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The Events of Past Failures and Future Attempts: Axelik's Story

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Axelik Icemourne... He was of the first "bloodline"... To put it another way, Axel and his comrades were the first Death Knight generation made. The Icemourne "bloodline" is dead now. He is the only one left. The Bloodmourne and Screechmourne bloodlines came after him, and both also died. They died due to the Lich King's fury, when the Ebon Blade turned on their former master. The first free generation was Ebonmourne. The only free generation will always be Ebonmourne...

Axelik has gone through many, many years of change. It's been 23 years since Acherus broke the Lich King's hold on it, and became the santified place of the Ebon Blade, where they could "live" in a general calm. Many Death Knights went out. Some for revenge, some to see the rest of the world, some to rekindle old friendships and see loved ones. Some were bloodthirsty and still wanted nothing but apocalyptic destruction, while others were generally relaxed or justified fighters. Axel... he was a bit of everything. Not due to his creation. Like most Death Knights before Ebonmourne, he was a blood craving psycopath bent on anhialation of the living, so that the Undead may rule. But the times that passed of seeing how the world functioned and how mortals thought, and reacted, and fought... It took a tole. He went on a long trip about a year after he helped to defeat the Lich King, by the side of other heroes and Tirion. The trip included meeting Horde and Alliance alike, and even becoming mortal enemies with the Steamwheedle Cartel, and allies with the Bloodsail Pirates.

He spent about a year being an AWOL soldier of the Seventy Third, a military unit that at the time was strictly stationed in Theramore. When he went back, papers were filed and events occured. He was let "off the hook" by keeping a few things to himself about his travels, which could of jeopardized public opinions about certain "classified" events. Axel spent a few more years with the Seventy Third. Recently, about a week ago in fact, he left The Seventy Third. Deserted. The Death Knight left his tabard and Luitenant's Bars on Branngas' office desk and left the building. Before that, he commanded an outpost in Lordaeron for the Seventy Third.

Upon his leaving, he joined a traveling guild of men and women called Illuminati. They traveled all over the world, killing beings of power and making a name for themselves. Although he didn't go with them all the time. He found himself getting drunk in Stormwind a lot. One day, he met his friend Altherion. Altherion was Axel's best friend in The Seventy Third as well as everywhere else. They had gone on a crusade of evil once togethor. Altherion was gathering souls for his blade... to forge Shadowmourne... Once the blade was finished, Altheroin plotted to be the next Lich King, and take control from the current new one. Axel, unable to resist the thought of power, has agreed to be by Altherion's side when the time comes, and unleash the Scourge on the world.

Axel's story will continue from that point... A point that will change his life, again...

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Past Event...

Location: Dragonblight, Northrend

Event: Dragoncrest Assault

Factions: Scourge and Draconic Forces

Event Details: Massive slaughter of Dragons, mostly red and green. 300 is the estimated count. 97 Icemourne Death Knights fell in the initial battle. Two more fell later on from a surprise attack on the three survivors. The last one... In technical records, Axelik, is technically MIA. Nobody knows where he is but the military, and they keeps their lips zipped.

((This will be in First Person))


I looked both ways and then signaled for my men to follow. I was the first Death Knight ever. I was the first to succeed the training at least... There were 100 Icemourne Death Knights. We were all mostly alive, only a small amount of the Icemourne "bloodline" was dead. Each was about 90% alive. Our souls were ours even. The Scourgelord wasn't experienced in the creation of our kind yet, so we were much like our old selves, and our power was extreme. He could of lost to us if we attacked him. It would only take about 10 to remove him, but none knew how to lead, and therefore we never attacked him...

Before the battle began, all 100 of us were slowly moving in on the Sanctums. Ruby and Emerald were the main target, the dragons that most supported life. 50 each... Each 50 seperated into divisions of 10. Disciples of Blood were more rare, and therefore it was 1 per each. The Unholy and Frost Disciples consisted of the rest of the divisions. I led my division, and basically all 50 at the Emerald Sanctum, into the attack. Razen, my second in command of the Icemourne's, blew his Horn of Winter and alerted the men of the Ruby Sanctum to atttack. Soon, both were under massive invasion. Dragons dropped from the skies after being frozen in Ice Blocks by our Frost Disciples, and were hacked apart quickly by Unholy and Blood Disciples. When a division defeated a dragon, they surrounded it and the Unholy Disciples then began to ressurect the wyrm into a Frost Wyrm. It took five just to make a weak one. Then the Frost Disciples turned to work the the Unholy and it was a five minute process to construct a full powered wyrm. The Wyrm provided a main target for dragon's in the air so we weren't hit. The "Dragoncrest Assault" as it was dubbed, lasted for three days, in which 200 Emerald Dragons fell. 100 Ruby fell. I constructed a belt that was sewn togethor of the skin from all Aspects. The blue, black, and bronze were easy to get as well.

There were many corpses that weren't turned, and just were left to rot or be sucked into the earth by the powers of their survivors. It was a very small dent in the dragon population, and they rebuilt quickly, but that wasn't the point. The Lich King has sent us on a suicide run and I knew it... We were too powerful... He didn't want his minions to be so capable... Too much risk... Me, Razen, and Kardzak all survived it. None others did... The Icemourne's weren't done... yet...

We took refuge in a small cave not far from the Argent Tournament was now held. The cave long since has caved in and dissapeared from existence but at the time it was small and hard to see. We were ambushed not even an hour after taking cover there. I had thought that if we hid far from where the Citadel was, we wouldn't be followed, due to the distance and fact that the Citadel would be untouched. It worked... But in the process we were too far from the Citadel to make a run for it. They followed us anyway. Mostly Red, as they didn't need time to recover as much as the Green Dragonflight did. It was Dragonkin. They were extremely powerful. With no escape, and our backs to the wall, we fought and killed another 30 before they pulled back. I was the only one left it turned out... The trek back took two days. When I returned, the scourgelord nearly fell over. He trusted me for returning, and not betraying him, even after he knew I realized his intent on us going there. I was his "behind the scenes" right hand man. I did a lot of dirty work, recruited cultists, helped create powerful Luitenants to help direct the Scourge in different areas. Arthas would be coming around as a powerful Death Knight within a few months of that battle it appears...

But I had lost every one of my kin in that assault... Because of that bastard... And deep inside... where he couldn't detect me... and I hated him...

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Location: Scourgeholme, Northrend (Icecrown)

Event: Repent... My style...


I moved into the area quietly. Nobody saw a thing, heard a sound, or smelled a single desolate particle in the frigid Icecrown air. Northrend was perfect for a Death Knight...

My name was of no importance to the victims of this incident when it occured. The only important factor was that I had been there and things had died... A high importance Nerubian boss was moving through the area. My blade remained calm and I sat on my haunches an waited...

Three days passed, I was low on my already meager rations. The waiting made even ME cold. The Nerubian finally showed up, and I grinned as he came closer to the building. Soon as his back was turned, I found myself sprinting towards the giant spider as fast as my plate armor and heavy two-handed sword would permit. My legs launched me onto his back, and I burried my blade deep into his back. Writing in agony, the Nerubian threw me off of him, and whipped around. With my sword stuck in his back, there was no option but to send powerful blows into weak points with my fists and hope to manage to get onto his back to retrieve my blade.

He dived at me angrily, other Scourge were off to the side, waiting for him to say for their involving, but he didn't. When he launched at me, I put some power into a Strangulate and kept his vocals shut, then punched him in the throat as he clawed at it. "Don't speak, just die." I murmered, and sent a few hard shots into his legs and slid under him. With 3 of his legs, two in the front, damaged, the Nerubian crumpled forward with a large thump. This gave me time to get up and dive onto his back.

"Final attempt..." I whispered again, and the blade went through carapace into the spider's head. Naz'Jak was a dead spider...

That day, I felt good. I went to Stormwind, into the Pig and Whistle Tavern, and relaxed and drank. Ebon Blade soldiers cheered for me when I went back to Acherus. It was a good day...

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Past Event

Location: Several places

Event: Troll-posessed (Becoming a Troll God Champion. Part 1.)


The first day I started to feel the whispers of the Troll Gods, specifically Hakkar, was shortly after I had retrieved a powerful sword known as Jin'Rokh, the Apocalypse. It dropped off a big troll guy at Zul'Aman, he was the leader of the nuts who wanted to make themselves all powerful using animal spirits. Eagle, Bear, Dragonhawk, then Tiger, respectively, were the four priests I had to fight before gaining access to the Hex Master who guarded the boss man's roost in the back. I don't remember their names, except for Nalorak, the bear spirits Avatar. He said his name so many times its hard to forget it. They all fell rather easy to my blade. Where it took about 10 men to make it through something like that, I could do it by myself. Such came with being a Death Knight of the Icemourne bloodline.

After the recovery of that blade, voices in my head told me to do things. I resisted at first, but after awhile, they became powerful, and probed my mind, seizing hold. I was posessed, but I didn't fight it. No reason to. They were Troll Gods after all! I started wearing a lot more troll garb, recovered from those I defeated at Zul'Aman. They were all ressurected sadly, but even then, they were weaker. Their powers had to be regained. Many feared me for the troll-likeness I took, and a lot of military tried to get me in trouble somehow.

I did some bad things, killed a lot of people. A few attempts were put into summoning Hakkar, but to no avail. My best friend, Altherion, tried to stop me. He had seen what I was capable of and didn't want somebody like me to posess such power. Plus, he knew it wasn't really me. I wasn't like this... I didn't like working for the bad guys... I defeated Altherion rather easily. He didn't like it, but it still happened. With no way to stop me, he fled. One day, he came back stronger than before, using Elven Blades of colossal power. He must of gone to some length to get them, this must of been important to him. We fought at the Sundering, a giant whirlpool in Stranglethorn created by Deathwing. It was magical and filled with chaotic energies. He kicked me into it after defeating me, and I sacrificed all my powers given by the sword to save myself. The sword no longer held power. It was just a well made and deadly blade...

My troll days weren't over by a long shot...

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Current Event

Self Thought

Event: Relaxing at the Blue Recluse


Why do I write these journal marks? Its more like a biography of myself. Someone will read this some day, when I'm dead. They will find it on my person in the battlefield, or wherever I die. Maybe I'll just submit it to a library some time and have it mass produced so everyone may read of the Icemourne's. I don't know...

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Past Event

Joining the ranks

Event: Proving Grounds


I'm surprised I don't think about this more often. When I first was admitted into the ranks of the Ebon Blade, it was a glorious time, despite the sullen and depressed mood Acherus always had. I enjoyed that mood though, as I was part of it. I had a weapon given to me, a runeblade, as all got in the beginning. It was strong, but not strong enough. I would crave more power...

But at the time, the proving grounds were rigorous. There were 500 corpes risen as Death Knights. Many people were timid and afraid. Many just killed themselves, while others tried to kill everything else. Only 250 of them were stable but destructive all in one beautiful, efficient and deadly package. I was the strongest of them all. The Scourgelord who raised us wanted the best of the best, despite the fact that soon he would realize his Death Knights were too strong. For now, he had massive tests applied. We headed the attack on an Horde Keep, no backup. Just us Death Knights. About 30 of the Icemourne's were picked off just from Mortars and Bows alone. At the gates, we were unstoppable. Not a single Death Knight fell to ground forces. Mages and Hunters sat on top of the walls, safe from the violence below, and fired upon us. It wasn't until our numbers thinned to 100 strong soldiers with extreme speed, strength, and intelligience, did the Icemourne massacre end and we started to have an even chance. Arrows were easy to dodge and mortars weren't usable inside the walls. We split up and went up the walls, slaughtering all the ranged enemies we could. Soon, there were only 105 of us. Remember, we were all barely past Initiates at this phase. Our strength was still extreme however.

With me leading, I had Frost Disciples up front, ready to throw up walls of ice to prevent any preemptive attack once inside. The owner of the Keep, an Orc named Rogul'rosh, was waiting with a cannon at the door. Soon as it entered, the five Frost Disciples I had to lead the group were blown to bits, their ice walls shattered. Rogul'rosh charged with ferocity, his axe swinging like mad, green skin slightly reddened from a bloodrush and adrenaline. We filled the room, surrounding him, he backed off and found himself cornered right on his Command Chair. 100 of us were left... The 100 that would stay togethor with no casualties for four years of battle... I strode up to the orc, my blade in one hand, and he was disarmed by a Death Knight from behind.

"Get it over with, you abomination..." he spoke in clear Common, obviously a trait he needed for P.O.W's in interrogation. "Kneel..." I said quietly, my voice echoing throughout the silent room like a sarcophagus being thrown into a saronite wall, in which yes, I had done that before, as part of muscle training.

"I don't kneel for anyone!" he said angrily, and went to hit me. The two Icemourne's behind him sent a unified kick straight into the back of his knees, forcing him down as well as making a yell of pain escape from his lips. My blade touched his chin gently, "Are you sure? The entire world will kneel before the Scourge soon enough..." The blade slowly removed itself from his skin and I held it to the side, then swept it down, with a flourish, missing on purpose. He yelped, and then looked confused. "You will be of the next generation of Death Knights, Rogul'rosh. That means I can't behead you... Until you fail the test..." I simply move the blade back to his chin, and then slid it into his throat slowly, choking him, making him suffer, the blood spurting out around the blade...

"I will never... serve you..." he gasped, then his eyes went dull and he slumped to the side.

That day, we went back, and were made full Death Knights. The scourgelord regarded us with an odd feeling... he only half approved... something was wrong that we didn't understand. We would be sent to the Dragoncrest assault in four years... to kill us... But we didn't know that yet...

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