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The birth of a villain

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Alexander grew up on a farm in the hillsbrad area, his family wasn't rich but they were able to survive and thrive as farmers. One day when he was 14 years old Alexander is discovered a new power...the power of magic, becoming obsessed with it he began to experiment on all of the farm animals, crops and even children wanting to play with him.

His parents found out about his activity and locked him in his room until the wizards of Dalaran could investigate the next day, that day never came. Alexander in the night conjured a fireball and blasted his locked door down, setting it aflame in the process. Striding through the wreckage he began to exit the house, but found his parents blocking the door.

"I dont want to kill you mom 'n dad, I just want to be free" He said calmly, "You will be free son, just hang in there we'll have the wizards here tomorrow...they can take care of you" Came the reply.

Alexander suddenly was overcome with a sudden fear, a fear that his magic would be taken away by the wizards. NEVER! he shouted as his room crashed in on itself from the fire. "I'll never let you take my magic away!" and at that he threw a blast of raw arcane power at his parents, knocking them unconscious. A few minutes later they woke up, tied to a post in the house as the remainder of it burned around them.

Outside Alexander heard the screams of his parents, the agony in their voices and reveled in it, with one last thought Alexander, their son threw a fireball into the house, engulfing his parents in flame and putting them out of their misery, the last merciful act Alexander would ever make.

From this day forth, this world shall no longer know of me as Alexander, he was but a simple farmer...I am a being of much greater power, my name is Soraxis Firestorm and this world shall learn to know fear when they hear my name. This is my destiny

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