Simple Steps for Killing A Mage((open))

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They brought the corpse in through the back way, no one wanted to see a corpse moved into the Cathedral, not even the priests by the looks of it. Most kept their distance once they saw the look on his face, one that was of such agony that he must have been in severe pain when he died. He'd been found apparently quite publicly, dropped from the mage tower onto the walk, his bones broken from the fall as near as anyone could tell. It was the body that had been most disturbing, severe burns tracing lines across his skin where the heat tried to escape as it burned him from the inside out, the most burned are had been his right arm and mouth, the hand was missing but his mouth, if anyone looked closely they could have seen the charred lips and tongue, his entire mouth blackened with char while his teeth remained bone white. His ears also held evidence of fire, now blackened cauliflowers, now in full view thanks to hair that could not have withstood the flames.

His eyes had been removed, perhaps a blessing as nothing might have been more horrific if they had remained. On his shoulder beneath the mages robes there was a clear amateur carving of an undetermined runic looking symbol. His wrist bore another brand above the removed hand, but this one was easier to place, having been posted on the wall of the Blue Recluse just over a week earlier.

Brother Crowley held a silk rag to his mouth as they brought the corpse into the lower chamber. "This one stinks, put him over there, maybe the candles will mask the smell. I'd thought SI:7 had a chamber for this, unless they expect us to bring him back at this stage."

One accolyte managed to turn his head from the body to address the crusader. "They tried, whoever dropped him off said his soul was already gone when they found him."

"So it's obviously moved on or was stolen at a point. Why is he here then?!"

"He's high profile Mr. Crowley, SI:7 said they didn't want to take a chance creating an incident with Dalaran."

"So they pass the responsibility to the Church and save face. Did they tell you who the dead man was? Perhaps if someone would be over to examine his corpse?"

The other acolyte offered his answer. "The man who brought him in said his name was Andros Meznier?"

"Chancellor?" Crowley sniffed "Of course it is and he's left for us to deal with until Dalaran comes for his corpse. Do they expect us to notify them too?"

"The Archbishop said he-"

"Of course he did." Crowley pressed his rag up closer to his nose, not breathing was preferable then the smell of charred flesh. "Leave him there and get on with it. Light some candles before you leave. Maybe Dalaran will find less offense with his murder if they can't smell him."

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Janaelle stared at the corpse layed out on the stone floor of the Cathedral. Her stomach turned at the sight, and it took all of her training to keep herself from being sick. The mangled remains of Chancellor Menzier was certainly one of the worst things she'd seen in her years as a healer, but what what turned her stomach was the expression still visible on his face. What shocked her though, was that they had left the body uncovered.

Swallowing hard, the paladin knelt by the dead mage's side. She was here for a reason and the sooner she got this buisness over with, the better she'd feel. Without touching him, Janaelle examined the body closely; she had to know how he had died.

Several long moments later, she removed a small journal and pen from her bag. After sketching the two runes into the book, the paladin unclasped her cloak. It was expensive; expertly tailored with a teleportation enchantment woven into the fabric and the symbol of the Praetorian Guard embroidered in the center. It was also all she had, and it was only chance that she had it at all as she rarely went anywhere in her battledress. Today, it would serve as more than just a way to get her into the Cathedral without being questioned, so she was greatful even if replacing it would cost her most of the money she'd saved.

Drapping the cloth over the body, Janaelle stood and tucked her journal away again before leaving the same way she'd entered. Through the back. Moving past the gazebo, she sat down on the shore of Stormwind Lake. Looking up at the clear blue sky, the paladin tugged absently at the bandages on her hands. It was obvious to her that whoever had put up the poster in the Recluse was behind this, and neither Nikaa or Ranavos could be that person as neither would have used this method to kill someone. Cold magic was Ran's specialty, and she was pretty sure this kind of destruction wasn't in Nikaa's bag of tricks. Though relieved, Janaelle was still apprehensive; there were two other victims that she hadn't heard of.

With another tug, she stood; the only place she would get more information was the Mage's Quarter.

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Rennesta arrives at the Cathedral after Janaelle left, and walks in. Upon reaching the main room of the building, she suddenly smells the stench of death.

Really? They have not moved the corpse yet? Rennesta walks over, and kneels down at the corpse... Hrm... A cloak? Renneta examines the symbol. Praetorian Guard.

Who from that guild would have arrved here and draped it over the man? It's not like he's still alive and in agony. People should face their fears, and know what the look of death is...

Great. Now I'm talking like a crazy death knight. Perhaps I should just go skipping in the meadows with every other damn- With a mental slap to her brain, Rennesta goes back on topic to what she is seeing. Where should she go to look for this 'mage-killer'? Perhaps going to the mage tower to see if there were any reports of suspicious activity aroud the time of the man's death is necessary. She sighs, and stands up. She turns around, and starts to walk to the entrance when she stops and glances back at the body, frowning.

What a great way to die.

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Edmund walked up the steps to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Walking a few paces behind Edmund were two men clad in purple, bearing the garb of the Kirin Tor. At the top of the stairs Edmund hesitated, taking in a deep breath. It had been nearly a month since he had last been here. Shaking his head, he walked inside the cathedral. The two guards silently followed him in.

As Edmund entered the Cathedral, his eyes quickly adjusted to the dimness of the interior. His sensitive nose picked up the overpowering scent of incense the Church used in its rituals and the scents of the hundreds of people who have came and left during their worship and other business. Taking a quick stock of the people, he focused in on the clergyman who seemed to be directing the parishioners who had come to pray. Edmund walked towards the man with a purpose.

"Greetings, brother." Edmund started. He offered the man a scroll. "I am Inquisitor Edmund Garnest-Hogue, the liaison between the Church and the Kirin Tor. I am leading the inquest into the death of Chancellor Andros Menzier. I understand you are in possession of his corpse, and I have come to take custody."

The man took ahold of the scroll, eyeing the worgen suspiciously. After a moment of eying the document, trying to ascertain if the document was a forgery or not, he finally shrugged. "Very well. The corpse is being held within the crypt. If you 'gentlemen'…" He nearly spat that last word out, "...will follow me, I shall show you to the corpse."

Edmund bit his tongue, ignoring the contempt of the priest. He and his retinue followed the priest down into the crypts and to where the corpse was being held. The stench was horrible, at least to the worgen. He quickly let his worgen form subside into his human form, and he nearly sighed in relief as the pungent smell was not nearly as potent any longer.

"Inquisitor...I'd ask that when you remove the body, that you would refrain from taking it out through the main sanctuary. There are several service entrances I can direct you too." The father said, looking a bit queasy.

"No need, brother." Edmund said. "We will be teleporting directly to Dalaran from here. Who was the person who received the body?"

"Hmmm..." The priest thought for a moment, "...that happened during Brother Crawley's watch."

Edmund made a gesture towards the body. One guard began opening a portal to Dalaran while the other begin putting a stasis field around the corpse to prevent further decay or damage to the body. Edmund spoke to the priest again, "I should like to speak to Brother Crawley then. I need to obtain facts about the Chancellor's arrived in the Church's custody." One of the guards looked towards Edmund questioningly. He nodded, and the two guards, using an magic rod, lifted the body and took it through the portal.

"It's especially troubling that the Chancellor's death occurred in Stormwind's jurisdiction, yet the Kingdom wants nothing to do with this. This only serves to put a strain on relations with Dalaran and Stormwind. This is not something we need with the current offensive against the Twilight cultists." Edmund said, only to stop as the priest gave him a rather dull and blank look.

Edmund sighed. "Anyways, please fetch Brother Crawley."

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Crowley was led into the chamber shortly after, looking put out for having been summoned, he kept the silk hankerchief to his mouth as he gave Edmund Hogue a judgemental stare. "What is the meaning of this summons?"

"Brother Crowley I assume?"

Crowley sniffed into his hankerchief. "You have that honor."

Edmund nodded "You recieved the corpse of the Chancellor correct?"

Brother Crowley sniffed again. "'recieved' is generous, he was forced upon me by some beast and whoever he managed to coerce into helping him"

Edmund nodded "Do you know who these..beasts.. were? Why was he turned over to your custody, instead of the Stormwind Guard?"

"I'm sure I have no idea, I'm assuming the guard did not have the facilities to deal with the stench. We have more candles."

The priest sighed. "I suppose it may have been mentioned that they did not wish to create an incident. Such a high profile official I doubt it would do to double up his corpse in their sorrowfully inadequate morgue."

Hogue pinched his brow "Light above, and he's been...kept...down here since?"

Brother Crowley eyed Hogue. "The Archbishop informed you of the murder, if you had managed to come sooner there may not have been an issue. As for who dropped him off I believe the worgen's name was Garado, I can't be certain though."

Edmund nodded, jotting down the information on his notepad. "I see. And I'm guiessing attempts to ressurect him have failed."

"You saw his corpse, you cannot possibly suggest returning someone to life in that condition. Perhaps if he had nod been burned from the inside out...we might have tried, or someone would have if his soul had been nearby, by chance it was already gone by his arrival, I've heard tale it was gone before the body was discovered."

Edmund nodded, jotting the information down again. "All right Brother, I think that will be all. The Kirin Tor thanks you for keeping him in your...Possession...until we were able to retrieve him."

"The church is better equipped for such things, but you will kindly inform them to send someone sooner then a few days, we do not have such skills for preservation."

Edmund nodded. "I apologize, I only just got word of this a few hours ago myself. I do not know when the leadership recieved the Archbishop's missive."

Crowley nodded. "We are quite done here then?"

Hogue nodded. "We are Brother, Light watch over you."

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