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I present this required report pertaining to the status of our assault against the Alliance strongholds of Ironforge and Exodar. While I have not forgotten your instruction or desire for a visual telling of information, my presence is required in the Eastern Kingdoms to confirm the information asked at our last meeting.

The third week of this month, The Grim entered the Exodar as previously planned. While the city's honor guard and defenses were on alert, there was minimal presence of any adventurer or mercenary group. Despite his own ability to foretell the future, the Prophet was defeated, though the retrieval of his corpse was unsuccessful. Informants inside the city report he still lives, but I presume he will be unable to physically leave the Exodar until his wounds fully heal.

In addition to the Exodar assault, the mountain fortress of Ironforge was breached. While the original intent was information collection, the city population seems to have been greatly affected by the Cataclysm. We were able to move through the different districts with little resistance, so the decision was to focus our forces near their Great Forge and royal quarters. While confirmation of the presence of the Wildhammer and Dark Iron may have already been made, our assault found us within their throne room where we defeated the representatives of the three clans. Like the Prophet, we were unable to acquire the bodies of their leaders; though none of our own were left for any semblance of justice. In contrast to Exodar, we met fierce resistance from the Alliance mercenaries and adventurers. They were unable to stop our assault, but their presence did keep us from burning Ironforge from within - the city and its leaders still stand, but we have collected enough information for further assaults which should reach you in separate correspondence.

While we have shown the Alliance can be attacked and defeated, such feints and skirmishes will do little to resolve the insult of their existence. With the full force of the Horde, we could end this in a matter of weeks… so I ask again the support of the Horde armies. While such a request will not change our plans for Stormwind, with military aid we could take the city and do what we will with it.

I await your response.


The Enforcer

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((permission to post? aka is this open?))

{{ Sorry about the delay in response. Please do! All Grim events/posts made public are... well, public! No closed stuff here! }}

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