in question. Placing the wraps down on the wooden tabletop she knelt down next to the young elf taking the bandages from her small hands and picked up the wooden doll that was ever present under her arms.

"Well. . .sometimes people to rather silly things that get them hurt. Other times, " She smiled and moved a bit of hard from the girls face. "Other times they are hurt doing the right thing. Remember when your sister lost her ball, and you fell in the earth root plant trying to get it back?"

"Yes yes! Earth Root has prickers!"

"That it does, and do you remember how much that hurt, but you did it because your sister was upset. You did the right thing even though the consequence was great. Like your father, he fights for the well being of others, though he may be hurt he knows its the right thing to do." Slowly Arena wrapped the small dolls wooden arm in the bandage, showing her daughter how to tie it tightly at the base. "As a healer, it is my job to make those people feel better so they can go on helping others. Just like I did for you."

"Oh. . ." It took a moment, and for a while it seemed as though her daughter did not fully understand just what her mother said. She fumbled with the bandage some, trying to tie it herself giving her mother time to return to her work.

"I'll help others too. Just like you when I grow up." Jumping to her feet the small elf placed the poorly bandaged doll on her mothers lap, giving her a toothless grin.

"Oh I bet you will." Arena laughed, tussling her hair and giving her forehead a kiss.


Growing up in her young childhood years Ali was rather happy, her mother was a well known healer, those from miles around came to her for help and she had a cure for most, this brought quite a few people though her family home or the building her mother worked out of, and though Alathiel saw most other races she was a rather shy child and hid from most of her mothers guests more so when they came in bleeding and screaming. She spent most of her time watching her mother work on others, cooking and taking care of her little sister, or most of all reading. Any book she could get her small hands on with words that she could grasp, she would read. Must to her fathers displeasure. He wanted his daughter to learn from him, becoming a mage learning the arcane arts to truly make something of herself in their world but it seems she was more interested in reading books of romance and fairy tales rather then spells and crafts. At one point her father used his own magic to burn all of her childhood books in hopes that she would start to focus on 'real' work as he called it. It hardly worked.


"I just can not understand it, she of age now. She needs to start working towards her future." Her fathers strong fist came down on the table top in anger. This was not the first time he and her mother had this talk, and it surly would not be the last.

"She's still just a child, she needs to take steps on her own. You know she wishes to become a healer and the skills are there in her. You know this as well as I."

Her father looked to his wife, taking a breath before letting his body relax. "Perhaps you are right. But if she must read give her your books. Her childhood is over now, she must learn this." He picked up one of his daughters books from the many she kept around the house, shaking his head letting it fall back to the pile from where it came.

Arena took a moment, then added a sigh of her own before nodding. She had to admit, it was far past time for her daughter to grow up and learn how to be an adult. "I will speak with her. Though I fear it will do little good. You know Alathiel she would rather lock herself away then face the world outside. She fears it at times."

Her father could only grunt and swiftly walk out of the door, just past his crouching daughter as she hid under the winding staircase. She would always listen to their fights, more so when they where about her. She hated being a disappointment to her father who wished more for her then a musty room filled with rotting books and dim lighting, but it was what she enjoyed, giving that up was not something to take lightly, but if it meant her fathers happiness then perhaps she could try harder. And she knew quite well that her mother would like to see her making friends. Even her young sister had quite a few young elf friends of her own. She tucked her feet under her robe and huffed. She would do what she could.


To say the least, Alathiels teen life was hell, though her home love was the picture of love other then a few fights with her father over her social standing or reading habits. She was awkward and quite, making few if any friends and reading more the going out. She had a hard time talking to others her age and was not quite quick to pick up on lessons from her teachers. Though she was a master at healing due to her mothers teaching, she was an utter failure at other forms of magic. And when it came to hand to hand or weapons she was a danger to herself and others with in whacking distance. Healing seemed to be the only talent to truly had. For a while, others even thought she was a mute.


"You think she can even speak?" A young one asked, whispering to another as the watched Alathiel late one afternoon. Her father had forced her to leave the house until dinner and it was only lucky that she was about to quickly smuggle a book from her room before leaving. She ignored the group of elves her age across the path. She kept her nose in her book, turning the pages slowly. She remember being made fun of her her quick reading before.

"Who knows, shes a freak. . ." Another boy laughed. They stopped whispering by this point. They no longer cared of she could hear them, if anything they seemed to enjoy it. "I don't think she has any friends."

Ali pushed her face back into her book, she was used to this kind of talk. If she truly wanted to she could simply march over to them and speak her mind. At least they wouldn't call her a mute anymore. The group had moved on to a new topic it seemed, she could at least relax for the moment, glad that they had such short attention spans. A few moments of peace where quickly shattered as the volume in the small court yard seemed to rise forcing her to peeked over her glasses and book.

Rotruna, her sister joined the group of slightly older teens, as of yet she didn't seem to notice her. Rotruna took after their father, long blond hair, vibrant eyes and tall, even taller then her shorter older sister by now. And even at a young age she was mastering the arcane arts and as of yet there had been no problems with her sister that she could speak of. Then again they hardly saw each other outside of there home. Ali put her book down, happy to see her sibling. Perhaps this is the break she needed. She moved to stand and one again caught the groups attention. She pushed her glasses up from their resting place and waved to her sister.

"She's you know her Runa?" A boy asked, looking at her with a slight sneer.

Her sister narrowed her eyes for a second before turning her back scoffing. "Please, I'll be a forsaken before I mingle with a freak" Her response was quite a hit with the group as they all left, turning out of the court yard.

Alathiel slumped down, holding her book tightly to her chest as she fell back down on the bench. This did not bold well.


After the Scourge, the lost of nearly 75% of their people caused the land a great heart ache. Wanting to do her part Alathiel left the city to help elves in the field, closer to the Great Scar in hopes of not only starting a new life, putting her own mark in the healing world, but to escape her life in the city. She worked hard taking after her mother opening a healing home of her own helping guards and farmers alike hoping to bring at least a bit of light into others lives during such a dark time of her people. during her time on her own she learned much about herself. Even five years after the Scourge every race still seemed to be effected and Ali does what she can to help.

At the age to Twenty Alathiel met a young elf named Mahtan Tulcakelumë. He was brought into the healing house with a broke arm and leg, simple enough to fix though Alathiel was rather weary of the male. He seemed overly friendly and more so interested in her. Due to the severity of the breaks he spent quite some time in the house, persistent in befriending her. At last Ali had no choice but to give into Mahtan, allowing him to show her 'slowly' due to his broken leg, around his families farm. Needless to say that became rather fast friends, if Ali was being truthful the only true friend she had in quite some time. Mahtan was a nice enough boy if rather eccentric, he was lively and fun loving. Though he had no magical ability to speak of he was a skilled hunter and simply enjoyed life. Must like Alathiel he wanted to help his people any way he could. She learned much from him, letting go of her fears if not only around him and started to truly live life.

It was only a short time ago that Mathan grew sick, at first it seemed like a simple illness, Mathan was reckless and worked even in the middle of rain storms and it was often that he came down with a sore throat or light cold. But this seemed slightly different, after a week Mathan showed no signs of getting any better, if anything he was growing weaker and as the days moved on the color seemed to drain from his face and he was forced to stay in bed. All of Alathiel's knowledge of the healing arts seemed to fail and it was only though her mother did she learn that Mathan's lack of magical ability even in the smallest way was the cause of his suffering. Having no source of magic he was slowly slipping into madness and try as she might Ali's healing magics could only hold off the illness for so long. Alathiel could do nothing but watch the man she grew to love die.

With the sting of Mathan's death still holding in her heart Alathiel has now decided to learn more of the Sunwell and her people dependence on magic. She wishes to move from the new homeland of her people out into the world to help others who are beyond her reach.

Relations: Blood Elves: Unlike most races, being happy, cheery and nice to most is not always a welcome trait in blood elf life. Because of the Scourge invasion maybe Blood Elves seem to be a bit 'down in the dumps' or at least uneasy of the not so distant past. Being who she is and always was Alathiel is more or less the odd one out. While being sad, angry or depressed in other culture is seen as odd.

Trolls: Blood Elves never did fit in to well with the Horde but they do there best. Ali is a bit weary of these large people and voodoo is never a topic she has trusted, while she does not 'hate' Trolls by any means she more or less keeps her eye out for any who might have ill intent, or ones that think she would look lovey with a bone through her nose. Keeping in mind Blood Elves and Trolls, though not all, have been on fighting terms for quite some time.

Forsaken: Though they are suffering the same affliction that killed the majority of their race and caused the down fall of Silvermoon, Ali studies closely under apothecaries, and Forsaken have the most knowledge in that profession. She is a bit less friendly with though of a stronger class but still see's them as friends, though not the hugging sort, the smell gets to her. The strangest thing is, she seems to find them slightly attractive. Maybe its there brains, or lack there of sometimes.

Orcs: Alathiel has had little to no dealing with Orcs, to her they are more or less to crude to deal with and have very little knowledge that would be useful to her, if any at all. She avoids them as much as she can out of personal preference. You would see her chasing one out of the city or making raciest jokes about them, but she's not about to strike up a conversation with one any time soon, more so the females. . .

Tauren: While most of her race trow Taruen and Orcs in the same low class, brainless savage melting pot Ali's love for herbalism grants the Tauren's a soft spot in her heart. Though she fears most furry animals larger then a small dog she has learnt to much from the to ever see them as anything but friends. Even smelling like a barn.

Humans: The past with humans is always a mixed bag when it comes to Blood Elves, some humans are rather kind and all around good people, others not so much. It seems Ali has had one to many run ins with the darker side of the human race and is less then trusting of there kind. Though she respects the high elves and she would not be the last in line when signing the 'put humans in there place' act as long as it didn't involve too much blood shed. She is very mistrusting and tends to avoid humans at all costs. When speaking to them her normally clam kind voice tents to be lined with a bit of sarcasm and a few choice biting words.

Draenei: Never having fully direct contact with what many Blood Elves call 'The Space Goats' Draenei are on a strange scale with Alathiel. Shes a bit mistrusting to say the least like she is with most of the Alliance, they have rather strange ways and the fact that they come from space is a bit touchy for her. Illidan gives them her gratitude but little else, her race and theirs seems to bicker quite a bit.

Dwarfs: A bit to scruffy and unkept for Alatiels liking and they always seem to smell of mead and gunpowder. Not to mention most of their homes are underground in rather 'heated' conditions. She's never really had a problem with them herself but she has not heard the 'best' tales of there kind ether which makes her a bit uneasy when she see's one.

Gnomes: Alathiel loves them, something about their small size, big eyes and cute colorful hair styles really gets her. She's bound to cuddle one if given the chance though she never has. Not to mention, Gnomes fair well in the arcane arts, that's enough for her to respect them.

Night Elves: Out of all the races Alathiel mistrusts Night Elves the most. Though others think of them as the less cultured brothers of the Blood Elves, the Sundering is cause enough for Ali's dislike of them. Hate is not the word, but its close.

Contact: The best way to get into contact with Alathiel is to 'whisper' her, and if she can not respond right away simply send her some mail. She loves reading after all.

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