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"Limpy" Joseph Waldren

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Full Name: Joseph Waldren

Nicknames: Limpy Joe

Date of Birth: The Ides of April.

Age: 21

Race: Human, Gilnean

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Skin: White

Eyes: Blue-ish Grey

Height: 5' 9''

Place of residence: Cutthroat Alley. When the owners aren't home.

Place of Birth: Gilneas

Known Relatives: None

Religion/Philosophy: Do what you need to, and joke as much as you can.

Occupation: Armor Salesman, Assassin, Thief, Ex-Highwayman/Defias member.

Group/Guild affiliation: ((Hopefully Redblade Corsairs, Here's lookin' at ya' Evellin!))

Guild Rank: Null

Enemies: Ranavos, Perhaps Jenny and Triggy.

Likes: Beautiful girls with a quick wit and sharp tongue, All kinds of Alcohol, Pranking.

Favorite Drinks: Thistle Tea, Mead, Bourbon, Dwarven Stout.

Favorite Colors: Black, Red, Purple, and Gold.

Weapons of Choice: Daggers and swords.

Dislikes: People who take things too seriously in a relaxed environment.

Hobbies: Vintriliquism, though he doesn't use puppets.

Special Abilities: Vintriliquism. (( Breaking the 4th wall in emotes. ))

Positive Personality Traits: Charming as can be, quick witted, and funny to boot!

Negative Personality Traits: Some might think he jokes around too often and it often gets him nearly killed.

Misc. Quirk: Speaks in the Gilnean Cockny Rhyme Accent, as part o' his Charm.

Theme Song: Highwayman - Johnny Cash, La Donna e Mobile - Giuseppe Verdi

Played By: Ryan Reynolds

History: Snuck out of the supposedly sealed Wall of Gilneas at the age of 15, he stopped in Pyrewood Village for some rest and may have met Melros there, though he isn't sure. After getting information from the nearby Dalaran Mages, he made his way to Ironforge and then Stormwind where he currently resides. While there he met a Defias Recruiter in the city walls and joined the group of Bandits and Highwaymen. He left before the War against Arthas and began taking mercenary work, where he met his good friend Gyro, and missing goblin Flint. While he still performs jobs as an adventurer he can often be found in one of Stormwinds many taverns flirting with most any "Ocean Pearl" he meets. He seems to have quite a few friends within the SI:7, why this is has yet to be discovered. He's recently opened a Tailoring shop. From time to time the sound of machinery and muffled gnomish squeaks can be heard in the Finest Thread.

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"Joe Waldren, eh?" Grinban scratches his head for a moment. "I don't think there's much ta' say. Th'man's alright enough, can share a few drinks with'em and talk 'bout nothin', really. 'e's always got a joke ta'crack 'bout pretty much anythin'. Not sure if 'es sincere or got some kind o' angle with th'things 'e says ta'me... An' I don't think I should be trustin' 'im with anything I don't want anyone else knowin'." After finishing his statement, Grinban peers down into his tankard and stare at his reflection in his mead. "That's all I've got ta' tell ye..."

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"Oh yeah! I know Joe!" Janaelle exclaimed to her goblin companion. "His name's Joseph Waldren, huh?"

The goblin nodded, agitated by the lengthy description he had been forced to give before the death knight had figured out who he was inquireing after.

She smiled, "He's a good guy. I'd say he's either a masochist, or has the patience of a saint. Either way, he's gonna end up dead 'cause he said the wrong joke to the wrong person."

After a pause, where the only sound between them was the scratching of the goblin's pen, she said, "If you're not careful, he'll start talking a mile a minute and you won't be able to understand a damn thing that comes out of his mouth."

"And?" the goblin said, after she had paused for a second time.

"And...what?" she asked, looking confused. "I don't really know him that well. I havent' had an opportunity to."

The goblin turned away without so much as a thank you and headed for a neaby table to bother another patron.

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Corissa blinks once, as a Goblin approaches her. "You again...who do you want to grill me about this time?"

"A Rogue... His name is Joesph. You know him?"

"Oh Joe, you mean." A soft smile cracks across her face. "Yes, I know him."

"So are you going to tell me about him?"

The young Huntress picks up a piece of jerky that's lying on the table, where she sits at. "Well that depends on what you want to know, now doesn't it?" She says, as she throws the piece of jerky off to her left side and a low growl is heard, as some kind of beast nearby the Huntress, grabs it, and quickly devours it.

"What you think of him and the like."

She pauses briefly before speaking. "He's kind...a bit quirky really. His mannerisms often bring a smile to my face and a slight chuckle to my lips. He's quite good at his craft. He seems to be a good man all around."

"And?" The Goblin asks, seeming rather expectant.

"And..any more information you'll have to find out yourself."

The Goblin lets out a frustrated sigh, arousing a soft chuckle from the Huntress, as she slowly rises to her feet, and walks over to where her hidden companion lays. "Come on, Kaia. It's best we leave, lest of all, anyone finds you here and panics about your presence." The feline slowly rises to her feet and follows the Huntress as she leaves the tavern.

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