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Full Name: Unknown

Nickname: “Crutch”

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Mid 50s

Race: Goblin

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark and receding in a distinguishing manner.

Skin: Green

Eyes: Red

Height: 3 feet

Weight: 80 lbs.

Place of residence: Unknown… though his office is at Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge

Place of Birth: Kezan Undermines

Known Relatives: Unknown

Religion/Philosophy: Gob with the Most Money/coolest weapon usually wins

Occupation: Newly appoint Commander of the Raven Cross

Group/Guild affiliation: The Raven Cross

Guild Rank: Supremely (cool) commander

Enemies: To be an enemy… you have to be an equal.

Likes: Exploring, anything explosive.

Favorite Foods: Kabobs

Favorite Drinks: An aged wine

Favorite Colors: Grey and Green

Weapons of Choice: Anything sharp

Dislikes: The Alliance. They SAY they don’t have a use for freelance assassins… but what’s SI:7?!?!?

Hobbies: Fishing, Engineering, Chess, Exploring... enjoying the finer things in life.

Physical Features: Crutch is a typical elderly Goblin in appearance… easily forgotten and indiscernible. If Crutch were to lift up his sleeves, he would have two tattoos; the first is a tattoo that reads "K4G", and the other is a piece of Dynamite, with the logo "C4" in the center.

Special Abilities: Crutch can hide well in almost any setting… it’s what he gets paid for. He is also an expert in Alliance culture... he undertands common, Gnomish, and a little Dwarven. He also can communicate in sign language.

Positive Personality Traits: Crutch is a Goblin... do they really have any?

Negative Personality Traits: Crutch enjoys his work a little too much. Even out of retirement, he still takes meaningful side jobs, always looking for a little side money.

Misc. Quirks: Crutch attempts to be civil with every race... after all, you never know when that civility can be turned into a profit but he's not afraid to step on some toes when needed. He has been recently attempting to learn how to be a "refined Gob"...

Theme Song: It's time to Party: Andrew W.K.


Crutch was one of several freelance assassins who are often employed by the Proprietor when the trade prince needs someone dead. He is known only by his alias “Crutch” for supposedly a singular job he did for some friends in Cosmowrench; he removed a nasty problem for the residents despite having a broken leg; he killed 13 while hobbling on crutches. It has also been rumored among upper echelons that he was responsible for the deaths of 27 souls on board a vessel smuggling goblin artifacts under the Proprietor’s nose, and he tortured a man that now hobbles on crutches. Whatever the reason, no one knows his real name. He got the tattoo, "K4G" while serving as a Cash Collector. It means "Kill for Gold".

He soon found himself employed by the Raven Cross, where he learned to respect and almost admire the new leaders Kelzzmala and Periettel. Business was good and for the first time, Crutch was happy. Then things went to shit. The old leaders of the Cross came back, restored their old Creeds and ousted Periettel and the troll. When the two bounced... he did too. Honor was restored to the Cross, and Leoren and Chikt buried the organization once more.

After Periettel got himself killed in Stormwind, Crutch began taking up contract work and reverting back to self preservation mode. He was commissioned to “whack” a Goblin named Grimswitch… Mr. Grimswitch had begun to take contracts for an Alliance organization known as the Praetorian Guard and Mr. Grimswitch’s demeanor and this precedent had a lot of people upset. It is not confirmed if he has completed his task, nor has it been confirmed who ordered the hit. Crutch doesn’t ask… and he doesn’t tell. His reason for taking this particular contract is unknown to many; when the client asked why he had accepted the job, he just said, "It's personal".

It was confirmed that Crutch had been the mastermind behind the Stormwind bank heist and the insurgancy of the Neo-Defias. He manipulated both the authorities and the criminals who worked for him to retrieve a schematic seemingly of dire importance. Apparently the Grim paid him handsomly for it...

Recently... Kelzzmala came out of hiding and arranged a meeting where Crutch discovered Periettel had been brought back from the dead and he had owed his revival to the Alliance. Kelzzmala had been given utter authority over the Raven Cross once more and she wanted to appoint Crutch and the Blood elf Akaelea as commanders. the Elf had fought the troll and the undead's new creeds, why Crutch had been an adament supporter. Kelzzmala had made them both her right and left hands to revive the Cross.

While trying to balance all of these, Crutch has finally realized that when he sleeps, he wakes up in odd locations. He had once dismissed this as a consequence of his overdrinking, but recently it almost got him killed even when he knew he hadn't touched booze.


A smelly, well worn journal...

Favorite Quote:

"Want some good advice? Too bad, you can't afford it. All I have is bad advice, and I can put you on a payment plan for that..."

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As soon as Nika saw the goblin reporter approaching her, her eyes flashed darkly. She made a quick move towards him.. and then collected herself, her expression smoothing to calm again.

"So, give me your thoughts on Crutch." The goblin reporter leered, pulling a notepad from his pack. "I hear he really pulled one over on you 'Defias'." The goblin cackled, hoping to coax a heated statement out of Nika.

Something dark flickered in Nika's eyes, and she gave a slow shake of her head. "I will.. I have plenty to say. I know a LOT.. how much was true and how much wasn't is still to be determined. But I can give you a great story. IF you do me a favor, first.. wait here.."

Nika bought the goblin reporter a drink, telling him she'd be back before he finished it. She left, and true to her word, returned several minutes later with a sack of coins, and a sealed envelope. She plopped the coins down onto the table in front of the reporter. "I'd like you to deliver a message to Crutch for me, first.. I'll pay you a thousand gold for your trouble." She nodded towards the sack in front of him. "There's a portion of it up front. After I have confirmation that he's received the note, you'll get the balance of your pay. And a story."

The goblin's eyes lit up and he knocked back the last dregs of ale from the mug, then stuffed the bag of gold into his pack. Hopping off the barstool, he hurried out of the bar.

Nika faded into the shadows, and followed him. And she wouldn't let him out of her sight.

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Urivial looked at the picture and snorted.

"Heard he was mighty intelligent. Only came in at the end of his operation to see this "SSIU" group that I'm investigating taking away one of the civilians he had hoodwinked. He really pulled one over one them I guess. Hear he's become SI:7's #1 Enemy. He'd probably be all of Stormwind's actually, if the Church didn't still want Abner so badly."

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