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Full Name: Aisra (no known surname)

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: appears to be approximately 17 or 18


Gender: Female


Skin: Fair/pale

Eyes: greenish yellow


Weight:131 lbs

Place of residence: Stormwind

Place of Birth:unknown, beleived to be near Stormwind. Raised in the Stormwind orphanage

Known Relatives: None

Religion/Philosophy: None

Occupation: Assistant of Harrison Jones

Group/Guild affiliation: Invictus Sanctum

Guild Rank: Adept

Enemies: Undead

Likes: History, alchemy, exploring, reading, sand, sunlight

Favorite Foods:Well cooked meat, sagefish, highland guppy

Favorite Colors: Green, Yellow

Weapons of Choice: Spelldaggers, tomes

Dislikes: alcohol

Hobbies: alchemy, planting and light garden work, researching history

Physical Features: prefers modest clothing, ears pierced in the lobes and the bridge. Her hair is straight but somewhat coarse, shoulder length, and parted in the middle with no bangs. Doesn't wear any makeup. Taller than most women but still slender.

Special Abilities:The following states can currently be seen on her character with the totalrp2 addon: Shadow Imprint, Fabricated Reality, Complete Amnesia, Smell of beasts, Happy, Quiet

Positive Personality Traits:Kind, friendly, often willing to help

Negative Personality Traits: Unsure of herself, Does not want the burden of leadership, often stays quiet even if she wished to speak,

Misc. Quirks: Unaffected by the elements, warlock talents are seemingly natural gifts - mastered spells without the full required teachings and testing. Her demons came to her rather than being summoned and enslaved, and often disobey her orders.

Played by What Famous Person: Summer Glau

Theme Songs: 'Let Go' by Frou Frou

History: Left at the Stormwind Orphanage at the approximate age of 2 by a shadowy figure. She was raised normally (as normal as the limited alliance funds could manage for the orphanage) until she showed an aptitude for magic in her early tweens. She started taking lessons at the wizards academy in the mage disctrict, she would often see a lone voidwalker watching her from a distance between classes but on a second glance would no longer be there.

Upon casting a shadowbolt during a lesson in frost use, she was barred from the mage district. It was then that the voidwalker finally approached her, calling himself Tangkrast, he said simply that he was there to protect her and she should follow. Led to the slaughtered pig, she was able to interest the teachers of it's basement enough to enroll her as a potential warlock.

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