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Aghud Embersmith

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Full name: Aghud Embersmith

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 98

Race: Dark Iron Dwarf

Gender: Female

Hair: Her hair is thick, long, and black. She changes the style frequently.

Skin: Light Gray

Eyes: Red-orange

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 190 lbs?

Place of Residence: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Relatives: Members of the Embersmith Clan. Horik Embersmith (father); Brigna Embersmith (mother); Jarec Embersmith (brother)


Weapons of Choice: Cunning and fire/shadow magic.



Hobbies: Traveling thru Dwarven ruins and exploring the forgotten areas of Ironforge.

Physical Features: She carries herself with pride. Her body is thick, stout and strong. Shes very curvy and wears clothing that keeps her tucked in and spilling out in all the right places. :}

Theme Song:

Just for fun! "My Humps" - Black Eyed Peas


The Embersmith Clan's origins are somewhat shrouded. They've always held a place of nobility among the Dark Irons, most holding positions of power. Though it's often not spoken of, many know the clan is made up of assassin's, spies, dark sorceresses and people who've lied and murdered their way to power. Despite shady motives an Embersmith is a powerful ally to have.

When Aghud was an infant a black drake named Abraxa came before the Embersmith Clan. She told them the child was the key to the Clan's ultimate rise to power and offered a hand in raising, teaching and protecting her. They knew the dragon must know that Aghud would hold great power one day, enough so that this dragon thought it wise to take its place at her side. After heated discussion Brigna, the current head of the clan and Aghud’s mother, chose to accept Abraxa's offer.

From then on Aghud was groomed to represent her clan and her teaching was given utmost care. She was taught many languages and about the various races of Azeroth and their history. She excelled most in sorcery and the manipulation of fire. After learning of her own race's history, Aghud began to idolize Modgud and her power. Occasionally Abraxa would take her aside for secret lessons.

As the years passed the Embersmith Clan became scattered and began to wither away. Upon Moira’s return to Ironforge and the possibility of an alliance with the Alliance races Brigna thought the time had come for her eldest daughter, Aghud, to take over leadership of the Clan and perhaps restore it to its former glory.

Aghud took pride in her new position as became determined to succeed as a powerful leader of her clan. Abraxa began to advise Aghud. It became apparent quickly that the dragon had sinister intent and wanted to take the Embersmith Clan down a dark path for her own advancement. Although their relationship has been damaged Abraxa still remains close to Aghud, perhaps just waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of

Aghud, on the other hand, was only concerned with strengthening her clan. She leads the Embersmith’s away from their shadowy past and toward a brighter future among the races of the Alliance.





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