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Andros Meznier

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Full Name:Chancellor Andros Gibralta Meznier (DECEASED)

Nicknames:Meznier, Chancellor(dead)

Date of Birth:57 years before the first war(deader)

Age:96 (appears to be around 50 due to constant use of arcane magic)(is totally dead!!!)




Skin:Pale leathery and wrinkled

Eyes:pale blue

Height:5' 4"

Weight:140 lbs

Place of residence:Dalaran

Place of Birth:Alterac

Known Relatives: Ambrose Meznier(son), Amalthea Meznier(Grandaughter), Thibault Meznier(Grandson), Andwina Stockson(Great Grandaughter) Morison Stockson(great Grandson), Anrose Meznier(great grandson)

Religion/Philosophy:"Dalaran manages it's own"

Occupation:Chancellor at Dalaran University of Magic.

Group/Guild affiliation:N/A

Guild Rank:N/A

Enemies:Anyone he has ever brought to trial

Likes: Like thinkers, his job, arcane theory.

Favorite Foods:Alterac swiss and slow roasted lambsleg.

Favorite Drinks:Aged Dalaran Red

Favorite Colors:Purple

Weapons of Choice:Magic

Dislikes:Young upstarts and the current low standards that Stormwind seems to hold for it's mages in training.

Hobbies:Studying new theories and continuing research.

Physical Features:Constantly smiling as if in good spirits, various wrinkles due to age, hair and beard neatly trimmed.

Special Abilities:A remarkable skill with arcane magic that only seems to come with age.

Positive Personality Traits:Very friendly, seems to take things in stride and always manages to be in good spirits.

Negative Personality Traits:Somewhat racist towards Night Elves and Worgen as he sees Worgen as mere experiments of Ur and Arugal, believes Night Elves are somewhat primitive, taken to living in trees and look oddly similer to trolls.

Misc. Quirks:Smells oddly of cheese and laughs frequently. He has managed not to pay for a single drink or meal for thirty years.

Theme Songs:

History: Andros Meznier was born many many years ago inside the kingdom of Alterac. When he was a boy he was found to have a potential for magic and was taken to Dalaran at the age of ten for an apprenticeship at the university. The boy was quite studious though meek and managed to advance quite far in his studies until graduation. From graduation Andros continued on private research, developing new theories on portal magic and spellbinding until applying as an instructor at the university and subsequently gaining the posistion after the previous had vanished under mysterious circumstances. One year later Andros gained the additional appointment of Chancellor when the mage responsible for the disapearences was caught and it became necessary for an impartial judge. He retained that posistion after the criminal was punished and still holds it to this day.

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The Professor rolls her eyes.

"Cost me a perfectly good job, mooched food at my expense... smells bad... somehow managed to still be interesting to talk to."

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