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Ranavos Abner

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((I'll toss you a bump, as well. I -adore- the sections you added. Relations and the spellbook...I may make one for myself. Or maybe just a word document to keep track. It's brilliant.))

*Morbidus nods* "Oy! Lichy! 'es a big brother ta me! We both love Evellin! Even if...Well, heh, m' old Master made me hurt the Lichy from time t' time. 'is forgiveness is really deep, oy'll tell ya that. Fer a dry legged one, 'e was a good Captain. But uh, 'ave ya seen th' old Captain? Stormguarde...?

...Have you..."

*He awkwardly shuffles off to continue searching for his "Captain"*

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((Updated. Added Arcane Command in Spell list. Added the Runic System. What is the Runic System? An old system that I used for Pen and Paper RPGs which I have recently updated. By all means, you are welcome to give me feedback and your thoughts on the system, perhaps even suggestions on how to improve it. I know lorewise that WoW already has a Runic system in place, but no one really practices it. Hopefully this system will simplify the concept of Runes and get newcomers to use this type of magic.))

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(( Runic system: Approved



Ultorag peers closely at the Goblin.

"Aren't you one of the Horde, Goblin?"

He was clearly new to being interviewed.

"Well, no...yes, sort of - it is hard to explain. You don't need to kill me. Now, on the matter at hand..?"

Ultorag continues peering for a few seconds, before returning to reality. "Ah, yes. The Man."

The Goblin stops himself from placing his hand over his face in front of the much, much, stronger warrior. "The man?"

"Aye. The man. His eyes glow blue and he has drawn all over himself. Yet his wardrobe seems to make me think he is a rather... extravagant man."

Ultorag pauses.

"But he draws on himself. It must be some sort of mage talent... yes. No man who dresses rich would act like an Orc."

Ultorag nods, satisfied with himself. "I didn't really meet him, but I met him at Marshtide watch, on our ship. Seemed rather... normal, for a man who draws on himself and who's eyes glow. I know for one, that Death knight's eyes glow, and most Death Knights I know are different in one way or another. Some are vicious, some are withdrawn, and some are like Sereven."

The goblin's brow raises. "Sereven?"

"Yes, Sereven. He's rather excitable. He's a good man though. He'd cut you down on sight. Death to the horde scum!"

Ultorag chuckles. He seems oblivious to the fact the goblin might not want to die.

The goblin pauses and sighs, and writes this down. "That all?"

Ultorag nods. "Aye. That is all."

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Altherion stares blankly at the Goblin Reporter, the same single binding entity that existed across the continents and between many different individuals. He wondered if everyone saw it the same, or if it was merely an anomaly in his mind. He decided on the latter, believing it to be a tumor or gift from a creator that he could vent to. He certainly didn't believe it would be writing this down for some article.

"Well then, spirit. It seems you've already asked me about this one. But it has been a while, hrm?" Altherion tilts his head, remembering those far off events of just the other week. "Ranavos Dryandson or Abner or Lich-bate or whatever Nikas maiden name is is certainly a character. One that I wouldn't particularly trust. However, he's being called over to Surwich to do something with Evellins Pirates turned Cultists."

"And I don't believe he has good intentions. Have you ever met an Undead with peace on the brain? If so, point them to my axe. The world should be rid of those sorts."

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