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Tovann Westwind

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Full Name: Tovann Westwind

Nicknames: Theramore

Age: Early 30's

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Place of residence: Any barn loft will do

Place of Birth: East Lordaeron

Known Relatives: Thomas Westwind, Lawyer, Deceased

Religion/Philosophy: Holy Light

Occupation: Brewmaster, Captain on the side

Group/Guild affiliation: Westwind Trading Co. (Easily seen by the red anchor with red trim on black background)

Guild Rank: Captain

Enemies: Tovann's enemies are probably not perceived by him as his enemies, while the enemies themselves believe themselves to be enemies of Tovann, while the feeling isn't shared and or recognized.

Likes: Drinkers, drinks, drinking, drinking games, getting drunk, passing out, brewing drinks, preaching the light, preaching the light when inebriated, people who drink.

Favorite Foods: Tauren

Favorite Drinks: Scarlet Ale

Favorite Colors: Scarlet

Weapons of Choice: Great Axe, Mug

Dislikes: Non-drinkers, pointy-ears who don't drink, empty mugs, shady fellers, shadow fellers.

Hobbies: Drinking, Brewing, Doing Exorcisms

Physical Features: Lost an eye to circumstances that are ever changing, depending on what mood Tovann is in.

Special Abilities: Drinking, Brewing, Doing Exorcisms, Master of Disguise.

Positive Personality Traits: Humor, light-minded

Negative Personality Traits: Light-minded, doesn't usually take things seriously.

Played by What Famous Person: Billy Connolly

Theme Songs: Fall From Grace From God - Young Dubliners

History: A young Hyjal veteran, Tovann Westwind found himself in the newly established nation of Theramore, where he struck for the navy. He rose through the ranks, becoming Captain after an engagement that cost the life of his arrogant superior. He then was promoted to Admiral of a newly established fleet, created from the dregs of the fleet. With help from his friend Captain Halvar, Tovann made the marines strong, before being honorably discharged after an engagement that cost the lives of most of his fleet. Always having a taste for brew, Tovann now fell heavily into its grip, brewing and drinking heavily. He then found his way into the Dusk Watch, where he got his act together and was able to fight for the Alliance for a few months. Then he finally gave into the pull of the sea, joining with the merchants that he was brewing with as a side job while in the Watch. Tovann is now Captain of said merchants, going under the guise of the Westwind Trading Co.

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Cuergo looks up from his drink? "Tovann Westwind? Aye, his name be Cap'n Theramore to ye, greenie!" Cuergo shrugs. "The man be a bloody genius. Ye know he designed a mug that automatically refills itself when ye run out? GENIUS!"

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