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Is that a worgen CHILD?! Er.....pup?

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((DISCLAIMER Alcyde did give me permission to use his toon))

"The night I was Turned is one I'll not soon forget. Not now, not ever. I'm not sure how old I was, though I'm told I am around the age of 10. But thats beside the point isnt it? I was sitting at the dinner table waiting for Pa to get home so we could eat. Thats how it always was, Ma would make dinner and she wouldn't let me or herself eat till Da opened the door. It wasnt important if the food got cold, or if I threw a tantrum to get even a small bite of food, we waited for Pa. Ma always told me 'Your Pa works long hours so we have food to eat, it wouldn't be right if we ate without him.' That would always shut me up. But this night he was later then usual. When he did get home he was pale and sweating. Ma immidiatly brought him up stairs and into bed, leaving me to sit stirring at the food. When Ma came back down she told me to go ahead and eat. She said that Pa had been bitten by 'that Crowley girl's good for nothing dogs' and that I should get straight to bed after dinner.

I waited in my bed for Ma or Pa to come read me a story like they did every night. After a while it became appearent that there wouldn't be a story that night. so I tucked myself in and tried to sleep. I didnt sleep for long. I heard growls coming from the otherside of the wall. I felt my heart do a jump. But it settled as soon as I saw the familar light leaking out from my cracked door, the sign that Ma or Pa was still awake down stairs. I closed my eyes only to feel my heart jump a second time a second time. This time the growl came from outside my door. I hid under the covers, not wanting to run down stairs or to Ma and Pa's room only to be told it was all in my head. When I heard the sound of claws on the wooden floor, I knew that this time it wasn't all in my head, the orcs had come to steal me away. I wouldnt give up if I could get to Pa he would save me, I knew he would. At that moment I gathered my courage and prepared to run down the hall. When I threw off my blanket I wasn't prepared for what I saw. I saw before me a monster, a dog and yet not a dog. Wilder, but still human in some ways. I couldn't see the details too well, but the eyes and how they reflected in the moon light scared me more than any orc ever could. I did the only thing I could do, I screamed."

Sadi looked at her clawed hand as it cupped a glass of orange juice. Then looked to Alcyde's much bigger one's. She stole a look into his eyes. He had been very good listener, not something she was used to. He stared back very patiently and Sadi quickly looked away knowing it wasn't very nice to look into an alpha's eyes for very long. Instead the pup looked out the tavern window. She smiled slightly.

"Some of me wishes I hadn't of screamed. At first becuase I thought that maybe I would have never ended up the way I am today. But the thing is I like being the way I am. Not to mention I would of been found anyway. As you know we have very sensetive noses-" Alcyde coughed "-errr of course you do." Sadi stumbled for her next words. "I still wished I hadn't screamed you know. I wished I didn't scream because Ma may have been able to live. Not likely I know but there is still a chance." Sadi took a sip of her juice, silently thanking the alpha that sat across from her for getting it. She didn't dare say it out loud for the umptenth time because he had told her if she did he'd never buy another one again.

"The monster, I now know it was my Pa, but then it was a monster. Anyway the monster sprang as soon as I screamed. It knocked me over and had me in it's mouth by the arm. The pain was worse than anything. I heard a crash and Ma ran through the door hold an iron poker. The monster let go and turned it's attention to my mother. She never stood a chance. It clawed right trough Ma's night shirt (for she'd probably been up reading). Ma hit it good right on it's snout, and continued to wack it. Soon it got backed into a corner and thats when things got real bad. The monster -Pa- got ahold of the poker and ripped out of Ma's hands. It-he got ahold of her ankles then and Ma went down. 'Run!' Was all she was able to get out before the creature that was once my father bit down on her throat. He shook once and Ma wimp limp." Sadi winced remembering the -snap- of her mothers neck.

Sadi became quiet. Alcyde prompted her with a, "What happend then."

"Simple. I ran. I ran untill my human legs gave out. I Turned then. Laying in my own blood, I changed. I became what I am today and not. I turned all animal then, but then you would know all about that wouldn't you?"

Alcyde nodded, nither confirming nor denying the fact. "What's your last name Sadi?"

Sadi gave him a crooked smile. "That IS my last name....or Sadiabla is.....see this is my family crest here." The pup pulled out an old brooch that had been turned into a necklace of sorts. It had the name Sadiabla spread out in top of of a circle, in the middle held the head of a ram and on the bottem the words in old common 'Let the Deed Shaw'.

"'Let the Deed Show' Mister Crowley said that's what it meant." Sadi said stifling a yawn.

"Crowley?" That seem to catch his intrest, "How do you know him?"

"Awwww do I have to tell that now? I tired it's almost sunrise." Sadi had turnned into a very winey and sleepy puppy. Alcyde gave her an appraising look. Then nodded.

"Tommorow then. Do you have a place to stay?"

Sadi shifted her feet at this. "Yeah....the orphanage..."

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