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Miss Bedre Juliar, a woman of the light and a savior of the meek, her legacy was set, she would have been one of the greatest priests to come out of stormwind, but her tale is more than that. Bedre was a priestess, who in her time set herself against the fel, mastering the art of discipline she was decisive with every move she made. Young, blonde and ambitious, she was the church's pride, her work was very important to her, and her commitment to the light was set before all else. It was a mission to felwood that gained her notoriety.

It was in felwood that her life would be changed forever.

" Keep up, it's not much further!" Blonde hair glowing like strands of gold bobbed against the back of a freshly pressed mooncloth garment, even the eerie green glow of felwood couldn't manage to diminish the shine, the woman gave off, she couldn't have been more than twenty, the trio behind her seemed less exuberant. The priestess behind the group sighed, hefting her heavy pack over her shoulder once more, as if a final adjustment could make the weight more bearable. A soul paladin kept to the middle of the group and a middle aged priest turned his gaze this way and that trying to find something to break the dull mundane nature of this chore.

" Honestly... it's just some cultists...we've been up and down this path for hours, I highly doubt there's anything big out here, we would have seen it by now..." The lead priestess paused and turned around, her eyes landing on the grey haired priest, his own eyes half lidded and his arms behind his head, laced together as he finally settled his attention to the sky.

" He has a point..." Chimed the red headed priestess, settling the pack on the road next to her, choosing the brief pause on the road as a chance to rest.

Bedre gave them a moment, looking back up the road, trying to decide if there was any weight or if they were just tired of the trek, it wasn't as if they could have expected to waltz right into the area and find the source of the problem within minutes. Rolling her shoulders back she set her face into a frown and began to forge on, the group at her flanks watching with a mounting measure of disdain.

" Where are you going?" The older of the men, robed in grey robes, chimed indignantly. The other two having about the same question.

The priestess shook her hand at them dismissively and kept walking.

" Miss Bedre Juliar I swear by all that is holy if you don't stop where you are I will have you scrubbing the chapel from pew to buttress once we return to Stormwind." This made the girl pause, though only for a second.

" I'm just going to forge up ahead to see if there's a better place to rest." The older man scoffed, seeming annoyed but accepting the answer as he narrowed his eyes on the quickly retreating figure.

The token paladin smirked slightly and pursed his lips, attempting to keep his amusement to himself. The stern eyes of the older priest shut him up and he shrugged, trying to take on the same tone.

" She's a powerful priestess, it's her attitude that needs training." They all seemed to agree and with Bedre just out of eyesight they picked themselves up and began to give chase, at a moderate pace.

Sprouting leaves of gromsblood speckled the land scape, tainted creatures fed from the fel infused lakes and consumed of the half dead plant life. The only sound from the norm was the soft footfells of cloth boots across the ground, yards from the marked road through the area, the areas where even the more timid animals refused to venture.

A sole skull sit in a puddle of green ooze and as the priestess passed it she grimaced, the puddle, fearing this judgement, recoiled and took a more tangible shape, it's eyeless sockets turning towards the girl. a strike of holy fire set the ooze bubbling and once more in a puddle it fell to the dead grass unceremoniously.

With more than a twinge of guilt the girl looked back towards the road, it was not yet too late to head back...

" Where the hell is she?" The paladin sat at a small rest stop, a night elf girl frowning and shrugging at the group, she spoke quickly in her odd tongue but smiled, they had to assume she meant nothing by it. It was another elf there with cropped hair that cast a glance to the group and frowned.

" They don't speak elven." She said, slowly enough that the white haired girl managed to have her attention catch, even if it were only long enough to listen to her words. The first elf blinked a few times, murmuring in darnassian, but it sounded like an acknowledgment.

The old priest rolled his shoulders back and sighed, being alone out here in fel wood would be problematic, and he was furious, without a doubt the stray priestess would be cleaning the church as promised, just because she was skilled didn't mean that her inability to follow instructions would go unpunished. " So you have not seen another human out here?"

Each elf looked at the other and the white haired one put a finger to her lips babbling in darnassian but a sharp glare came from the dark haired hunter once more. " We were rather surprised to see any humans.... we didn't see any others." A small hawk owl soared down and with an extended arm from the white haired elf it landed and began chirping at the elf. The woman coo'd at the animal and smoothed it's feathers tenderly and began to converse with it. The hunter rolled her eyes, settled her quiver on her shoulder and clicked to her tortoise. " Best of luck finding your friend."

In typical kaldori fashion she gave a flourished bow and pulled the white haired elf by the arm to a pair of sabers and the trio of humans bowed in turn, looking to one another. There were a few options, they could continue their mission, head back, or search for the girl. Grudgingly they made their decision.

"oh wow..." A hushed whisper didn't reach the glowing rune circle below, several men and woman stood about the glowing alter, chanting, others who's features were twisted and demonic stood to the side and watched, in the center a man sobbed, his body torn and beaten, looking starved and broken. There was a booming cackle and in a puff of green felfire and a cloven, horned creature stepped into being. The chanting paused and whispers broke out among the group. The priestess hidden in the mountainside crept back against the stone, her heart pumping a mile a minute. Shadows cast off the rocks were the only thing keeping her hidden. This was what they were waiting for, it was what they'd journeyed here to find. It was a Dread lord.


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