"Great Explorer" Eethalas Sunsetter

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Full Name: Eethalas Sunsetter

Age: Middle Age for a Blood Elf (don't know exact ages for a Blood Elf)

Race: Blood elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Red

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Green

Height: Average Height for a Blood Elf

Weight: With Armor 400+ LBS (if that makes sense for plate, I am willing to edit.) 250 Lbs without.

Place of residence: Orgrimmar

Place of Birth: Somewhere in Kalimdor

Known Relatives: Vordrean Sunsetter

Religion/Philosophy: Strength of body = Strength in soul; The light is weak but necessary, may all who revel in its glory soon find the truth.

Occupation: Mercenary/ Adventure

Group/Guild affiliation: Currently in the Dragonhawk Brigade.

Guild Rank: Low

Enemies: None at the moment.

Likes: War Stories, Dark ruins/caves, Strong yet tasteful alcohol, beautiful women.

Favorite Drinks: Eversong Wine

Favorite Colors: Red

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Shield or Twin Long Swords.

Dislikes: Goblins and rude people.

Hobbies: Exploring and Tinkering with his flying machine(s)

Physical Features: Large Muscles and many scars, the trade mark of any fine warrior.

Special Abilities: Adept at Silencing and fighting magical enemies.

Positive Personality Traits: Polite, Protector, Avid adventurer, and Quick Learner

Negative Personality Traits: Orc like temper, Can be a little schizophrenic when he drinks, and Obsesses over his swords.

Misc. Quirks: Can be a little odd and child like when bored. Nervous around new people.

History: When Eethalas was a young man he trained in the light to be a noble, yet foolish, paladin. During the campaigns in Outlands he fought bravely like any good paladin and when the call came to Northrend he gladly lended his sword to the Orcs. While in Northrend he was held up with a Dk that shared the name Eethalas with him. The two trusted there lives to one another in Zul' Drak yet when The Death Knight Eethalas feel from a wound the an Undead Troll gave him, the Paladin tried to heal him.

Needless to say, Eethalas's holy powers ended up killed the Death Knight instead of saving him. So, Eethalas forsake the power of the light claiming," If it could not save all men, it is not a divine power." So, he followed the path of warriors like Garrosh and Cairne to learn the ways of the body instead of the light and thus became a Fierce combatant.

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