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Full Name: Karnia Shadowscar

Nicknames: none

Date of Birth:

Age: 16

Race: Troll

Gender: Female

Hair: Blue

Skin: Blue

Eyes: Reddish brown

Height: Slightly over 6 feet


Place of residence: Ratchet

Place of Birth: Shadowprey Village

Known Relatives: Garla’jin Shadowscar – Mother. Karnya Shadowscar – Older sister

Religion/Philosophy: Karnia honestly believes that most creatures are happy and nice. She has a do-unto-others mentality. She will however fight in the defense of a friend, even if they are in the wrong.

Occupation: Small-time alchemist. Fisherman.

Group/Guild affiliation: none

Guild Rank: none

Enemies: none

Likes: Swimming, fishing, shopping for clothes.

Favorite Foods: Sweets, candy, fried fish.

Favorite Drinks: Coffee, iced tea.

Favorite Colors: Blue, white.

Weapons of Choice: Carries a staff for protection.

Dislikes: Negative attitudes.

Hobbies: When not exploring the Barrens with Kurt Russul, Karnia can be found fishing or looking for herbs around a nearby oasis.

Physical Features: Karnia is a lanky Troll teenager. She is about 6 feet tall and has a bright youthful appearance. She has multi-toned blue hair and light blue skin.

Special Abilities: none yet noticed

Positive Personality Traits: Always willing to help. Loves to meet new people and see new things.

Negative Personality Traits: Very very naive. Not well educated. Karnia does not understand at all how dangerous the world is.

Misc. Quirks:

Played by What Famous Person:

Theme Songs:

History: Karnia Shadowscar is a teenage Shaman from the small fishing town of Shadowprey village. She was brought up in a very sheltered way. Her mother, Garla’jin, tried to keep disturbing news and world events far away from her youngest daughter. As a result Karnia has a very skewed world view. She barely understands the war with the alliance, and all but disbelieves the scourge invasion. She left home to study the path of the shaman in Durotar. She did this to exress her freedom, and to get away from her mother, who she believes is very controlling.

Everything is a new experience for her, she seems content for the moment to stay close to her new adopted home of Ratchet.

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